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Top 10 toys to make for your 3D printed Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to dig deep to find the right gift ideas. To help you, we have prepared a small selection of the best STL files for 3D printing toys. You will be able to please your loved ones by building the gifts yourself and there’s the added bonus of not having to queue up in the shops at the last minute. To enjoy this top 10, it’s very simple. Just click on the link of the toy that interests you. Once on Cults, you download the 3D file. You then upload it to your slicer to manage all your settings and then load the resulting gcode into your 3D printer. So, get started on your 3D printed Christmas shopping!mini toy 3d printer
10. A circuit for logs
Balls are timeless toys for kids! To make the game even more fun, it is possible to use real labyrinths for balls. Thanks to the files available on the Internet, you will be able to 3D print many extensions or even entire circuits to delight your charming toddlers! Download 3D files of ball circuits.
9. Surprise eggs
All children are usually fans of Kinder Surprise. It’s not so much chocolate that they like as the toy that’s inside! The Agep designer has made a specialty by producing 3D printed eggs that each time contain a small toy such as a car, plane, etc. The real feat is that the egg is fully articulated once printed in 3D. A very good way to surprise your children for Christmas! Download 3D models of surprise eggs.
8. The characters of Toy Story
One of the main uses of personal 3D printing is to make one’s favourite characters from movies and cartoons. On Cults, there are many fantastic 3D models from the universe of the saga Toy Story. Heroes like Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Slinky, etc. just waiting to be downloaded to come alive for your 3D printed Christmas! Download STL Toy Story files.
7. Train models.
Trains are a big passion for some makers! It is thus possible to print replica models identical to real machines. There are also simpler models to make. In short, a whole host of wagons, locomotives, rails, and so on for you to build at home with your 3D printer. A perfect gift idea to fill your children’s toy box this Christmas! Find all the 3D plan trains to download.
6. Fidget Spinners
The hand spinner or “spinning tops” created a sensation in 2017 as the toy that all children had in the schoolyard. Presented as a de-stressing object that improves concentration, the spinner is also a great 3D printing toy. You can manufacture the entire plastic part and insert the ball bearings in the spaces provided for this purpose. We found a wide variety of designs to download! Discover all 3D printable hand spinners.
5. Nerf guns.
The famous Nerf foam dart gun is also a toy compatible with 3D printing. You will find many models and parts related to these guns: recharge, viewfinder, support, target, etc. This offers the opportunity to customise your toy “weapon” and thus add even more fun to your battles at home, in the garden or at the office with your colleagues! You will also find that 100% of the Nerf guns can be 3D printed. Download all STL files for Nerf guns.
4. Board games
What better than to play board games with your kids during the long winter evenings or to keep busy during train or car trips? Well know that there are now a lot of games 100% 3D printable: chess, checkers, 4 in a row, battle ships, etc. Very practical and original, because if you have lost a piece, it is very simple just to reprint. No more reasons to be bored! Find all 3D models of board games.
3. Groots
The makers who have been in 3D printing for quite some time often laugh because we see a lot of 3D printed Groots on the Internet. Indeed, this STL file appears as one of the first objects that we enjoy printing when we have a 3D printer. The character from the Guardians of the Galaxy is often remixed and diverted to make very nice objects! Download STL files from Groot.
2. Articulated robots
Robots are also timeless toys. They feed the imagination of children and are great companions for games and adventures. We have noticed that designers are also fans of robots, as we see a lot of absolutely incredible STL files. The robots are either articulable right out of the machine, or you have to join the parts and they articulate via small 3D printed joints. It will be inevitably for you to not find the model that will please your child for your 3D printed Christmas! Discover all the 3D plans of 3D printable robots.
1. 3D printed Legos
Finally, last but not least, the Lego. These great toy pieces known to all, is not left out with the 3D printing. The LEGO brick is for the toy maker par excellence, it allows you to recreate all the worlds you want. If in addition to 3D printing, there is no limit! You miss a brick, you want a new colour or a new Minifig, no problem, just 3D print it! Download all 3D files of Lego.

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Comment by Lucky on September 22, 2022 at 12:12pm

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