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Street Champ VR Crack Patch Download

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About This Game

Street Champ puts you into the world of high-speed cars and endless lanes. Try to carefully cross the road by avoiding rapidly moving vehicles in order to get the highest score. The game is already available to purchase on Oculus Store for Oculus Rift and Gear VR and has been steadily growing an audience among gamers as well as VR review websites. All you need is a gear headset a simple tap to start your journey and go straight ahead.


Traffic speed and car number on lanes are randomized, so Street Champ requires you to always keep an eye out and pay attention. Cars also come from random directions so please pay attention.


Harder than it seems? No worries! Everytime you fail an attempt you start right back again in a new level.

Endless running

It stops when you stop (or a car stops you). Challenge your friends to play and see who lasts the longest.

Global leaderboards

Train yourself long enough and you can get on the global leaderboards with the best players. And when you feel you have the hang on it, try keeping the button pressed for even faster speed.

Great Sounds and Graphics

Street Champ brings bright and colourful scenery combined with realistic traffic sounds to increase user experience and give a jolt in adrenaline levels. Makes you a lot more worried about that school bus coming you way, doesn’t it?

Think it’s easy? Don’t forget to look left and right! b4d347fde0

Title: Street Champ VR
Genre: Action, Adventure, Simulation
Zynk Software Srl
Zynk Software Srl
Release Date: 14 Sep, 2016


Why not let us go backwards too, this would be a really fun game if it had just a little more to do than move foward. Haha getting run over has never been so fun. Well worth the buck, I'd pay two if I could move backwards as well ;). There's not much to this. You hold the trigger to cross the street one lane at a time while (hopefully) looking both ways. The feeling of "getting hit" is surprisingly... realistic. Your whole body tenses up, it's great. Considering the price everyone should get this for some awesome street-crossing action.. Getting hit by the ambulance is heart-attack inducing, but just barely getting missed by the ambulance is a thrill like nothing else I've found. I was an inverterate Frogger fan in back in the day, so this is quickly becoming a favorite. Can you set it up on Steam Workshop so we can skin the cars? Imagine making the police cars John Cena heads..... go ahead, I'll wait..... Best dollar you'll ever spend! Now one of my go-to party games when people are over.

(P.S: Need to show this to kids and be like "you SEE! this is what happens when you don't watch while you cross the street!!" haha just kidding. It is hilarious though). My kids favorite Tablet game in (real)life. this game works well. its fun and easy to do. havent seen any issues or bugs. worth the low price.. Brought this with selling a bunch of trading cards, pretended to walk like a retard to my death... defently worth my time!. A classic gaming concept in VR! This is a PERFECT VR demo item because it's a concept everyone has seen or heard of. Cross the roads. Don't get hit. The honking from oncoming vehicles can be a bit jarring, and I always find myself doing a quick leap forward in real life to avoid being hit by the traffic in close calls. Leaderboards are available to see how you compare to others who have played.. For the cost of a dollar this is a pretty fun game. It's actually quite challenging and looks pretty nice too. I do wish there were a few more features, for example a local leaderboard where you could enter your initials would add to the utility of this game as a party game. Also, if there were some predefined levels to beat, rather than the roads just being completely random that could also be interesting. But, even as it stands, for the price you can't really go wrong with this minu-game.

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