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Scar Of The Doll Download 10 Mb

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About This Game

From the scenario writer of "Folklore", the critically acclaimed RPG for Playstation 3. Follow Asumi as she travels to Tokyo alone to search for her only sister whom she has mysteriously not heard from for months. Highlighted by a genuinely intelligent and unpredictable story, uncover a frightening truth in this dramatic and thrilling suspense mystery.

"We used to Fight As Children…
We Fought Over the TV…
I wanted to watch cartoons and you wanted to watch science programs…
In the end I’d always burst into tears…
And you’d always let me watch what I wanted…
Father was always busy…
It was always just the two of us...
We used to go to the festival every summer…
You smiling beside me...wearing the same yukata…
But one year we stopped going...a boy picked you up… I knew you liked that boy
I used to stand by the door watching you…
The teddy bear you gave me that one day… I still have it. I’ve been taking good care of it.
The darkness of the night is scary...it makes me more aware of how lonely I am..."


  • Truly intelligent plot, by master storyteller Hidehisa Miyashita
  • Upgraded visuals and additional content added for Steam
  • Draws the player in with fear, mystery, and suspense
  • A well written cast of characters who you really feel for
  • An unpredictable story that will put you on the edge of your seat

Title: Scar of the Doll
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 20 Apr, 2017


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Point and click kinda game. Says I got three hours on it. I kept getting stabbed.

I do like how it kind of steers you when you get rekt. It helps you out a bit and shows you where you went wrong. I kinda of saw where the story was going and then it pleasantly turned a few times to make it not so obvious. I liked it. I really don't like this VN. The menus are good, graphics are good and all. But you die to much before you really know the story and the way to progress. I guess if you played using a walkthrough this would be ok. Not that I ever used one, but it is because of this VN I can see the use of them to not waste an evening.. I've just finished this game and I liked it, I liked it quite a lot. It is a shiny little gem that should be experienced by all fans of mysteries and dark secrets. The story was intriguing, the dialogue dynamic and I even found the artwork to be appealing (although it clearly shows its age, thus it may not work for everyone).
However, as Scar of the Doll can be beaten in about 3 without consulting a walktrough guide, I do recommend getting it when it's on sale. I find 10 bucks to be a tiny bit too much for a 2 hours long experience. But if you keep getting stabbed every 5 minutes (ergo making the wrong choices - dont trust everyone!), it may be a much longer game.. How do I put this?, I was kind of dissapointed, cause i've played this game about 3 years ago on the Ipad. So I thought this version was going to be an improved remake version, but its mostly the same. Sure its better than the Ipad, but not by much. Also I remember specifically that I was totally confused with the plot when I played it on the Ipad, but the story seems to be much more clearer in this version.

My guess is either this has a better translation or a chunk of the plot got cut or changed in the Appstore version for whatever reason (I can't remember it's been 3 years).

So if you've never played it, I'd say give it a go. I'm kinda of a sucker for these kind of VN, hence why I bought it again. But if you played the game a few years back on the Apsstore, I suggest you wait until it's on discount if you want to give it another go.. How well do you really know your sister?

Scar of the Doll is a Visual Novel from the 1990s, It doesnt look like anything special, and Its art style may turn some Modern Visual Novel fans away, but if you give it about 30 minutes you will realize there is something unique about this game it Just feels right.
The writing works very well. It seems very predictable at first, but it really starts to get interesting as you get into it. Despite feeling peacefull to the most part it shakes things up at times just enough to catch you off guard.

It keeps you guessing all the way through. Ive played the game all the way through to the end, and do not worry it does not get bad torwards the end I personally think it gets better the farther into the mystery you go.

This game was originally from Japan( Where it apparantly stayed to the most part) and had a English Language version on the Appstore( Which in looks was nothing close to how this port is) that got removed, I am glad to see it pop up elsewhere. Worth the price, Memorable little game. Hope it gets a new audience!

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fix: TrackIR support
fix: UI pull-downs
fix: Track Day results export
fix: Wackersdorf
new: option to link head tracking to driver tuck
new: cockpit view tilt setting
new: cockpit view lean option
new: trainer lead setting. Kart Racing Pro release6:
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First week special offer includes the soundtrack and a 10% discount, make sure to grab it now.


To thank all the fans worldwide, and celebrate the first release ever in 4 languages, the game artist drew this:

Hoping you enjoy the game as mush as we did.


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