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MORDHAU is a medieval first & third person multiplayer slasher. Enter a hectic battlefield of up to 64 players as a mercenary in a fictional, but reali 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 29 Apr, 2019


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 10 64 Bit
  • Processor:/p>

English,German,Simplified Chinese,French,Italian,Portuguese,Russian

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the best chilvary out there go buy it right now!. Pros + Pretended to be Shao Kahn while using the Maul to crush enemy knees and heads + An ally kicked me into the path of an enemy spear while crossing the logs in Taiga + Accidentally threw my spear through a team mate, apologized by dropping a med bag in front of him + Was wondering why my weapon disappeared, looked down and saw my left arm on the floor + The Hans Test + Combat feels like Mount and Blade,but with only 4 horses + Friend can play the Doom theme using Lute Bot + Pressing V every 5 seconds + Good number of cosmetics, unlocked through gameplay + Very, very fun combat with quite a high skill ceiling Cons - Not much to do for support roles (med bag, toolbox stuff, building/repair) - Really long "warm up" time sometimes experienced in the Main Menu - Vaulting up some spots in the map can cause you to get stuck, forcing you to end things yourself - Can't play local games without downloading server tools 12/10, would recommend again. I bought this on the release. I spent days and nights playing it, getting 57 hours in a week. This has took my life over. Really good game though.. Thought it was an amazing game until I found out you can get kicked by the enemy team. Not sure who the bright individual was that programmed that into it, but it's bad. People can literally join your hoard game (basically CoD zombies) and kick you out of it, and not only are you removed from the match that you started but you are not rewarded for your progress in the game and you're temporarily banned from matchmaking. edit: So they fixed my main issue with the game in the latest patch. After looking at all the patch notes for the last few updates, it seems like the devs are doing a pretty good job trying to fix the game as rapidly as possible which is good, though on the other hand this sort of stuff should not have existed at launch. All in all, it is a good game which is kinda clunky right now. There's still work to be done and not all of it makes sense, but it is a really great melee fighting game. I think all things considered the $30 price tag is a little steep and I would say $20 is much more fair a price. I am still not switching to recommended for this review though since I don't think it's actually worth this current price until this game is actually done being fixed. edit2: This is basically my only review on Steam that got any traction and I realize now that allowing comments on here is like opening up the YouTube comments section so I'm getting rid of that. To answer what was posted though: 1) I did not request a refund and I don't plan to. I wanted to when I posted the first review but since they are fixing things quickly I'm willing to hang on to it and wait it out. 2) I am not recommending it on here because I don't recommend it to my friends irl. I think they should get because I want to play it with them but I also think it's overpriced and if I didn't already own it would be waiting for it to go on sale. 3) If you feel the need to brag about how much money you spend on games then you're probably going to feel just fine about buying this at full price. I'm not saying nobody should buy it, I'm talking about whether it is currently a worthwhile purchase compared to other items at the same price. I don't think it stands out in the $30 category.. 10/10, always behead your enemies after killing them, so they will not rise from the dead.. First battle. Walked in. Someone chopped my head off. Got teabagged. Someone playing Darude Sandstorm on lute. 10/10.. So. Imagine this. You were playing a medieval game called Chivalry Medieval Warfare. The community became elitist and conceited. The combat system consisted of only a few mechanics - more notably - the dizzying spastic 360 swings of a violent, bloodthirsty Knight who had too much to drink. The level design was fine, but the graphics were subpar. Overall, it felt like something was missing. Like the developers halfu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665their game and didn't put much thought into it. Well, guess what? You have Mordhau now. A game which not only refines the fundamentals of Chivalry Medieval Warfare, but introduces other mechanics of its own. It also cuts out all the bad bits about Chivalry such as the effectiveness of 360ing like a total moron and hoping you hit something, with varying chances for success. Imagine immersing yourself into a graphically beautiful world with fantastic textures and a high degree of customization. Imagine being able to customize your character down to the individual pieces of equipment, as well as modifying your armour's tint and the various potential patterns an item might have with numerous colours from a palette. You can sculpt your character's face, customise various voice presets to fit your desires, or become a gnome, like someone I saw in the game. And it was very on point to how one looks like. Now, allow me to shift your attention over to the weapons. You can customise not only the hilt and the guard, but also how the blade looks, and are permitted to colourise various parts of the weapon. If Chivalry - despite it's shortcomings - did not enthrall you enough as you might have wanted it to, you now have a game which adds many more mechanics to enrich the gameplay of the game. You can now morph - that is, you can initiate a stab or a slash and transition into the other attack. You can now block arrows in mid-air like Aragorn. The attack combinations flow into each other and are seamless. Even something like a slash can be influenced to come from below or from the sides depending on your mouse orientation. So, why not buy the game that forfills all the needs that Chivalry neglected and treats you like a real man? No microtransactions, you earn the gold in game. Go on. Do what you want to do. Buy the game, and decapitate some heads, whilst screaming in a high-pitched farmer boy's voice.. I threw a sword at a guy I was dueling and it stuck in his arm. The dude then took my sword out of his arm and proceeded to kill me with it.. I saw a guy with an axe, trying to chop a tree, probably to gather wood. Dude. It isn't that kind of a game, I said, while playing the lute beside him.. Very good game and worth a buy even at full price! Im so sick of these triple A games with their dumb microtransactions lootbox u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665t thankfully this game puts gameplay first.

First week recap : It's been one hell of a ride thus far, and it's only been 7 days. None of us would've expected this reception in our wildest dreams. As of today MORDHAU has sold just shy of 500.000 copies and we have reached a peak of 60.000 concurrent players yesterday. These are just mindblowing numbers to us, and we still haven't fully realized that MORDHAU is currently among the top played games on Steam. Unfortunately the launch wasn't as smooth as we had hoped. Server performance was abysmal and reward drops such as Gold and XP, as well as unlocks were not functioning properly. We are still in the process of seting up new servers in regions that need them and as a result the Matchmaking can still be spotty. There's also some other Matchmaking related bugs that prevent parties from joining the same game, or BR lobbies to populate very slowly, but we're on top of that. All things considered, the majority of launch issues have been resolved. As for compensation of the lost Gold and XP. We have not forgotten about it and will be shipping it via the next patch. Right now we are addressing some of the more frequent and critical issues, like the "Ghost Bug" among others, as well as some map exploits. These past few days had been very hectic for us, but things are starting to somewhat get back in order. Looking ahead for future updates, we've got a couple new maps in mid-production: Castello and Feitoria. Here's a few impressions on the latter. [imgur.com] On top of that we will start looking into Ranked/Competitive modes, starting with duels. However we cannot give an exact timeframe on when you can expect these updates to be rolled out yet. We are terrible when it comes to estimating things, I'm sure our alpha players can attest to that. Additionally we will keep adding new armor pieces and weapon skins here and there, as well as some new character customization options. Goals further down the line would be to release Modding Tools, as a lot of you seem to be very eager to create some custom content. We've got lots of ideas for improvements to the maps and gamemodes. There's also been some amazing feedback and suggestions coming from you guys. When it comes to balancing and tweaking of mechanics, we are pretty happy with how things are looking right now, but we will start tweaking some things soon. In closing we'll take this opportunity to give some shout-outs. Thank you to all the Kickstarter backers and alpha testers. Without your constant feedback, suggestions and nitpicking the game would not be where it is now. to G-Portal/zeuz and their amazing support. You guys were super helpful and assisted us a bunch to keep up with our launch woes. to all community server hosts. You really saved our asses to provide servers for all these players while we were struggling to spin up our own. to our promotional launch re-stream: You guys knocked it out of the park and delivered some sweet first impressions right on the storefront. to all the content creators out there creating videos and streaming. MORDHAU spread like a wildfire, which wouldn't have been possible without you.. Performance issues : A huge performance regression slipped through on the latest patch. We will hotfix this ASAP.. Patch #4 : Patch #04 Changelog. Server Hotfix : We've deployed a server hotfix that should hopefully fix the ping spikes. Thanks for your patience.. Update on the Server situation : We have downscaled the max playercounts on matchmaking modes for the time being. 64 -> 48. This should help with queuing and finding servers while we are working on a proper fix. Please restart the game, as this is a client update! Once again, we're terribly sorry for these issues.. Patch #6 Hotfix 1 : This is a very small hotfix patch to address certain cosmetic skins having more range in patch #6, which was unintended. Make sure to restart Steam to ensure the update is applied.. Official server improvements being rolled out : We've identified an issue causing the huge lag spikes on our official servers and are restarting them one-by-one to apply the fix. We're going to leave some servers as 48p, while others will be upgraded to 64p. Our next steps will be to increase the pool of official servers, and start doing improvements to the matchmaker.

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