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Konung 3: Ties Of The Dynasty Portable

Konung 3: Ties Of The Dynasty Portable

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About This Game

Konung III is a RPG, based on the Scandinavian and Slavic mythology, the third game in the Konung series (Konung: Legends of the North and Konung 2: Blood of Titans).
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Title: Konung 3: Ties of the Dynasty
Genre: RPG
1C Entertainment
1C Entertainment
Release Date: 17 Jun, 2010


  • OS: Windows XP/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • G


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As a fan of the original Konung: Legend of the North, buying this game was an easy decision for me to make. That said, I believe that this game can be a fun and engaging RPG experience for all fans of the Genre. Konung 3: Ties of the Dynasty doesn't stray far from its predecessor in overall game execution. It is an RPG that requires the player to do a bit of thinking for themselves, as your path is not clearly laid out for you, and there isn't a flashing marker on your map showing you where your next quest objective is located. You will often be required to fully search the game map in certain areas. That said, the area maps are not extremely large, and I haven't found this to be tedious, especially as the experience gained from finding foes around the map is neccesary in this challenging RPG. Rather than following one long storyline, the character falls into many short stories during the progression of the long campaign to find the champion sword. I find the quests and stories to be witty and in many cases comical, often earning a chuckle or laugh while I play along. That said, you will tend to follow a somewhat linear progression from place to place, especially early in the game. However, you can go back and forth from place to place, and in certain cases, will be required to. This is easily accomplished through the use of jump stones (portals) which are located in every settlement I have seen thus far. The primary difference between Konung 3 and earlier titles, is an entirely revamped character creation system that includes 4 primary attributes (Intellect, Agiliity, Strength, Stamina), a variety of weapon skills, combat skills, defensive skills, magic skills, and several general skills (Alchemy, Healing, Bartering, etc) which causes the player to have to specialize different characters in their party with different skills in order to be effective. Your starting character will be limited by having to invest points in the "Leadership" skill in order to be able to have more party members. Overall I have found this game to be fun and engaging and would reccomend it to any RPG gamers who enjoy having to do a bit of problem solving (thinking for themselves), and who can sacrifice modern graphics for a better RPG experience. This game didn't receive rave reviews from critics around its release date, but its easily worth $4.99.. This game and even this Whole Konung Series are my childhood nostalgia . The game talk about Scandinavia Warriors , fighting for a power that brings immortality . Simple gameplay , simple fighting but i love the control villages thing and fighting in a band of warriors .. good but needs to be updated. lacks graphics settings and info on what to do.. I dont recommend games with unnecessarily laborous and unfulfilling grinding. Not saying the game is all bad, it isn't, but comparing to similiar titles this part is made half-assedly. It IS deceptively good, but also deceptively bad. Lots of running around and moving the camera around for trivial stuff, the mess that is potion-use when you have allies, and deceptively bad game design like advertising a portal mechanism in the beginning but you go through 15 different stages (towns & roads) and the second portal is on the other end of the map and isn't practical for 99% of your trips. These things make the game deceptively laborous. And it's not like the game wouldn't be good and worth a thumbs-up, but it's deceptive market it as a ready game when you can clearly feel the devs didn't care about finishing the game on the controls & game design side in certain points. They didn't care whether the game would be so unnecessarily laborous or not, as long as "it works well enough". That's the feeling I can't help but to get. And it's a real shame because the graphics, music, amount of content and especially immersion are good for this price range. If you're bored, dont mind badly designed controls and like the theme, sure, buy it if you got nothing better to do. But I can't recommend spending your time on this.. As a Konung fan I would say Yes It may seem a bit dull, just spend abit of your time on it and you'll find it somehow interesting and relax. For me I prefer Konung 2 : Blood of the Titans over this but still it's ok It does contain some pros and cons compare to KO2, just ignore them, you don't need to compare them and just play it like a whole new game.. Nice ! Very cool ! fantasick !) Try it but play at list 1h and 30 min.. Brilliant Game series. too bad we never got 2.5 in english or Konung 4 to be produced. We need more games like this. one "hero", village management and building, dwellers management "like send them for jobs like woodcutter or hunter or recruit" and troops management. war declarations on other villages. just a bigger game actually.. Totally changed my mind about this game once you get more in depth into it the game play and story are classic konung ended up loving it. this game is impossible to play steam support is? well if i could contact them i would comment dont buy the game is my advice

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