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Black Sails - The Ghost Ship Download Game Hacked

Black Sails - The Ghost Ship Download Game Hacked

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About This Game

Best played with the lights turned off and the volume turned up, Black Sails is a creepy and mysterious point-and-click adventure game.

A shipwreck. Having lost all hope, two survivors cling to wreckage, trying to survive a few more minutes in the raging sea. Until another ship appears. Hoping for rescue, they are calling out, but nobody answers. They manage to go on board. Will this be their rescue? Or their grave?

Inspired by a true story, the player experiences a journey into the darkest abyss of the human soul until he cannot tell between truth and fiction anymore.

Having been released in Germany a few years ago, gathering much acclaim for its focused story and strong plot, Black Sails is now available with full English localization for the first time ever. We hope you'll enjoy it.

  • Full English speech and text
  • Dense atmosphere
  • A mysterious sailing ship to explore freely
  • Focused on the fate of two main characters, Anna and Lex
  • Disturbing dream sequences
  • Decisions affect the characters' relationship and the game's outcome
  • Classic point-and-click controls
  • Hint functionality (but not too many!)
  • Creepy soundtrack

Title: Black Sails - The Ghost Ship
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 17 Sep, 2015


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Point and click. Not good for someone used to WASD for movement ..
The voice audio appears broken 3 hours into the game , just before it crashes and wants you to create a new game with no hopes of continuing where you left off.

Roughly when you go into the doctors office and start looking at things the audio dies.. Great game for being a point and click game. THe ship has its own way of getting you worked up. Highly sugest plaing all the way through at one sitting late at night for best experience. Durring the adventure a picture of a ship is hown on the wall, chances are you will never take mental note of it untill the very end of the game and realize what the picture of that ship was. If no lookup the ship name on google images afterwards. I definatly recomend this game to anyone. Its a good creepy, pyscological horror.. Despite frequent crashes (remember to save frequently kids), unreadable notes, almost impossible to navigate corridors and many other issues I actually found the game some what enjoyable.
Although having to replay some sections again because of crashes and not being able to read the backstory contained in the notes didn't really help me with the immersion.

I was looking for a story-rich horror\/sci-fi point'n'click adventure game and this game delivered what I was looking for... although the final product could have been a bit more polished.. An enjoyable experience dispite the bugs and clunky movements. It was pretty short though, so I would wait till it's on sale to purchase (it didnt take me 6 hours to complete, about half that I was afk).. If it weren't for the font choice in game this would probably be a "Yes".

The puzzles themselves are interesting enough and I want to finish playing to find out the end of the story, the really big problem I have is all the diaries/etc you find have a font that's near illegible. It feels like if you're playing for the story you're missing large chunks of it unless you manually go into the game files to pull out the plain text.

Single crash part way through, but loaded from a save file and carried on just fine. Also during the final cutscene I hit the VO going silent bug a few others have mentioned.. Decent point-n-click adventure game with some darker overtones. Originally released in 2010, first time translated from german to english, afaik. All your time in spent aboard a mysterious ship and like most story based games it's no fun to give away the end, will say it's both interesting and to an extent believable. Ultimately guessed the outcome but still had fun playing.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFX3_pVJipc (minimal spoilers)
Graphically looks a *little* dated if nitpicking at texture details but overall presentation is good, supporting 4k+ screen resolutions and anti-aliasing. Game is all voiced and reasonably well. Few minor issues with camera angles making item selection fussier then it should be but nothing game breaking. Completed in around 4-5hrs, average person may take 5-6. Puzzles were all logical, didn't feel like the end was rushed and a recommended game for the price-point.

Full playthrough (lots of spoilers)

Text size on letters/notes should be increased, can be difficult to read.

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