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Battleplan: American Civil War Crack Fix

Battleplan: American Civil War Crack Fix

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About This Game

Welcome to fastplay wargaming, a new kind of strategy game experience.

Battleplan: American Civil War is an exciting top-down real time/turn-based hybrid strategy game. Take command of either Confederate or Union troops and fight your way through ten of the American Civil War’s most famous battles.

Experience the excitement and satisfaction of co-ordinating plans, seeing them through, revising them dynamically and achieving victory over an opponent with several strategies to employ against you.

A pure strategy experience, Battleplan: American Civil War’s gameplay focuses solely on battle management – the only thing you have to worry about is where best to send your troops and how best to keep them supplied.

The short, demanding battles can be ideal for brief journeys as each can take as little as ten minutes to play.

- Play as Union or Confederate
- Campaign or one off-battles
- Three difficulty settings
- Historically faithful simulation of large-scale battles at divisional and brigade level
- Factor in weather & reinforcements
- Random reinforcements and No Pause mode for a greater challenge
- Unique ‘automatic’ and high-level command battle mechanics
- Manage messengers and lines of communication
- Historically accurate corps commander personalities
- Build pontoons and earthworks
- Ammunition and supply management
- NEW! Change the pace of battle to suit your style with Patch 1.1's Speed Slider (in Options)

Learn to control your armies, think strategically, and unfold complex attacks in the face of a cunning enemy while dealing with an ever-changing battlefield.

Experience the excitement and satisfaction of co-ordinating plans, seeing them through, revising them dynamically and achieving victory over an opponent capable of surprising you with unorthodox plans of their own. b4d347fde0

Title: Battleplan: American Civil War
Genre: Casual, Simulation, Strategy
The Mustard Corporation
KISS ltd, Osprey Publishing
Release Date: 4 Jul, 2014


This is the best Civil War game I have played so far, it's almost as good as Total War Shogun and Age of Empires 2 were, when they were released. There is a feeling of oryginality, of experiencing something that is coming entirely from the minds of the developers and not at all from the opinions of investors, managers, marketing gurus and rest of the SCUM floating in the game industry.
Sure, the game had 1 annoying issue with those damn pontoons - it's fixed now.
Rest of the issues is just people complaining because they think that if they read 3 books, 20 articles and 100 posts about Gettysburg it makes them a specialist about the VERY first major battle of the war.
Graphics - you either like it or you don't - I love it!!! Clear view of the battlefield, lack of unnecessry detail, simple beauty of a haiku - perfect!!!
There is no multiplayer ( yet - 09.09.2014 ) - I hope they get it done for Christmas :-)
Love it!!!
I really do love it!!!
Good job developers!!!. This games does a nice job of balancing abstraction while maintaining enough tactical elements to make it compelling. A very clean and consistent UI contributes to smooth play.

I like it. 9\/10. Very fun but could use some work on the controls. I like this game because you can get into the action fairly quickly, and because I was (and still am) a big fan of the PBS\/Ken Burns Series, The Civil War. I first found this game on my Ipad a year or two ago. If you want just a quick and dirty game, by all means get this one. If you are looking for a more in depth strategy\/tactics experience, then maybe find another title. I picked this up cheap during the summer sale and it is well worth it to me.


+ Quick to get into. While the tutorial helps and clears up issiues the game is pretty intuitive.
+ Even though this game has been out for a while, the devs are still updating it and actually listen to player suggestions
+ Relatively Bug Free
+ Small - It's a small, bare bones game. Does not take up much space, a laptop from the mid 90s could play it easily, and of course, it's cheap.


+ It's small. It's not a high end, graphics intensive game. Does not really matter to me, but I know it does matter to some.
+ There is a campaign mode, but it's not at all a real campaign. The campaign is really just a mission list that you play through.
+ No real depth: This is what bugs me the most about this game: The chain of command only goes down to brigade level. So if you wanted to play, for instance, the 50th Maine's Heroic Stand atop LIittle Round Top on the second day of the battle of gettysburg, well...too bad.. The game starts and runs fine, but the UI does not appear. So you can't do anything once you load the battle. Looks interesting, and was willing to give it a chance, but the UI not loading seems to be a common problem and there's no more support for this game. Do not buy it.

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