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A Tale Of Caos: Overture Keygen

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Title: A Tale of Caos: Overture
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Eli Daddio
Release Date: 21 Dec, 2016


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While a little on the short side, the game is excellently done, full of wit, and with tricky but on the whole logical puzzles. One downside is that some previous free instalments aren't bundled with it, particularly A Tale of Caos: Prelude, which sets up the backstory; Play that first. Experia Games have a well-deserved reputation for very high-quality adventure games, particularly the epic A Matter of Caos series. This looks to be another in the making.. I really don't like the gameplay. The first screen shows perfectly what I don't like: there's a hammer, and you ask the protagonist to pick it up. She does nothing. But she actually IS trying to pick it up, without moving an inch, just doing "sounds" like "mmmph" to represent she's trying (mind you, in the same static pose, with a slightly looped animation). This carries on for the rest of scenarios. I'm already bored. Love the graphics, though. Will continue playing to see the outcome but so far, I have been very disappointed.. This is a point and click adventure using retro-pixel graphics and "funny" humour as the driving premises of the game. Gameplay is very simplistic as you don't even move around the screen as you do in games like Space Quest or Monkey Island, you just stand there and click on stuff and go through dialogue trees. Unfortunately the core premises are what lets the game down. the retro pixel graphics look horrible, the 1990's died a long time ago, yet low budget developers keep grasping for them to desperately try cash in on nostalgia to get a few extra sales. What's even more disappointing here is that it's obvious they hired an artist to pump out a huge quality of terrible looking pixel art. The game would have done a lot better avoiding pixel graphics. Secondly the writing is just terrible. it might appeal to young children (who benefit from not having read much and have a harder time distinguishing terrible writing as a result). We can just wonder why the developer thought it would be a good idea to pitch a game at children and at the same time use 1990's graphics to cash in on their nostalgia from a time way before they were born. Definitely not worth $9. Can't recommend this.. Here's everything that's wrong with this game in one paragraph. In Act II there's a dialog puzzle where you need to select appropriate responses to keep the chat going in the right direction. The dialog is circular, and if you have all responses except one figured out and miss the last one, you need to left-click 102 (one hundred and two) times to get to the junction where you can try again. No, I'm not kidding, and there is no way to skip the intermediate lines or even to go out of the dialog if your brain starts having a meltdown. Dialogs aren't well organized, and there are other excessively long dialog puzzles in Act II and Act III as well. Other puzzles in Act II are horribly drawn-out too. You have to collect the same item five times and use it in the same place three times. Even worse, after you use it for the first time, you get a certain result and no indication that the sequence needs to be repeated. Those drawn-out puzzles aren't chained too well. In an -- also excessively long -- treasure hunt, if you arrive at the next stop before a certain NPC appears, you cannot do anything until later. Items or NPCs appear after some non-related events elsewhere. In Act II you can be carrying 21 items while having access to 15 locations without any clear indication of what needs to be done next. Many of those items are pretty generic, and you'll be carrying them around for a long time before finally finding a place to use them. Starting from Act II, the game became much less funny, with no amusing stories from NPCs, the lore and even the dialogs became much less relevant to the game events, instead leaning heavily towards metaphysical hot air. The minigames are boring and meaningless, with the player's actions having no relation to what Terry is supposedly doing. It's one of those "complete" games that not only end on a cliffhanger but also leave most of the story unexplained, only hinting at some backstory and promising a larger plot. I did like Act I (I was still saying "A good game!" during the first 30 minutes of Act II), I want to see how the story unfolds, and I particularly liked the graphic novel-style panels. Also, the game includes a well-implemented walkthrough. So the game definitely isn't unplayable, but I think it makes too many mistakes in its design.. I really liked this game. It was frustrating in a few parts where you have to just guess what the right response is and I had to go over some things more than I really wanted to. The walkthrough option is great because it gives little hints to help push you in the right direction to figure it out on your own but gives you the answer if you get stuck.. Well it's certainly unique. Couldn't get into the game play. Also lots and lots of clicking for not dialogue that didn't really do much for me.. A particularly enjoyable way to spend time. I had a few problems with the game occasionally just stopping responding to the point I had to Alt-F4 out of it and try to play parts of it over because there is no autosave. But the story was quite enjoyable. The only other complaint I had was the multitool minigame - especially on a 4K monitor - you could click for it to unlock within the range and it might not accept it.. I've been waiting to see more from these devs for a while now and i'm not dissapointed! This is a point-and-click adventure game like they used to play in my childhood. It looks good, it sounds good, the story's interesting, the characters are funny, there's skippable minigames (which i definitely needed lol), there's a talking robot owl who is your BESTFRIEND!! (there also might be a secret room.) I believe I played the prologue online and I noticed some very nice improvements!! I can't wait for the other acts, they're bound to be funny and entertaining as well! Edit: Act II and III were as good as I expected them to be! There are certain (dialogue) mini-games which can be quite frustrating. But there's a walkthrough in-game that point you in the right direction if you ever get stuck on them! I'm defintely looking forward to more of the Caos series! (I hope to see Mr.. I don't write a lot of reviews, but I wanted to give this game some love because I really liked it and want to see the Caos Symphony be developed. This game is old school. No voiceovers and lots of dialogue. I loved the main characters, Terry and Heimlich, and their interactions between themselves and others. The story was great and I wanted to play it out to find out what happens. It definitely kept my interest. Most of the puzzles were adventure game logical so it might be a little more challenging for beginning adventure gamers. But the game has an in-game walkthrough that will get you unstuck from any situation you might find youself in. There are a couple minigames which require some reflex clicking (e.g., clicking when the cursor hits a spot on a bar) but I made it through pretty easily and I don't have the best speed reflexes in the world so I think most people can handle it without too much trouble. Manual saves and so you can save as often and never have to wait for a save point. You don't die in the game so the save is mostly for safe progress keeping rather than making sure you don't have to replay hours because your character fell off a cliff or something. :) Someone mentioned 104 dialogue choice clicking in Act II. Seriously, you would only click that many times if you were forcing the result and not trying to solve the riddles. Once you see that you need words of wisdom from all the NPCs, you just go and collect them all. Once that is done, you can solve the riddles by careful choices. There are some of these kinds of puzzles in this game and I did have to get some actual paper and take notes - especially in Act III. Old school adventure. Doing that on occasion is fine by me and makes me smile more than irritates me. I had a lot of fun playing this blast from the past game that was clever, charming and funny. I highly recommend it to people that like the old style point and click adventures.. boring, not funny, seems to be targeting younger audience. Also no ability to change resolution.

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