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Nuclear Contingency Free Download Crack Serial Key Keygen

Nuclear Contingency Free Download Crack Serial Key Keygen

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About This Game

It is the year 1959, the world is drastically changing in the aftermath of the Korean War and the death of the Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin. The power balance of the world is forever altered by the discovery of the destructive A-bomb. From former British colonies in the South East Asia, US spies came back with the disturbing news of communist insurgents creating nuclear weapons. Nobody knows how they got their hands on uranium to fuel such a weapon and the required knowledge to make it. Faced with the dangers that communist terrorists could pose to the US and it's allies, the CIA Directors have decided to send their top man, Jack MacArthur to investigate the rumors and if they are proven true, to sabotage the nuclear capabilities of the terrorists. Still haunted by the horrors of the Korean War, Jack sets forth to eliminate the threat not only to the US, but to the whole world.

Nuclear Contingency is a stealth game inspired by the old school top down spy titles (such as the Metal Gear series). A deep and compelling story line spread across a period of 4 years will constantly keep you on your toes while you travel across exotic locations of Vietnam, Kongo, Cuba, Afganistan and more. Be prepared for an intriguing political thriller filled with unforeseeable twists and turns. Playing as a top field operative, players will be tasked with completing various missions by using stealth or confronting enemy soldiers head on. However, if alerted, the guards will prove to be a great challenge as a single bullet is enough to send Jack to an early grave. Only with a stealthy, smart approach, cool head and steady aim will the player be able to complete the mission and put an end to a nuclear threat, bringing back peace to the world.

Whats next'

We still wish to work on the game and improve certain ai mechanics. For now we still have not figured out why the AI sometimes breaks. Please let us know about everything you would like to see improved so we can put it in the upcoming patch!
Final note- During beta testing we have come across one weird but fun bug. The map is for some unknown reason filled with blood like someone before played the level... We found this interesting and we have no idea what causes the bug so if someone sees this please let us know so we can maybe figure out what causes the Massacre bug. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Nuclear Contingency
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Amaterasu Software
Amaterasu Software
Release Date: 2 Jan, 2017


Better game then i expected for 0,99. I got it after trading some DOTA 2 items and deciding to give some idie game a chance. I bought it because it reminded me of the original Metal Gear series. Of course it can not truly measure up to them, but Nuclear Contingency will buy me at least 1-2 hours of top-down retro feeling.. pretty good game. I bought Nuclear Contingency wanting to play something in a manner of the "MGS" (Metal Gear Solid) series.
Did I get the expirience?
Not really, while the writer of this game is also certainly influenced by "Cold War" Pulp Novels of the last century, the game really doesn't have enough time and meat to deliver the real "MGS" feeling. Gameplay itself is passable and fun enough, but too unfairely hard on occasions.
Did I expect it for 0,99EUR?
No I did not, I mostly expected what I got. For instance, in my country 0,99 is a price of bag of pretzles.
Was it more fun then a bag of pretzles?
Apsolutely, the product was a pretty fun top down stealth shooter (maybe more shooter) game that occupied me for more time then i expected. And the pulp feeling of the game even made me laugh a few times.

Overall, a definite thumbs up, good value for money, and an ok item to have in your library.

Sorry for my grammar, English is not my native language.
. Nuclear Contingency is not an amazing game. It has quite a few bugs and at some points the levels are vay too difficult.
But all in all its a pretty decent game that has offered a couple of hours of mindless entertainment. I liked the story a lot because it reminded me of trash movies in the 90s and i liked the retro stealth feel.
This game needs more work but i still give it a thumbs up. Nuclear Contingency is interesting game, have a few bugs and at some points in the levels, are difficult to overcome, but patience is your friend in this type of game.

Overall, its a pretty decent game that has offered a couple of hours of entertainment, the 90s movie setting and the retro stealth feel, complemented the game very well and helped building the mood to make it enjoyable.
. Prepare to die, alot.
Game is really difficult and you'll need to learn as you play
Mistakes are not easily forgiven.
Luckily, checkpoints are evenly spread and even if you die close to the end you wont be left feeling cheated by the game
That is what kept me going.

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