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CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ Free Offline

CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ Free Offline

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About This Game

CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ is a mystery horror visual novel developed by roseVeRte, which is fully voiced in Japanese with English texts.
*Only the demo and deluxe 5d3b920ae0

Title: CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 11 Oct, 2011


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this game is bad for my heart, but it's actually good. If you getting sick of Lovely dovey kind of otome game, this is a good one. It's like a brick of reality just hit you in the face. I played with DLC with voice one, honestly I like them. But too bad they mention the name of the character. They should have done like Amnesia, subtitude the name with something else so it does sound like it intereact with you. But even whithout it, i think you will still enjoy it, since some people dont understand then and just skip before even the character finish talking. And when clicking of choice, they give the sign of what kind of ending we going to end up with is good. The white butterfly is good, while the black butterfly is bad ending. At least I know that which choice is the right one. This is good for the beginners. The plot is nice. It's a short honestly. To feel it worth buying is when you get all of the ending, like until you get the true ending. It make sense and can feel how scary is reality. It's sad, but the waiter is there to help you ;) Honestly I like this game, but maybe it's because it's me who played it, I don't know about the others.. This was an interesting game and it was worth playing. Much like 9 doors 9 persons 9 hours, you needed to play through all the routes in order to actually beat the game and get the true end. I have always liked that mechanic because it requires you to build on what you learn from previous runs to get the whole picture. Unlike 999, which left me feeling like "Wow! That was so cool how they pulled that all together!" I finished the game and went "Oh, that was neat. They really understood the original Anderson story. I feel dead inside now." The artwork was not the worst I have seen, and the character bodies were actually pretty decent. The issue I had was the with faces. Looking at Sui made my eyes hurt because it felt like his face was constantly out of focused. If that is what the artist was going for, I respect that. I just don't like it. The faces felt rather like someone who was just starting to draw in the anime style, but hadn't quite figured out how to make it their own yet. It didn't take away from the story, but it didn't add either. Overall, this is a short game and worth beating. once.. The art style could use more work, but other than that the voice acting and story were nice. I loved the tragic and bittersweet endings and the real evil personalities of the 3 characters you get to engage with.. Cafe 0 The Drowned Mermaid, Is not a Visual Novel for just anybody. The subject that's being brought up in this VN is a bit different. It's about dying and finding peace in the fact itself. The story itself is quiet interesting from time to time, but if falls short on depth in my opinion. The conversations with the "important" characters are too shallow compared to other VN's of the same price. So, I would have expected more on that part. The graphics are a bit different also. I can't say they're good, but they arent bad either. Gameplay, hmm, without trying to spoil anything, it's basically a good ending / bad ending thing. You make some choices and get some progression "stat" throughout the game so you're able to see how you're doing. That's the part I liked a lot, because it's done in a different way than just displaying some numbers or bars. The one thing I didn't like at all is that at the beginning you've got to enter a name. But, you're not told that you're supposed to enter a female name. So, if you enter a male name it feels like you're some kind of shemale. A bit weird. Another negative thing about this VN is the fact that it falls short on length. It doesn't take that long to complete a path and the fact that there're several endings doesn't make it any better. It feels like a cheap way by the developer to stretch the game time. So to put it all in a list: Pros: -Interesting/different subject. -Interesting story. -Nice music. Cons: -Too short. -Repeating dialogs. -Lack of information when entering a name. -The different endings feel forced. -Towards the end of the story it feels like a rushed product. As you can see there're more negative things than positive aspects about Cafe 0. The thing is that I don't regret buying this Visual Novel, but I don't recommend it to people who're looking for a more fleshed out product. (e.g. Katawa Shoujo, Narcissu, Yandere, etc.). I wanted to like this game. There were some plot twists I didn't expect so the script wasn't horrible. But I cannot get over the art style, I couldn't find myself attracted to any of the characters. The chibi artstyle on the choice screen was much cuter. I would not have been happy at the length of the game if I had paid full price either. Sound effects were cringy. But music is good. Is Cafe 0 the worst game I've ever played? No. It's not 100 percent horrible. But its not good enough to get a recommendation from me. I do encourage the makers of the game to keep trying though.. CAFE 0 The Drowned Mermaid is a short mystery visual novel about reliving the last 7 days before your death. This was a different and interesting read. You take on a role of a girl who died under unknown circumstances. After the passing she finds herself at the Cafe 0, left without memories and then sent back to relive her last 7 days in an attempt to accept her death and possibly regain memories of her past and details of her death. Whilst visuals are weak, the story doesn't fail to leave it as an enjoyable experience. - Very short, can be completed for about 30 minutes, 2 hours for 100% completion. - Writing isn't that great, but still enjoyable, with an interesting story. - Voiced addon dlc is worth it if you don't enjoy reading mute VNs. - Multiple endings. - Has a silly bonus chapter in extras, in which you can speak to a waiter. Overall it's a decent little VN, recommend it if you enjoy short reads and mystery.. This is a pretty good game, over all. The art might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I thought it was cute. The story is predictable at times, but I went "oh snap!" once or twice. There are twists and turns I didn't see coming. :) I got the game in a bundle, and I'm not sure if it would be worth the full price--considering it only took me about an hour and a half to complete the entire thing. Then again, I'm a fast reader. Over all, it's short and bittersweet. Pick it up if you're into not-so-happy, yet not-so-tragic endings.. Cafe 0 is short, even with a full clear of all the endings. The artwork leaves the characters looking somewhat less than human, and the plot itself sounds a bit like an angsty teenager's daydream.. [Neutral Review] CAFE 0 The Drowned Mermaid is an average Visual Novel that tells us the story of Marin, a girl who died a miserable death, going seven days back into the past with the help of a mysterious waiter from a weird cafe. She tries to uncover the reasons behind her death, since she has no memories of who is she or what happened. The player must complete four endings in order to be able to get the true ending, that explains what really happened with Marin. The Novel mechanic is kind of strange. I don't want to spoil your playthrough, so I will not give anymore detail. The graphics are really above average, the BGM is repetitive and the plot in general is a bit poor. Even though the game is really short and a bit repetitive (I took like 3 hours to get all endings and achievements), it's true ending can be a little unexpected and make us think twice before trust into someone else. As we see in the game, people can be selfish and blinded by their own desires, being true monsters sometimes.

Early Access Update 3 : Hi All EA Update 3 has just gone live. Updates 1 & 2 were not posted as announcements, but rather in the discussions section, so they will be included below the patch notes for update 3 in this announcement. All further updates will be posted here and in the discussions section. UPDATE 3 (version 0.5.072) ***bug fixes*** -Fixed leaderboards being mis-aligned -Fixed the true path achievement to only trigger when it should -Finishing a level now saves the progress so that you can continue on the next level if you restart the current level. -Fixed a bug where you could rejoin into a wall. -Fixes for respawn in some instances. -Fixed checkpoints to properly reset when a room starts ***additions/changes*** Binded "c" and gamepad "select" to showing the controls (on any level) Added new achievement Tweaks to menu level Lights on level 9 will now indicate if barrels are in the correct position The Hard levels are currently being worked on and tested. These will hopefully be done in the next week or 2. At which point we will start with the final 10 levels for the "story mode". ---------------------------------------------- Hotfix 1 (21 Aug 2018) ---------------------------------------------- ***bug fixes*** -Fixed a bug on Level20 (normal) where a few hazards blocked a button -Fixed a bug where the wind indicators would not show up on level 19 after the fan power was increased -Fixed a bug where boxes shot via the cannon would hit a hazard, but the respawn with the same momentum. ***level changes*** -Level 19 (normal) now has some blades in to prevent a solution that was much too easy. -------------------------------------- UPDATE 1 (22 Aug 2018) ------------------------------------- ***bug fixes*** -Fixed a bug where fading platforms would kill the player if they faded in while the player was occupying the space -Fixed boxes not snapping to vertical moving platforms properly -Fixed an issue with player walking sounds not playing in some instances -Fixed box dropping on platforms not playing a sound -When failing on level 9, the level simply restarted. This has been fixed to kill the player -Fixed the HUD and pause menus scaling on larger resolution monitors instead. ***Visual updates*** -Added some new "sewer muck pools" on later levels. -Changes the "stream" graphic on level 12. This will be updated again in a future patch. ------------------------------------------ UPDATE 2 *hotfix* (23 Aug 2018) Version 0.5.071 ----------------------------------------- Some issues were picked up that very negatively influenced the gameplay, so we are releasing a patch to clear up some of these issues. ***Bug Fixes*** -Drawing of the HUD and menus were still a problem on larger resolution monitors. This should now be improved. - The controller thumbsticks were sending multiple movement events in the menus. Thumbsticks are now disabled for the menu. - Zoom is now only triggered with the right thumb stick. Left thumb stick press no longer zooms. -improved the code for boxes to stay on platforms when the platform starts moving. This was especially a problem on levels 7 and 13. -Level 19 contained a number of issues: --The wind tracks were not always displaying when the power of the turbines were increased. -- Sometimes the turbines didn't provide enough lift for the player to reach a platform, thus making the level very difficult, or even impossible to finish. ***Know issues that will be addressed in a future patch*** -When split, you cannot go into full zoom (however if you zoom out before splitting you will remain in that full zoom) -When split the camera view can go outside the room. -When split the HUD can hide the character on certain levels. -Sticking to a wall with the controller requires more precise timing than using the keyboard. We would like to align the controller with the keyboard.. Update 6 - New Hit Boxes : Hi all Early Access update 6 is here. A big change in this update is Hit Boxes. We are changing the hit boxes for hazards to be more precise. This results in it being a bit easier to navigate around hazards. It will be especially noticeable on Hard difficulty. This change could have a performance impact, but in my testing I did not notice any problems. If you do experience a significant performance impact, please post in the discussion forums. **bug fixes*** -Fixed an issue that would play the movement sound while being airborne. -Hard is now enabled via the quick access ([Esc] / start) menu. -Zooming in and out is now enabled while split. -While split, the view should no longer go outside the room (showing grey borders) -Fixed a bug that allowed you to split while carrying an object, resulting on one mini carrying the object. This also applies to firing yourself while carrying an object. -Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash on playing the comic after level 25. -Fixed a bug that would take you to level 26 (still in development) when resuming after finishing the Early access part of the game. ***Improvements*** -Added sounds for the idle animation -Checkpoints are now trigger-able every 2 seconds. This will allow you to re-trigger a triggered checkpoint (if you want to update the respawn for a box/anvil after triggering a checkpoint) -Hazards now use precise collision checking (instead of squares). This could could impact performance. Please post on discussions if you notice any severe effects. -Leaderboards for all levels are now accessible via the quick access menu. At the time of doing the build there were some issues with this. These have been resolved and an improved version will be included in the next update. -Score calculation at the end of the level has been changed slightly. You now gain bonus points for not taking any damage in a level. This will affect high scores on all levels. That's it. Enjoy, and give Hard a try ;) We are currently busy creating the last few levels for the final release, but will continue to address any issues we find in the weekly updates.. Gumstein now out of early access : Hi Everyone. We are proud to announce that we have now officially moved out of Early Access. We have some really cool new levels for you, and we hope you enjoy the game. At this point we also want to issue a challenge: Once we sell 500 copies of the game the 2 developers will Stream themselves playing the game on Hard right through to the end. The ramp up from Normal to Hard difficulty is quite extreme, and this will surely be a challenge to complete. We also welcome all the hardcore platformers to try and beat the game on Hard. It is quite a challenge. If you prefer a more casual experience check out easy mode for some nice puzzles that will be very satisfying to solve. Most importantly have a great time, and if you find any problems or have any feedback be sure to let us know.. Update 7 : Hi Everyone. EA Update 7 is going live. It contains a few bug fixes, but the biggest change involves Level 9. We are currently still working on making the final 10 levels. ***bug fixes*** -Fixed leaderboards. They are now fully accessible via the Quick access [esc] menu. -Fixed a bug that would cause very slow acceleration. This most commonly occurred when you would stick to the room when jumping from a wall. -Fixed some additional inconsistencies from wall jumping. -Fixed an issue that zooming out sometimes did not centre the view on the room (leaving a grey bar at the top) This will be smoothed out in a future patch ***Level Changes*** -Level 9: The buttons that opens the doors for the barrels now open both doors for that row, Buttons on both sides function exactly the same. So you now only need to press one button to open both doors for a row. - The buttons are now toggle-able, so you can close the door again if you feel you made a mistake. -Time limit for hard has been adjusted to account for the new functionality. -on Easy, there is now an indicator which will show the direction the barrels will move on the next activation of the start button -Level 17: A Rat hazard has been added to destroy a box that could become stuck in the track with the horizontal moving platform. Removed the checkpoint on Level 3 Hard. Hard mode should not have any checkpoints. As mentioned we are mostly working on creating new levels, but we will fix bugs as they arise. This might mean that if there are no significant bug fixes during a week, that we might not do an update that week, but we will post an announcement nonetheless.. Gumstein's Developer at Africa Games week : Hi all. Just a short announcement to say that I will be at Africa Games Week in Cape Town this week. If you are going and want to ask me a few questions, drop a message and we can arrange a meet. After This week is over we hope to start finishing up the game and have it ready for release around the Steam Winter Sale.. Price adjustments and estimated release : Hi Everyone. We have adjusted the price for Gumstein slightly for certain currencies. This will be the only adjustment before the game leaves Early Access. Upon leaving Early Access the game's price will increase. Development is going well. We are working on the last few levels, Then need to adjust all of the final 10 levels for each difficulty, and get the artwork done. The new abilities are in place and are pretty cool. We look forward to getting the last part of the game to you. We seem to be on track for release before end of the year, and we hope to be in time for the Steam Winter sale.. Update 5 & Hard mode : Hi everyone. Early access update 5 is going live. You will now be able to play on Hard difficulty. Note that your saved games will remain intact for other difficulties, but Hard will have to be started from level 1. Hard is pretty difficult, and it is not recommended to play on Hard on your first play-through. Note that when completing a level on any difficulty, The level will also count as being completed on any lower difficulty. And then on to the bug fixes, level changes etc: ***bug fixes*** -Fixed an issue where boxes would not stay on vertical moving platforms -improved the code for minis (when you split) would not stay on vertical moving platforms. Sometimes they still don't land on those platforms, and this will be fixed in a future update. -Fixed a bug where the cannon barrel would remain after death. -Fixed a bug where some environmental sound effects would remain after exiting to the menu level from any level. ***level changes*** -Level 10 has had it's difficulty reduced (especially on Easy) -Level 23 has had double doors added to one area for Normal and Hard difficulties -A new switch type has been added that has a limited amount of uses. This will mostly be present in Hard levels. ***improvements*** -Removed the HUD option buttons from the main menu level. -Hard mode is now enabled on the menu level. It is not accessible via the [ESC] menu. This will be added in soon. -New music has been added. -New sound effect for comet drop and impact -New electricity hazard sound has been added. -A thought bubble has been added at the starting location on the menu level to hint the user towards pressing "C" or [select] to see the controls Enjoy. And please let us know if you find any issues so we can address them.. We are live!! : Gumstein: The Awakening is now available to play!! We hope you enjoy the game. Please post feedback via the discussion forums. We look forward to hearing from you. If there are any game breaking bugs we will try to fix it as soon as possible and release a hotfix. It would really help us if, when posting a bug, you give us as much detail as possible about how the bug occurred. We also would love to hear what you think of the levels, puzzles and difficulty. We will be updating / patching the game weekly on Wednesdays. This will include things like new graphics, minor bug fixes and other improvements for the first few weeks. Additional levels, abilities etc will be added at a later stage, and probably in bulk, as we finish the final part of the story for the game. Keep an eye out for announcements about future plans and development progress. We will try to post often to keep you all informed about the progress of the game.. Gumstein: The Awakening The Acceleration patch : Hi Everyone. The new patch is live and comes with 2 big changes: 1) Sample pack / Full Pack game mode introduced. -This option is changeable via the menu room. -In Sample pack mode the player will be taken to just a few key levels in the beginning. This means that you will skip over a few levels at the start of the game. -"Full Pack" mode will play through all levels in sequence as it was before. -The intention is to get players to the "fun" part of Gumstein quicker. Where you have more abilities and the game isn't just a simple platformer. -Skipped levels can be played from the level select menu option (or via level select in the menu level). -This mode only affects the early game. From level 20 all levels will be in sequence. -The current flow for "Sample Pack" game mode is 1->7->9->11->13->14->16->20 -Achievements will be missed if you play on this mode. "Sample pack" mode is only available on Easy and Normal difficulty. 2)Hint system. -On level 1 you will be introduced to HINTS placed around on levels. -The hints can be activated by standing next to the decal and pressing [C] or [Select] -The hint on level 1 simply introduces hints, but hints on other levels will give critical information about solving the puzzle on the level or getting through a part that might be difficult. -Hints contain serious spoilers, so only use them if you are done trying to figure out the puzzle. These changes have been added after taking most of the recent feedback into account. We have seen that a lot of people don't even make it past the labs, and we feel that the game only comes alive in the later stages, and we really want to get people to play that far. Feedback on these changes would be greatly appreciated. If you had stopped playing because you got bored/stuck we encourage you to give that game another go now. Also let us know in the forums if you think the sequence for "Sample Pack" needs to change or if the Hints are not enough, or if Hints needs to be added to other areas. Thanks and have fun.. Almost awake : Hi all. Gumstein is set to release on Monday, 20th August. We still have a couple of finishing touches to do, but I feel confident that we will be ready for release. We hope you are looking forward to playing the game as much as we are looking forward to releasing it.

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