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10 story slots games that casinos don't want you to know

The fun of winning the ufabet casino has a variety of games for you who love to gamble. But there is one game in the casino that has many more types than other games, that is, "slot machine". If the proportion is to be said, countless In addition to games such as slots games, there is no complicated way to play. It still has some secrets to play. "At a casino or casino Don't want you to know. "What are some things to do now? บาคาร่า


The secrets of slots games that casinos hide

  1. The placement of the slot machine does not occur at all.


Although the casino wants you to think that everything here is a matter of fate Whether with fun or whatever But it's not with slots games! If you are the one who thinks like that Say that it is wrong, because every inch of the casino is almost analyzed before being calculated. Whether the traffic pattern Popularity in playing Will be checked to determine the value of slots or games to be placed in each area of ​​the casino


And in general, the most beautiful payout machines are usually in the most popular location of the casino That is the innermost For reasons that attract players to stick to the casino itself. After knowing this, when entering a casino and wanting to find snacks for playing slots, then we recommend that "Hurry and go inside as quickly as possible."


  1. Slots do not pay the same amount on all machines.

Every slot machine, in addition to having many game formats to choose from The payment rates for each device also vary.


In most cases, digital screen slots will pay you less than the classic type of manual image. Because older slot machines have cheaper maintenance fees But more importantly, it is because the new slots are more popular. Because of this reason, it was quite popular People tend to flock to play a lot. And the casinos give away prizes from these machines to the average, making the classic uniforms look lonely and not being played by anyone Instead have more compensation, bet, give away more prizes


  1. Becoming a member of the Casino Club does not mean you have special privileges.

Regardless of what form of reward you receive as a casino member, Let you know that it is not a reward for you! From becoming a casino member Conversely, these things may be a temptation for you to go deeper.


Have you ever wondered Whenever you start to distance yourself They'll always bring you free credit or special "Wow" privileges to lure you! Those things are analyzed from the style of play of each member. And playing with your user Which is no different from clocking in to the event!


This membership information will be used for the marketing department to analyze your playing habits and other players like what kind of luck you like. Which games do you often play? And when you start going away, believe it! There are often rewards that encourage you to return to play at the casino to be at all times.


  1. Hurry and sweep back


If you want to leave the casino like a winner Staying there for a long time may not be very accurate. The popular phrase "get it out" is still valid no matter how long the time has passed. Because there has never been a gambler who is rich by playing slots by spending a long time with it


The slots are created by program well. To make sure that he only paid a portion of the money put on each machine The cover will be in the range 70-90% or maybe even worse. Or some places may pay more beauty It depends on where you are playing and when.


If you don't want to waste time and money If you accidentally enter and get a big fortune from slots games To quickly sweep out all the money Then came out immediately


We warned you ...


  1. Can invest a lot


Listen to this, you may exclaim that everyone knows! But there are still things that are not as easy to say.


In most slots, maximum bets open a bonus bonus period and all prizes to increase your chances of getting a fortune. Even if you have to bet with more money But it would be worth investing if getting bigger money back And even if it doesn't make any difference at least, it will give you a better chance of getting a good bet back home.


  1. The slots are set at random "descent"

This is the thing that casinos don't want you to know the most. Slot machines are set to have a completely random pattern. Although each payment rate will be balanced balanced realistically to prevent gambling losses. But it is also consistent with the random results from the bonus results that will occur


Each spin spin is independent. For example, if you win the jackpot this time The next chance you win the jackpot is still the same. Each spin does not have any effect on the next spin.


Casinos do not want you to know this for sure. They just want you to enjoy it and hope to get a fortune as a huge bonus to take home.


  1. You have been spied on playing.

As mentioned earlier, in terms of granting privileges from being a member or having a user of an online casino every time, your play is stored with all information for the marketing department. Of the casino


We therefore emphasize you in every message. If you are lucky, you get luck from slots. We don't want you to indulge in all your winnings without getting anything. Because you are not lucky in every day you walk into the casino


Like playing online casino If you get lucky but you don't stop And still think of himself as the one who can overcome the system What you get may be less than you are about to lose. If you haven't changed your mind about playing No matter how rich it is!


  1. When received, must immediately change to cash


When you are the winner of playing slots If it is in a casino, you will get it as a chip, or if it is online, you will have outstanding money in User. This is a simple trick that many people overlook regardless of what kind of gambling it is. You got profit Things you should do first "Change, it is cash" immediately


Sometimes via casinos or gambling websites May claim your convenience in exchange But believe me, it's not that difficult. Conversely, you still have a lot of money, either in the form of chips or in the User. It may cause the money you should be ejected to be absorbed back to the original dealer.


Therefore If you still want to use the money that you make to profit from playing slots comfortably, you shouldn't leave it as a chip or all money left in User. "Pull it all out." This is something you should do!


  1. Every aesthetics of slots games may be designed to be a trap.

Sometimes you may think that we are too pessimistic. But did you know that the design, color, and sound of slots are researched and recommended by psychologists?


It's good and bad Because we feel happy while gamble, it is good for us, isn't it? But you don't forget that you are enjoying the atmosphere of the game Your money is also slowly flying out of your pocket too!


  1. Sometimes the feeling of winning That doesn't mean "You really win"


Sometimes victory is just a matter of feeling. Because you bet on a variety of places Various games Wasted so much money that you felt you wanted to quit. But everything can be changed. Because of one victory!


How many times? That you are trapped in this kind of feeling And whether you see it as a coincidence or not But believe me, what you say is true


Many gamblers including you May have felt discouraged when having to pay money but not getting anything in return And you can start to think about what we're doing here But the jingle with the bonus you received from your victory only once a year It may easily make the idea of ​​wanting to stop playing vanish.


Everything is in your own "conscious" whether you should quit or continue ... Don't be lost with feelings.


And all this is 10 stories online slots The casino doesn't want you to know Which we have deposited And if you have experience with us You know that what we told you Not an exaggeration at all. But if anyone has never met and thinks of these things, talk too much I recommend you to try it yourself to know!

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Comment by FredWilson on September 29, 2020 at 2:22am

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