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About This Game

Wisdom of War is a real-time strategy game with unique style. The one side needs to collect resources, develop economy, build up defensive and offensive architecture, set up powerful attacking troop and destroy enemies’ all buildings to obtain final triumph.

Different from general real-time strategy game, the game only needs to operate a hero for various activities. This greatly reduces the demands for hands’ operation speed in traditional real-time strategy game so that players can focus on strategy application. The game contains many strategies, requiring players to choose different strategies according to each other's development.

Another characteristic is that, it combines elements of comprehensive arrangement. Since the movement of hero and various operations take some time, it is necessary to arrange various activities as a whole to achieve highest efficiency.

There are 5 categories of resources available for collection and the methods for collecting various resources are different. Some resources will only be obtained by destroying enemy’s troops.

Players can build up over 24 kinds of different buildings and some even carry two different auxiliary buildings. Because the functions of auxiliary building are different, but the quantity is limited, players need to consider about constructing what kind of auxiliary buildings.

Enemy’s AI carries certain randomness and each game in the same level will experience different processes. It means that plays shall play to the score rather than adopt fixed strategy each time.

The game contains three modes : encounter mode, conquer mode and online mode. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Wisdom of War
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Yang Sun
Yang Sun
Release Date: 6 Jun, 2017

English,Simplified Chinese

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its ok not e nough depth. Way too slow. Buliding anything takes forever. Every enemy unit\/building has a million hp and your units do no damage. You control one unit who has to do EVERYTHING: gathering resources, building, researching tech, reloading towers, deploying armies, launching missiles, repairing, etc. For each of those, you have to physically go to that building, pause the game, access the control hub for that building, and then do it. And it even pauses if you try to alt-tab to do something else while you wait for e.g. a building to finish. Also, info about units and structures is severly lacking.

It feels like the sort of game you'd create in a college programming course. Should've gone in early access at least to get feedback from people.. Major improvments needed. No Building Labels, so I did not know what building did what. Also, I could not actualy find a keybindings list of how to play. I can oly move around the map. 99% of the time your just figuring out what to do. NEEDS LABELS.

a new update released:
Encounter mode and online mode have been added to the game.. A new update:
Detailed Tutorials were added.. A new update:
You can now see the label of the building by hanging mouse over it .

现在可以通过把鼠标移至建筑上方查看其标签。. A new update released.:
1. Now you can move map in non-suspended state by pressing W,S,A,D key while holding Shift key.

2. Resource harvesting efficiency has been greatly improved and tempo of the fight also has been markedly accelerated.

1. 现在可以在非暂停状态下,在按住Shift键的同时按W、S、A、D键移动地图。

2. 资源的采集效率显著提高,战斗节奏也明显加快。

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