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Trials Of Ascension: Exile Crack Game Download

Trials Of Ascension: Exile Crack Game Download

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About This Game

Trials of Ascension: Exile is a hardcore sandbox fantasy game where you will play as a human mastering your skills, evolve for the hunt as a Raknar, or defy all odds to grow as a powerful dragon!

Survival is the goal of every life that finds its way to the Lost Isles. With hunger and thirst a constant threat, food and water will be top priorities. But dangers lurk around every corner and many environmental factors need careful consideration. Shelter and other means of protection will be necessary to fend off all threats, including aggressive predators.

In addition to Health and Stamina, the Balance attribute brings a new aspect to combat. Maintain your balance and you are rewarded with solid footing; attack recklessly and you chance exposing yourself instead. Unbalanced characters find their swings are less effective and they run the risk that a well placed blow will knock them down. Additionally, each race has their own unique way of treating wounds.

Time is in constant motion on the islands, with day cycles that bring truly dark nights and changing weather patterns that forecast rain, wind, and storms, all of which will affect your character. Every piece of flora, fauna and minerals are interact-able and offer an abundance of resources to assist in your survival.

Each island can be set with a wide range of options so that you can play just the way you like. From flora and fauna spawn rates, to PvP settings, even to the number of lives each character is allowed, ToA: Exile can be set to your liking.

For untold centuries the Lost Isles have been the hatching and nursery grounds for your kind. Only those strong enough to survive on these hostile lands earn the right to reach adulthood and advance dragon-kind. Freshly hatched from the shell, you find yourself surrounded by new enemies your ancestors never faced in their tender years. Can you use your wits to overcome these new threats, or will the death of your kind begin with you?

Dragons are the most challenging race to play in ToA: Exile, as they lack the natural arsenal of the raknar and the ingenuity of the humans. Skilled and resourceful players will be able to overcome this disadvantage to keep their hatchling alive and fed until it is ready to molt. Molting allows the dragon to grow to the next developmental stage, increasing its size, strength, and abilities. Continued growth unlocks new racial abilities, such as breath attacks and flight!

Dragons are able to build their own race-unique structure, the nest. It functions as a respawn point, storage, and is required to molt to their next life stage. Multiple nests can be built, offering different storage and respawn locations across the island. Nests can be destroyed, so it is best to hide them in hard-to-reach locations.

Dragons can ingest nuggets of rare metals to fuel their fiery breath weapon. Devastate your foes with this powerful attack and bring the lesser races to their knees. The rarer the metals consumed, the more powerful attack.

After growing their wings, dragons can begin mastering the controls of flight. Launch yourself into the air with a running start, then beat your wings to speed up, bank to turn, and flare them to slow down. However, air speed must be maintained or you risk falling from the sky.

Dragon have superior senses and because of this are able to navigate their surroundings, even during the darkest nights. They also possess the unique ability to sense deposits of rare metals buried underneath the surface of the ground, allowing them to harvest the nuggets they require for their abilities and molting.

Driven to the seas by the advancing raknar threat, you and you fellow refugees seek out a new land to call home. A terrible typhoon over-takes your inexperienced crew and your ship is dashed upon the rocky shoals in the darkness of night. Nearly drowned by the waves, you make it to shore with your life intact and little else. Can you use your skills to survive, or will you join your fellow passengers in the afterlife?

Humans are able to gather raw resources from their environment and turn them into various items, tools, and equipment to improve their survival situation. They can also research improvements to the items they craft using our improvement system.

Along with the ability to craft their own tools and equipment, humans also have access to our 3D structure design system where they can draft a 3D model of a structure and create a blueprint of their building. These blueprints are needed to begin the construction of buildings.

Humans do not have natural abilities, instead they must rely on their skills to reach their goals. Skills are improved with use and can be enhanced through perk choices earned as they increase the skill.

Trapped underground by the devious humans generations ago, you and your hive mates explore the ancient volcanic tubes in search of new ways to the world above. An earthquake collapses the tunnel behind you, but opens a new way to the surface. As you skitter your way into the daylight, you find yourself surrounded by ocean. Cut off from the Hive, can you evolve to dominate this new land, or will it dominate you?

Raknar are born with full use of all their natural abilities. For combat, they have impressive, scythe-like strikers. In addition, their silk can be used to set traps for prey or as treatment for life-threatening wounds. Six legs give them an advantage in speed, and heavy chitin protects them from most minor damage. Take on the role of the lone hunter, or work together with your friends to create a hive that dominates the isles!

Raknar are able to evolve each of their natural abilities by simply doing what raknar do best, hunting and killing and they do it in real time. Watch as your raknar grows in size, gains armor around its body and menacing barbs sprout from its strikers.

Raknar are the only race able to cling and move effortlessly over most surfaces. This includes slopes that cannot be traversed by the other races, including vertical and even inverted surfaces! This adds a whole new dynamic to combat!

As a raknar you will be able to penetrate the darkest of nights and caves thanks to your fully functional night vision that you can turn on and off at will. Become a true hunter of the night! b4d347fde0

Title: Trials of Ascension: Exile
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Early Access
Forged Chaos LLC
Forged Chaos LLC
Release Date: 26 Jul, 2018


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A very innovative twist on the survival/sandbox genre. It sets itself apart very well from other games in the genre, like Ark, Dark&Light, and Rust. Can be a bit challenging at times- playing as a human can be a bit of a grind for some of the less-common resources, and there's not a lot of content for the beastial races just yet, but it's got a lot of potential. Runs pretty smoothly for a very early access game, the graphics are quite good even on the lowest settings, and the server stability for both private and official servers is excellent. Overall, it's a game that breaks the mold on may of the traditional formats that have gone overused and stale. It has a lot of potential and I look forwards to seeing it flourish with more content.. Dragons:
hatching - Very challenging, almost brutal, meant to weed out the weak and only let the strong through. I believe that its a good filter to keep dragon populations at a minimum this includes, always being at the brink of starvation, always watching your back, front, both sides, and below you for anything at all that can kill you as you can die to most everything, and running around the island many times hunting for those Nuggets and hoping to get past hatchling hood.

Youngling - things get less stressful. you gain the ability of limited flight/gliding and you have some amazing animations, probably one of the best character models so far is this stage here. as a youngling you can start to roam the island a bit more and find your perfect lair spot as well as hunt.

Juvinile - In this stage you are almost as tall as a human and taller than a raknar. even a stage 10 raknar, while they might be bulkier you win in the height department. you gain the ability to breath fire via a recharging meter bar that can also be recharged currently by eating nuggets. This is also the age that you really dont have to worry about anything. most animals run in fear of you, you can pretty much solo anything and what you cant fight you can breath fire on or fly away. this is also the stage you should definetly have your own lair picked out and you can start hoarding treasure.

Overview: challenging to play but perhaps not challenging enough considering that they become the most single most powerful entity you can play as. although the devs have a new molting system coming out in the near future that will be vastly different than hunting for nuggets and i hope will increase the difficulty. this race in my opinion is quite fun if you can make your own fun at times. once you grow to juvi which is how far you can currently get (three more growth stages are currently in development) you dont have much that the game tells you to do, everything from there is purely up to you. so if you cant find and make your own fun you might hit this current level cap and get bored. myself, i hoard treasure, pick on the local human settlement, hunt, and fly for enjoyment. there are some animations that need work on the juvi stage but overall this race is very enjoyable to play.


you wake up, in some primitive boxers on a beach with a torch. lore tells you that your city was one of the first to get overwhelmed by the raknar hoard on the main contenant and your people fled to sea only to shipwreck on "the lost isle" home of the previously unheard of and unkown of dragon.

Crafting - very rewarding, everything has a step process to it that gradually builds up to the final product. its a long road to get there but super rewarding when you do and usually what you build will be a part of the crafting process for something else down the line. let me take you through the process of making nails for instance.
First lets assume you arnt dying and you're actually at the stage of tech you need nails. you need to make a bloomery, which is a very primitive smelter and forge combo. it has about 4 uses. in these 4 uses you'll find you need Ore to do anything. that requires going out and hitting rocks with your primitive axe, your primitive axe has its own crafting line. after you get the ore you also need cordwood which takes a primitve saw, so you cut down the tree and start hitting it for logs, once you have a log you use your saw and turn it into cordwood. you can finally make Iron Ingots. youll use these ingots to create a smithing hammer and by the time you create this smithing hammer your bloomery is pretty much destroyed. youll have to rebuild the bloomery a few more times to craft out a trowel blade so you can work with mortar to build the forge and smelter and that requires clay, clay bricks, mortar. and each of these things has its own step. its all very interconnected which i think is awesome and if you pay attention youll notice that it tends to follow realism as close as it can. you quickly come to realize that tools and survival as a human is expensive.

Combat - i have yet to use most of the weapons but combat as a human isnt bad. you use stamina and balance to determine your damage output as well as what ever you're using to attack. be it your foot or fist or a great two handed sword. its a balancing game of stamina, balance and chasing down your prey but hunting is something youll have lots of until animal husbandry makes its appearance in the game as youll need to harvest some resources from animals for some of the higher tech tools, clothes, and weapons.

Overall - Humans are the typical survival experience that most games offer, but what this game offers you when you play as a human is the complexity and realism of the crafting which in turn offers a great sense of satisfaction at every accomplishment. Communal gameplay with other humans actually makes life that much easier and the quality of the experiance goes up, its quite the sight to create a village and a community where once was trees you now have walls and stone buildings and the start of something great. as a human you do have to fear the bigger prediters in the game currently. the Rapters, bears, and if you♥♥♥♥♥♥one off, bullders will all be able to eat you until you advance enough, that being said you have human stamina, which means natural endurance so you can run down boar and deer over time for easy hunting. unlike the dragons i have yet to reach a level cap where i run out of things to do. there seems to always be something to do for humans and even when you finish that stone building or completely deck out your human in the best arms and armour, you suddenly get a new member that wants to be a blacksmith or carpenter and its now time to build a blacksmith or workshop for them to work in. or attempt to hunt down those pesky dragons who always have their eye out for new shiney things for their nests.


i currently dont have any raknar gameplay. im a massive dragon fan and i spend most of my hours in the sky

ToA itself
as far as i have seen, updates comes at least once a month, last month we had two which was nice. the servers stay up pretty much 24/7 and only come down sometimes. maybe 1 day out of 30 and not for too long. there are some glitches and bugs thats for sure but Forged Chaos has the website for the game with forums where we all report our bugs with as much feedback as possible about them as well as logs and if we can video evidence and they start working on figuring out whats wrong and fixing it. the Developers are very open to community suggestions and feedback as well as generally good kind people. some content of the game is missing but thats entirely to be expected from a early access game thats in its alpha stage that has only been out slightly longer than a month. the price tag of $25 hasnt bothered me one bit and even though its early access and missing content i just cant seem to get enough of it. i have spent more time on this game than most of the fully fleshed out games that i own. i picked up this game not expecting much at all. at most a few hours of "okay this is something i quess" and i even told my friends that "hmm maybe you should wait" but the more i got into the game and leveled up my characters and got into the actual meat of what was offered i started thouroly enjoying myself where once i told my friends that "you should wait" i changed that to "hey guys come play with me this is awesome" once again i will warn that this game is in its alpha early access stage. expect bugs. expect stupid things to happen that make you lose your progress and loot, it happens. but its for the good of the game. when that happens you report it and it gets fixed. you're buying the game to help the devs, and to help the game suceed. i do hope that whoever is reading this picks up a copy and joins us on the lost isle.. If you are into survival games and also like dragons, this might be a game for you.
This game is currently "Early Access" so do not expect "WoW" game play.
No one is going to give you the keys to the city here , you have to start with nothing and build it.
There are some issues with spawn rates of resources and creatures and their Ai ,but that gets adjustments as more and more people provide feedback.
I have done some Pre-Alpha and Beta testing and enjoy looking for "work arounds" to problems so any time I find a game that lets me do that it is fun for me.

I know this will sound like I work for them, but "I do not"

If you would like to make this game better, please provide constructive feedback and any issues you have in detail.. Heads up to early access players** First and Foremost, this is early access to a game being made by a small team. And it is early on in the development, so if you have to have a nearly blockbuster level of game polish and completion, this is not for you at this point. But if you like play testing, interacting with Devs and seeing how each build improves on the game, it could be worth your time.

That being said, the game has a lot of potential. You have 3 very different races to choose from, the humans provide a traditional scavenge, build, survive type of playstyle. The Raknar (giant spiders) have a predatory playstyle, where you won't struggle as much, work well in groups, but won't neccessarily have as much to do as a human.

And finally, you have dragons! With Dragons, you begin small and weak, you need to be careful and sneaky to build your nest and grow. Dragons are the long, difficult road to travel. You'll need to spend a lot of time building nests, and finding ore to grow. If you spend the time, you have various "stages" of growth to grow through (6 planned, 3 in game so far) Your first two weak, and not powerful, after that you will gain access to your breath weapon, and later on, be able to fly. This is not an easy mode type of play, and requires time invested.

This is a host your own server type of game as well (with official servers on the way). The set up for which is easy and with proper port forwarding, works quite well.

TLDR: A early access game, true to that phrase, with 3 unique races to play and survive with. Lots of potential and a dev team willing to communicate.. Sparse content, no active community, but you get to be a dragon, like, wow. So I mean, if you want to be a dragon and have extra time for the grind then have at this game, otherwise it's lacking a lot of content to keep people interested.. I absolutely hate to write this review, I've followed ToA Exile for about 2 years, and I can't say anything good.. From other reviews I read this game is pretty badly optimised and very poor in graphics, those two things I thought I could get over. However, I also read some bad things about gameplay, and that absolutely worried me. Despite my better judgement, I decided to give it a go and buy this game. I tried for five minutes at first to get the game to launch, then I exited the game, then tried for another eight. Nothing. I was stuck on the loading screen, not able to change settings or choose an island or anything. I was really excited for this game, however, it seems I wasted two years of my life watching it's development. I stopped trying to get in becaue I still want to be able to get a refund. Forged Chaos, you really disappointed me.. Absolute garbage.

Nothing is working, the concept makes no sense whatsoever, it's ugly, the animations are from the 90's, text is unreadable in 4K, the game crashes every couple of minutes, fights can not be avoided, and you loose everything on every death.

Controls are clunky, visibility is bad, sound effects are nasty, tutorial is virtually non existent.

This is not a beta, this is a pre-alpha, if even that.

If it's supposed to be a beta, steer clear, even for free, it'll be a waste of your time.. This is an Early acc game. with that sad there are bugs and its not opptamized . How ever with that said ive have played many games that are EA and this one is fun . there is so much more this game will offer in the future it has had many setback and yet the creators of the game still pushed forward to make it. I wish there was more of the dev to player contact . so they can fill in some of the blanks and give us a better idea of things to come but they are working it on it . much like all the smallers game out there that didnt seem like they where making headway till the gamers really took a look at the game. this game is also haveing te same problem . i would say to anyone looking for a Hardcore sandbox mmorpg to buy this game . it may take time for it to really get off the ground but when it does i think it will be one hell of a game. #dragonlife#TOA. Absolute garbage.

Nothing is working, the concept makes no sense whatsoever, it's ugly, the animations are from the 90's, text is unreadable in 4K, the game crashes every couple of minutes, fights can not be avoided, and you loose everything on every death.

Controls are clunky, visibility is bad, sound effects are nasty, tutorial is virtually non existent.

This is not a beta, this is a pre-alpha, if even that.

If it's supposed to be a beta, steer clear, even for free, it'll be a waste of your time.

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