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Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe Full Crack

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About This Game

Welcome to Tiny Bird Garden—a game about meeting and befriending a cast of strange, silly, magical little birds. Set up and customize your garden space; the Tiny Birds wi 5d3b920ae0

Title: Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Super Retro Duck
Super Retro Duck
Release Date: 18 Dec, 2018


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The game is really cute and i love all the designs of the birds and the art is lovely! However, I cannot recommend this game since it lacks a ton of polish, and isn't worth its price tag. Don't get me wrong, the game is cute and i can tell how much passion went into it, but it isn't finished. i do believe these things could improved upon in the future, but for now i'm just gonna write out some issues i had and some recommendations on how the game could be improved. (just my opinion btw.) -one of the biggest things: music. There is no music in any of the minigames or on the titlescreen. Also hardly any sound effects in the game. There should almost always be some sort of music playing, and sound effects should be EVERYWHERE! when you hover your mouse over buttons, in the minigames, when you click on birds, when you give them treats or hats and a special one plays when you give them one they love!! sound effects!!! everywhere!!!! -the only games I actually played were the match 3 game and the fruit delivery game. The fruit delivery game was super cute, visually pleasing, and overall really fun. The downside is you don't make any feathers off of it, which kinda makes the game pointless. The match 3 game is cute, but i wish there was more added to make it more exciting (of course music, add a ton of different bird blocks, etc.) all of the other games felt really barebones and boring. - feathers take waaaaaaaaaay too long to farm. - The story was cute, but really uninteresting. though i think thats just because i dont care about the characters at all. which is a shame cause i love their designs so much! i felt no connection with them at all and they had almost no personality. yes they have hobbies and quirks but they felt like such a brick wall to talk to. (also im slightly confused on why when talking to them your treated as an actual person in the garden, but at all other times its treated like you dont exsist. i feel more like an observer rather than a person interacting with the characters and birds.) - just a few minor animation quirks on the birds, and a glitch where id blow my whistle, the new birds would come, id go buy something from the shop only to return to the birds that were there from before i blew my whistle I feel like so much more personality could be put in this game! So many things could be refined and tweaked and added that would make it stand out so much more!!! but for now, even though its super cute, it feels unfinished and unrefined. I probably wont be opening it again unless some big updates come out.

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