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Think Of The Children Hack

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About This Game

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Title: Think of the Children
Genre: Action
Jammed Up Studios
Fellow Traveller
Release Date: 19 Oct, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 3.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Ge


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Really enjoyed the couch co-op. The single player is hard still cant beat the last level! have had lots of fun! Great game gets better with som beer and friends.. Tags: Combat Arena & Smashbroesque Additional Tags: Delete Local Content & Remove from Library TLDR: This is a spin-off of Overcooked using a limited amount of abilities on a cooldown. Suicidal kids, high difficulty. Execution feels much sloppier. Waste of a fun concept. While I honestly appreciated the overall tone and presentation, the game is not very balanced towards solo play. Having children around is even worse than dwarves in dwarf fortress. They will beeline straight into a danger zone, get an exclamation point going and a few seconds later they are dead. There are 6+ of them and you have usually half a dozen of hotspots to comandeer to successfully complete a mission. That means too many spinning plates at once. The co-op aspect would work wonders. Sort of as a more freeform overcooked. But you can only call kids once every like 20 seconds which is way too long a time for this game. Your only other action is to physically pick up and drop kids. Walking to place them in the middle of nowhere almost certainly spells the death of many other kids while dropping them immediately after picking them up will just cancel the death cooldown but otherwise they will path right back into the problem. A lot of the actions are time consuming and clunky to operate, such as filling up green gauges by spamming A until a menial action is performed. Conclusion: Unfortunately this game is just not cleanly balanced, in terms of challenge. Your interactivity is limited and even if you did have teammates, coordinating around such an open field might prove more difficult than the simple sokoban style character swapping that happens in the more rigidly structured Overcooked. So I recommend you go play that and archive Think of the Children after a giggle playtest, or better yet avoid it altogether.. This is probably a great multiplayer experience. But the single player is just a piece of garbage. You won't be able to finish this in single player. Difficulty scaling just really doesn't exist here. You will need four players in total to enjoy this. But you will have to be together in one house. Because this game has only local coop options. I just have to give this game a negative review.. Amusing. Love the art style. Tried this out at PAX West and decided I had to get it. Difficult to play solo though.. consept is good but way to hard to control on the computer and cant figure out multi-player.. Local Co-op is probably fun on whatever console this was made for. It's impossible to figure out how to do it on the PC.. Being the first game produced by a new studio, there are some of the expected bugs and quirks, but this really is a fantastic idea and a hilarious game! The controls are a bit buggy on keyboard (sometimes my character inadvertantly stops moving in a certain direction, as if my key was stuck), and it currently lacks online co-op.. The goal is simple: Watch your six kids whilst trying to complete various tasks like shopping or socialising at a party. Unfortunately each of the little buggers will happily march towards and play with anything that is liable to result in fatal consequences. The less players playing, the more accountable each player is. So if you're going solo, you're in charge of all six kids and the frustration that will come with it. It is doable, but requires parents to be switched on and proactive.and a bit lucky. The game can be a bit buggy at times, but usually they're the good kind of bugs that make you laugh. Ultimately, Think of the Children is a fun and hectic little game that quickly turns to frustration. The kind of frustration that leaves you yelling at the screen, but prepared to give it another go.. When I purchased Think of the children I wasnt really sure what to expect. What appealed to me immediately was the 4-player co-op fun AUSTRALIAN art style. What else was there to do but get some friends and sit round the tv and try to be terrible parents and that we were ow so bad. After we spent 20 minutes making silly outfits for out mis-named and randomly assorted children we were off to picnic. I think this game has bought out some interesting questions about my game mates as children were being repeatedly thrown onto the road and into the pool. Needless to say we had great fun and will be adding this to one of our game night staples. Game was great fun and had a fun wacky story line and most of all I appreciate the totally accurate and realistic depiction of Australia and our accent.. Playing this game solo is too hard. Playing 2-player is fun for the first few levels but is eventually too difficult as well. To progress and unlock items you absolutely need 4 people playing on most of the levels. I see this as a bit of an issue, but I can't help but recommend the game because of how fun it is in 4-player. Very entertaining and unique.

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