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Title: They Are Billions
Genre: Strategy, Early Access
Numantian Games
Numantian Games
Release Date: 12 Dec, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bits)
  • Processor: INTEL, AMD 2 cores CPU at 2Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB

English,French,German,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Italian

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I wish there were more games like this.. very good game considering it's an early access. the upcoming campaign is just a very nice bonus to an already nice and fun game. you can have a +15 mission campaign at this time already with the steam workshop.. Extremely good game, very addicting and always challenging What is the game: The game is basically a base building Economy with zombies attackin your base at intervals that you got to defend against at the same time. So your balance between economy and militairy spending to keep things moving is crucial and makes the game chellanging Then your additional goal is to get enough resources for your expansions and get rid of zombies on the map at the same time in between these zombie intervals. Do this until the end of the days you selected as difficulty and every corner of the the map will send zombies at you in a last attempt to destroy your base. Survive this and you win the map. It's a evolution really of RTS something that was highly needed and many people already start to copy it's success. The goods: - Different difficult settings and challenging for sure to make it accessable to anybody - Random generated maps, that gives endless replayability even with low amounts of content - Pretty cheap to get, perfect price for this title for sure - Modding which allows for far more content to be pushed and easy to access on top of it - Low amounts of buildings and units ( even while they get more over time ) makes the game easy to understand and simple to push out. - Probably one of the best RTS games. - Economy and military nice balanced. - Archievements are tricky and fun to do because of it. - No story mode just go in and build and start out, pure gameplay. Something many games do not understand anymore. - Pauze button fantastic for newer players that need there time to see what goes on. - Challenge mode a nice mode but easily exploitable The bads: - Dark first map unplayable for most people because of it very frustrating also not being adressed is a big negative. - 4 map limitation can get old, but that's just how the game is. - A lot of reloads needed to get records going which can be annoying because of random generated maps, a simple reload button would be wonderful to have. - No co-op in any form which limits its potentional they really should start working on this as soon as possible. - Performance is all over the place, specially when waves become bigger and bigger, don't be suprised to see single digits at times and flickering visuals at time. - Random generated maps also means that not all maps are easy to win, some with no wood or food nearby your build space or small space to build housing with no food or gold nearby will result in massive struggles throughout the game. Whcih results in people rerolling straight out of the gate. - No speed up button. Which results in many downtimes that can get boring real quick. Something they really should adress. - Records can easily be cheated on smiple by saving a map building it full with the editor loading it up at the last moment and get the high score. Something that should be adressed. - Slow development. - Because of no speed up button, maps take a long time to complete which can go against people just wanting to play for half a hour goals. Sure the game saves the game if you close it, but frankly 1-2 hours long maps is kinda to long for most people. - Crashes do happen and get very frustrating because of it. Conclusion: Game is absolutely fantastic i play a map every day and love it. If you like RTS genre this is a must buy there is just no other conclusion you can draw out out of it. 10/10.. This game is very easy to learn and once you get a grip on all the mechanics and features that it has to offer, you will find yourself hooked like I did.. A fantastic game for a niche audience. They are billions is a survival strategy game, a Hybrid between a traditional RTS and tower defence. The main mode youu2019ll be spending most of your time on is survival. The objective is simple. Protect your base for the allotted number of days. As well as the random zombies that will accost you from time to time, there are a number of pre-set waves that come in intervals. In this way, it manages to avoid the biggest problem with conventional single player RTS games. Often times the early game is quite difficulty, but once you get established, victory snowballs in your favour. This does not occur here. The intensity of each subsequent waves increases exponentially, finalising in a crescendo involving every remaining zombie left on the map, as well as additional hordes spawning off screen, running towards your base from every side, an assault few players survive on their first attempt. With every remaining zombie attacking you, you are incentivised to try and expand aggressively and clear the map before this point, to lessen the body count in this final assault. Despite it being a defensive game, turtling is not a strategy that will work. This constant upping of the horde places pressure on the player, leaving you constantly racing against the clock. Each wave will come with a warning, giving you 8 in game hours to prepare, as well as telling you which direction they are approaching from so you can act accordingly. For the final wave, you are given 24 in game hours and told to defend everywhere. Even with these warnings, it can be easy to underestimate the sheer size of subsequent waves and become overwhelmed. Make no mistake, they are Billions is not an easy game. It is very unique in its design and playstyle and with no tutorial yet to speak of, do not go into your first few games expecting to win, simply to last as long as possible and learn. Outside of going into the game and modifying game files, there is no way to manually save. If you make one small misstep and lose your colony, be prepared to start again from scratch, save scumming is not allowed and this detail really helps you feel the fear and tension. It elicits a visceral emotion few games seldom do these days. There is a steep learning curve to overcome is a bar to entry. As such, this game is not for everyone (then again, what is?), and I would recommend watching other streamers or YouTube videos to determine if it is for you. Even for those that get past the initial challenge, the ability to ramp up the difficulties and adhere to challenges means there is always something to strive for, always something to improve and always a new challenge to overcome. Contrary to many strategy games, they are billions was built from the ground up to test your strategical skills as opposed to your reflexes. Whilst time is constantly ticking down, you can pause at any time to issue commands and queue up buildings. Gold resources will tick in every 8 in game hours. Youu2019re constantly striving to maximise the usefulness of the in game time, but are given plenty of real world time to stop and think about your next action. In this way it makes you feel as though you are really controlling a colony, looking to organise and plan your citizens to be most effective for the coming days. It tests your tactical abilities and as opposed to your clicks per minute. Planning ahead is of crucial importance to success. Space is at a premium in this game and placing structures haphazardly will drastically reduce your efficiency. Farms can only be built on grass, Fishers near water and hunteru2019s cottages should be placed near forests and farms. Warehouses not only increase your storage, but improve the work rate of quarries, sawmills and other production structures nearby. Markets, Banks, Inns and the Victorious wonder project an aura around it that improves nearby housing, either by reducing their food upkeep or increasing their gold production. This encourages the player to build specialised housing districts rather than plopping them down wherever there is space. Upgraded structures will result in them producing more of their resource. These are not only expensive however, but significantly increase their gold and energy upkeep. When compared to a base Mill, An advanced Mill produces 66% more energy for a 500% increase in gold upkeep. As such, upgrading buildings is useful when space is tight, but expanding and building more of the base structure is always preferable in all cases except housing, and even then only when coupled with the aforementioned aura buildings. You need to constantly be expanding your colony and planning how it is going to be built up ahead of time, using vision buildings and scouts to identify the most useful immediate zone to conquer, in terms of space and resources such as iron and stone. Difficulty is determine by three separate factors which multiply together to give you a final score multiplier, going as low as 3%, and as high as 700%. The first modifier is the horde size. At low size, there is a fairly large area around your base devoid of infected. At higher difficulties youu2019re boxed in, with several giants roaming the outer layers of the map to act as additional challenges. The second, is the number of days the game lasts, ranging from 80 to 150 days. A large chunk of your defences and colony will be built in the final few days. Itu2019s why a step up from 100 days to 80 days is a huge increase in difficulty. The final wave actually comes several days prior. If a zombie gets stuck for whatever reason and you canu2019t kill it, the game will end at the predetermined day. This can be useful when attempting to get high scores, by trapping one remaining zombie and building more structures. For traditional games however, the game will usually end a few days prior to the day stated. In reality, on 80 days, you only get 73 days to prepare, which is a monumental task on the higher modifiers. The final factor is one which I have some gripes with. You will get an additional modifier based on the map type played, increasing upwards through the Dark Moorland, Peaceful lowlands, frozen highlands and the desolate waste. The problem I have here is that the first three maps are mostly interchangeable in terms of difficulty with pros and cons. They each require different strategies with no one being objectively harder. I personally find the frozen highlands to be the easiest of the three, yet am rewarded with a higher multiplier than the previous two. The desolate wasteland on the other hand is excruciatingly difficult. Awkward rocky outcrops that do not serve as chokepoints, but also limit building space, Precious little food and aggressive zombies. The multiplier for this map should be much higher than the previous three, yet is treated as a linear increase across all 4. In terms of balancing, Numantian games has done a remarkable job since release. At first, the Meta was a rush to get titans, until an oil upkeep cost was added. Next, it was all about massing snipers and spamming them to clear the map as they outperformed all other units in this role. Fast forward today and all the units are pretty well balanced, fulfilling their niche roles admirably without ever being the one size fits all unit that plagued the game in the past. To win on the hardest difficulties (Iu2019m looking at you 700%), requires in depth knowledge of the game and all its intricacies. Itu2019s hard to learn and even harder to master and itu2019s this challenge that has led many a player sinking hundreds, or even thousands of hours into this apocalyptic wasteland. Add to this the addition of custom maps and weekly challenges, and what you have is a game well worth the price of admission even without the promised story mode yet here. I have had so much enjoyment playing this game, streaming to friends and sharing strategies that I have zero qualms in recommending it as is for the price offered.. Please please please add a co-op mode.

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