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The Wanderer Full Crack [PC]

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About This Game

Enter a dark wasteland and fight mutants to survive.

Key Features:

    An atmospheric open world to explore. Deadly lakes, rotten deserts and dangerous hills! Dark & beautiful hand-drawn flora & fauna. Hand-painted textures.
    An army of rescued cats and dogs helps your quest on hex based battle maps. Simple turn-based combat rules for a relaxing experience. Slay stylish roamers and collect the teeth of the mutants in the underground. Mutant teeth - the currency of the wastes. Buy random weapons with game-play changing powers. Thousands of possible combinations.
  • LOOT!
    Boomboxes, cassettes, Grobo beer bottles. Find and collect hidden items to gain the edge in the underground battles.

Art by Roland Seer, programming by Rain Pohlak.

Title: The Wanderer
Genre: Adventure, Strategy
Cult Software
Cult Software
Release Date: 25 Jan, 2019


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This will be my final review of this game.

The tutorials have been much improved, I'll give them that.

The rest is still quite a mess IMHO.

There's no obvious way to see what the things in your inventory are good for or how to activate them. (no pop-up text while hovering over them or by clicking on them)

If you click an item in your inventory - when underground - and drag it to drop on your character it moves the camera\/playing field and if you're unlucky it may disappear out of view and getting it back may take some time. (I wasted over a minute trying to find it again to no avail)

I find it very confusing and unclear what I'm supposed to do and having the entire battlefield disappear and staring into total darkness due to dragging the playing field - you don't drag it per se, it's more like scrolling on a phone - made me quit the game, I will now uninstall it and move on and never look back.

The art style and music's still good but there are way too many games in my library (and I've also got South Park, Atom RPG, Identity RPG and Party Hard 2 already payed for), so I wish the dev's the best, hope they get a ton of fans who love the game, I can however not give it a thumbs up unfortunately. (the amount of updates show the devs care and that's always a good thing though). Great piece of art, no doubt about it.
As a game it lacks direction and purpose.

The ambient sound and music really give you the feeling of being lost in the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic world.
The combat lacks information and weight. Who hit what?WHat is selected? Who does anything? Why is kitty dead? Oh those enemys are ranged???

As much as I'd LOVE to recommend the game, I can not. I really would love to, though.
Maybe a sequel could improve on it

Fhink. Great music.. I was intrigued by the graphical style and surreal art choices for this game. I was unable to get through more of an hour of it due to what seems like overly simplistic, unoriginal gameplay, and poor controls. Perhaps changing the camera controls to mouselook would be a good start. Also, I don't mind the lack of a proper tutorial but maybe add a few more tips on how to play the game or what the attributes and statistics actually are.

If you're really patient and need a cheap strategy game maybe you can get to the good parts of this one, but for all my love of indie gaming I could not do it with the way the game is now. Will revisit in a few months or more.

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