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About This Game

One day you decide to change your life and open up new business related to the production of clothing. Dark basement, which do not penetrate the sun's rays, cheap tables from KIEA and bought on sale of equipment that barely works. Only hard work separates you and your employees from wealth and fame now. What are you waiting for?

SweatShop is a incremental game where you're the owner of a sweatshop, you have to hire more staff to work for you and sell products to gain more money. Buy many different upgrades for your workers and make even more money than before. Get as far as expanding the store to get more workspace and even more workers.

Main Features:
- Hire more staff
- Sell Products
- Expand your shop
- Catch bonuses
- Buy upgrades
- 53 STEAM achievements included 7aa9394dea

Title: SweatShop
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Sometimes You
Release Date: 22 Jul, 2016


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Even when I look past the remarkable number of bugs in SweatShop<\/i>, I don't really see anything fresh about this idle clicker.<\/b> Yeah it's only a buck, but that doesn't excuse anything. Particularly when creating an idle clicker game (because they are fundamentally sooo<\/i> simple), it is imperative to do something novel that the others don't have. You have to stand out in a saturated market. I suppose the only novel thing about SweatShop<\/i> is the actual theme, or skin, of the game. Otherwise it's just any other idle clicker.

I'm not going to refund in hopes that the iron out some bugs and maybe<\/i> things will get better, but I certainly don't recommend the game to friends.. Unfortunaltey it's an extremely buggy piece of work, upgrading just does not work at all! Stay away, reconsider only after major bugs have been fixed.. >I like clicker games
>This is a clicker game
>I buy
>New update
>Looks at it
>all achievements Esc+Space+G
>do it

This was one of the hardest clicker games i've ever played it had a complex button system, I mean you go to the menu with esc then you press both space+G that's just crazy.

But in all seriousness yet i did just do the cheap way and pressed a few buttons to 100% it i find it rather fun if you like to sit there and watch as your buisness grows from one to many while earning money i would recommend.. I mean, by now everyone knows that the game doesn't work properly. I only paid like 20 cents for it when I got it so there wasn't any expectations, let alone ones that were high. Don't get the game, it's glitchy. Though I guess if you want steam achievements\/a badge for it then go ahead and pick it up and enter in the "cheat" the developer of the game patched in (rather than fixing the game) to automatically get the achievements if you truly want to. I'm really just leaving this review for a steam badge anyway.. crashed thrice, constant little bugs like buttons not updating without you clicking stuff to update the information, and a soft lock when i upgraded the amount of table spaces.

does it sound like a fun time?. So much no.

It has badges and achievements. Just no.

I know I put no effort on this review, but the developer made no effort on this game, even literally added a function to get all achievements for nothing.

Buy it for a fake 100%. Reasons Not Recommended:
1. Boring
2. Hours of clicking
3. Time-consuming

Reasons Not Completely Bad:
1. Well-made
2. Cheap

I got the game super cheap with a coupon from badge making. The only reason it was worth it was that it is an easy perfect game with a cheat you can use in the esc menu. The game starts out slow but gets progressively better, but never really reaching a state that I like.. Don't buy it, just don't.
It's a waste of time and dollar.

I will say, it's an exapmle of what NOT to do for a game. I've been considering making a game just for \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 and giggles. I know python and my friends are interested in making a \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 graphic novel. The question "When should we publish?" came up.
When it's done and functional. Sweatshop is crap. A good starting point if it's a first or second game, but still unworthy of being published.
I suppose the lesson was worth the dollar, but I bought a clicker game.. Very sad when good idea and concept have terrible realization.
Game is just unplayable due to huge amount of bugs.

Concept, graphics, music: 10 out of 10
All the rest: 0.5 out of 10
Summary: 2 out of 10

P. S. Maybe I will change my review to positive if developer will fix all bugs.

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