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Sun Blast: Star Fighter Activation Code [hacked]

Sun Blast: Star Fighter Activation Code [hacked]

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About This Game

Sun Blast is the best 3d space shooter on Steam. Earn upgrades as you fight your way through a massive seleciton of levels.

In a period of 48 hours, an alien race utterly annihilated Earth's military forces. Only one colonial ship remains, and it's humanity's last chance.

Choose your starfighter and join the desperate counter-assault on the alien forces. You're massively overpowered and ridiculously outgunned, but with cunning and a lot of luck, you can prevail.

As you prove your worth in combat, you'll rise in rank and gain the ability to upgrade your ships weapons and defenses. This is the 3d space shooter you've been waiting for!


  • Full gamepad support
  • Three ship designs to choose from, each with unique look and behavior
  • Fight against stealthy fighters and gigantic starships
  • Huge level selection, from planet orbits to underground tunnels to infested military bases
  • Replay levels to earn medals
  • Steam achievements and leaderboards

Title: Sun Blast: Star Fighter
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
OBLONE Software
EQ Games
Release Date: 2 Apr, 2015


sun blast star fighter. sun blast star fighter

It's trying to be like star fox.....

Siple arcade shoot em up that is really fun to a point it's not bad for 4.99$ but its i feels like its missing so good potiental stuff that would give it an edge other then that its a funish game!. DISCLAIMER: I was given a key for free by the publisher!

Do you like 3D shmups reminiscent of Star Fox? If your answer is yes, then hit the buy button and have fun.
Everybody else, read on:
Gameplay is robust and gets the job well done, movement is highly responsive and can be tweaked to the players preference by selecting from various ships to control. Furthermore there is even an auto-fire option.

The levels are split into 3 categories:
1. Shoot as many enemies as you can while trying to not get hit. After downing several you will recieve upgrades to your weapon as well as a shield (final upgrade, can take 1 hit unpunished). Obviously by getting hit the current upgrade will be lost.
2. Survival which is basically all about dodging stuff.
3. Boss battle.

Additionally challenges will be unlocked by progressing through the main campaign.. Fun little game, a nice way to spend some time if you're bored.. It would be a really good game if it was free, but for the price it is a waste of time.
. even at $0.19 i can honestly say that this game is over prices, simple, bland, boring and just not that good. I heard people saying it is like STAR FOX , this made me buy it and i was shocked when i played it, it is just a tunel game, shoot enemies with the worst weapon ever, dodge others and wait for the time over or hit count.............any person who claims this is like starfox must be comparing it to the atari 2600 original game, and even that was more fun...... avoid at all cost!. I played it only for few minutes now and completed 4 levels but It's not bad. It's far from a masterpiece but at least it works.
Graphics, interface and sound are not bad.
I think it's worth even little more than 0.24 euro ( ・ω ・)

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