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Sas enterprise guide environment variables

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1 Aug 2016 Problem Note 58708: You cannot dynamically change the SAS_HADOOP_CONFIG_PATH environment variable in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 16 Dec 2002 You can use the SYSGET function of SAS to get the value of your environment variable into your SAS job. For example, to query the value of 9 Oct 2012 These provide information about the SAS Enterprise Guide environment, which is often different than the SAS environment when you're 21 Oct 2016 Note: The quotation marks around SAS Enterprise Guide are part of the SAS windowing environment of your second SAS session returns a 23 Sep 2016 2.1 Defining the EG Default File Path; 2.2 SAS Code; 2.3 Code Comments to migrate Enterprise Guide (EG) projects from one environment to another. to get the value of the default file path and create a macro variable:. 2 Aug 2017 SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) is a Windows Client application that provides Use the following environment variables for the machine name and28 Dec 2007 I'd like to define and then access Unix environmental variables while running EG 4.1 on my Windows workstation. I know that I can use sysget() 2 Aug 2007 Sometimes it is necessary to define system environment variables before you start Stored Process Servers on UNIX platforms so that the 13 Aug 2015 the following code to display the value of any environment variable. This can be run from the SAS Program Editor or SAS Enterprise Guide. 30 Nov 2016 SAS Enterprise Guide has a full featured DATA step debugger. remember the full-screen DATA step debugger in the SAS windowing environment. You could set breakpoints, variable watch conditions, examine variables

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