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Rogue Contracts: Syndicate FULL

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About This Game

Be Stealthy. Be Fast. Be Tactical. Be Lethal.

Enter a dark, dystopic world of advanced organized crime, and prepare to take on a highly militarized and dangerously a 5d3b920ae0

Title: Rogue Contracts: Syndicate
Genre: Action, Indie
Go Dark Studios
Go Dark Studios
Release Date: 26 Aug, 2016


rogue contracts syndicate

Rogue Contracts Syndicate is an average game I have seen some people call it a hotline miami clone but i dont think thats fair to say. hotline miami is a fast paced run and gun shooter and Rogue Contracts is a slower more strategic game with some basic stealth elements thrown in. you do a fair amount of running and gunning but most of the time you will be using your fists and sword. i enjoyed the game but it has a few problems with the difficulty for the most part its a fair challenge but some sections feel cheap.. The game is so fu**ing hard 1- You die with just one hit 2- The enemy can spot you too quickly 3- They can kill you through stuff but you can't. The potential of being a realy fun game to only be crippled by the controls. A game that should be about knowing your enemy's movement while mastering the angle to take them out becomes a game where you fight with your mouse to look in the right direction. The game screams controller support or a eight way quick direction turn. The game is okay imo oppinion. Would love to see what this game would be on a phone or tablet. Has potential. For the price you can't go wrong, but prepare to die and become a mouse moving expert.. Game clearly tries to emulate Hotline Miami mechanics, but being a top down shooter where you die in a single shot is the only actual similarity. You start every mission with punches, shurikens and sword but because of clunky commands you'll never be able to hit anything neither with shurikens or the sword (which won't work if you're close to a wall, which always happens). This makes punches the only actual weapon BUT they don't instakill and most of the times you won't even be able to hit the downed enemy. Let's just not talk about weapons dropped by enemies, which are completely useless, probably because the "drop rate" is controlled randomly. With this price tag I could just uninstall the game and go for something better but what makes me want to leave a bad review is the fact that the developer clearly knows what he's doing as the game is pretty well polished: that means that impeding the player with clunky controls is decision taken on purpose, to make the game harder. But THAT makes the game frustrating and barely playable, even more so if you're already copying another game's "format".

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