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About This Game

After improving the game and having many play testers play Prospekt. Today i'm releasing a huge update for the Summer Sale! This includes:

  • Extended gameplay with whole new levels.
  • Greatly refined gameplay for a much more enjoyable experience.
  • Greatly improved graphics including some Ultra high definition textures.
  • Real time dynamic lighting.
  • Real time dynamic environments.
  • New special effects
  • Much more brand new content.
  • Better game flow with better balance.
  • And much more!

Thank you to everyone who has tested this version of the game behind the scenes and leaving feedback on what you have wanted me to improve. Much more to come soon!

  • Substantial, highly-polished and totally new addition to the Half-Life 2 universe, comparable to Half-Life 2: Episode One in length
  • Official Valve approval for Half-Life 2 license and assets
  • Standalone PC game built using the Source engine - no requirement for Half-Life 2
  • Continues the story of Opposing Force, Gearbox Software’s (Borderlands) update that tells the original Half-Life 2 story from the perspective of the Marines.
  • Gordon Freeman is cornered and being overrun by soldiers in the Nova Prospekt prison; the player controls US Marine Adrian Shephard - the unsung hero - as he’s teleported in by Freeman’s Vortigaunt allies to help fight back.
  • 13 new levels featuring fully-scripted puzzles and action sequences, all carefully integrated into the Half-Life 2 story
  • Substantial graphical updates over the original game, including but not limited to:
  • New Textures
  • New Models
  • Updated high resolution Combine soldier skins with improved normal mapping
  • Updated high resolution textures
  • Updated lighting
  • Higher resolution models
  • Increased cube mapping
  • Over 20 new particle effects
  • Modded HUD
  • Modded VGUI
  • New player model skin
  • Return to Xen
  • New voice acting
  • New music
  • New AI improvements, such as soldiers attempting to undo the player’s actions

This game contains STRONG language that may not be suitable for minors and younger audiences. Player discretion is advised.

http://store.steampowered.com/app/399120/ 7ad7b8b382

Title: Prospekt
Genre: Action
Richard Seabrook
Richard Seabrook
Release Date: 18 Feb, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 3.0 GHz Pentium 4, Dual Core 2.0 (or higher) or Athlon 64 X2 (or higher)
  • Memory: 1 GB XP / 2 GB Vista & 7 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Video card must be 128 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 2.0b (ATI Radeon X800 or higher / NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or higher / Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 12 GB available space
  • Sound Card: N/A


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October Update - The overhaul:
Hi everyone, Rich here, today we have something pretty cool to show you.

We have been working hard on the environments and improving Prospekt over the last months. We have added a tonne of new stuff to reflect the game, the lore, the overall feel. We have heard people come up with some great ideas. The main thing to take away from this is, we are extensively overhauling the game to make it much more in line with a full product. i.e everything gets a 2017 remake, if it looks old. It will be spruced up to modern day standards. So, we're talking all new 3D assets and hopefully a much more fun gameplay experience.

We still have work to do on this scene however as you are a devoted community we think that is a decent enough standard to show you a current WIP. Like i said before, things will take time as we are working on replacing a lot of aging assets with custom content now, freshly modeled for the 2017 side of things.Some things that have aged well we will keep, but if we think it needs to be upgraded that's on the list.

I will be honest with you, production has slowed due to me working on my second title, which i feel is time now as an artist and designer that I want to start moving on. Also coupled with the fact that I have a job now at a University. Therefore things are going a little slow in terms of my personal content creation.

I must emphasise that this does NOT mean I will stop working on Prospekt. However i now need to start to work on my next steps as a designer and my career. I obviously want to bring more than just one game to the world for people to enjoy and I feel now is the right time to start to do that. If you want to support me on my journey designing my second game then I would love to have you along on the journey.

However I feel we have galvanised a very strong team behind the game now. We have some team members that have really improved their personal game design skills and it's been a pleasure to work with them. They are continuing to work on the game with me as well so all in all, the pace hasn't come to a grinding halt or anything so don't panic!

Remember if all is quiet on the front, the game is not abandoned! We are still here. Just please bare with us. I want to deliver you quality content for a game that deserves it. Thank you once again for being a epic community and supporting me and the team whilst we turn Prospekt into a much larger and more enjoyable experience.

Hope you enjoy the shot.

Speak to you soon.

All the best

. Prospekt first update is live!:
Hello all, its been a mad week and i've got to get up for Egx in London in 5 hours time and drive for 3 hours to go to Egx Rezzed but that being said, ive put a beta build of Prospekt up to play on the game so all you have to do is put the game into the beta mode in your games settings. Prospekt Beta 1.0 should be the name. This update includes:

1. A complete like for like copy of the enemy health and difficulty of Half-Life 2 Episode 2.

2. New shotgun soldier skin ( Red ) to differentiate between the enemy types.

3. New significantly reduced overlay for flashbacks.

4. Massively reduced both shaking and HDR exposure on the final level.

5. 200mb reduction in file size of the game.

If everyone is happy over the upcoming days with this I will implement it permanently. I'll be in London till the 9th not back until the 10th. Let me know what you all think.

Once again thank you all for your support. I am listening to everyones feedback. More to come soon!

Enjoy and have fun!


. Please don’t think that i’ve been avoiding you… A great many matters require my attention in these… Troubled times…:
. Things to come?:
Hi everyone, Rich here. Hope you’re good, just thought I would drop an update into you after the script/letter/story that Mr. Laidlaw wrote and put up online the other day. I have been a fan of this universe for as long as I can remember. It shaped my childhood and the way I viewed games entirely. I could spend and I have spent hours talking about it.

As much as I knew that Episode 3 / HL3 would not be produced I really thought there was some hope that I would be wrong. There is still a part of me that hopes Mr. Laidlaw is being Earth's biggest troll and they will announce a new Half-Life based title soon. But if you read between the lines of his writing… Well personally and I hope i'm wrong. But it tells me what we all don't really want to hear. Its very sad that we will not get to see the ending to the most hyped game of all time and if it's true, to say goodbye to it in a few pages of writing, well, personally I am absolutely gutted.

For me what was a joke about HL3 being CONFIRMED has now quickly become a meme that will never become a reality. Which really sucks, and we (us) as a community will never actually be able to say HL3 CONFIRMED and it actually means that which I feel is also pretty sad. The thing im most saddened by is the fact we will never find out who G-man was.

I had an idea of what would happen in HL3 / EP3 and I feel i touched on that relatively well. But now there is some rough clarity, I think we can expand on that and think about some ideas. The good thing about Prospekt is that it's open to being extended and that its story can go anywhere and we can add new chapters to the game, we can extend its storyline and we can do well… whatever we want to some extent.

I think... well, i think that we would all like to play something that ties up the actual story, and I think that maybe I/we can try and do something with that. It will take a long time. But considering nothing is happening anyway, maybe we can do something in the future and better late than never is better than nothing ever. I’m not sure myself yet, I would have to get around the table and talk to people. But if this is it and were never getting anymore Half-Life. Well, then id like to try and deliver some more for the entire community to enjoy and hopefully expand the story and explain some things.

I can't promise anything but we will see.

Hope you are all well.

Rich :gordon:
. But I think that's finally taken care of itself...:
. Live!!!:
Hi everyone!

After lots of extremely hard work the Steam page is finally live and Prospekt is available for pre-order! I can't thank you all enough for voting this through on Greenlight and helping me get to this stage. Without you all I really wouldn't be writing this out today. Also, a massive thanks to Valve for their support. I've got lots of work ahead of me to get the game as great as possible for you all so I'm going to crack on with that as soon as possible. However this weekend I'm definitely taking a break to recharge my batteries as last week was non-stop work.

Once again thank you all very much for supporting me to this stage. I can't wait for you to play Prospekt on Thursday 11th February!
. Prospekt - The Forward Plan:
Hello to everyone following Prospekt I hope you are all well. So it's been exactly 4 whole weeks since I put the first update for the game out and not only that we’ve all now seen the new Steam review system change.

After addressing the main issues that were repeatedly coming up in patch one, I thought I would give it some time to see how things level out. So far so good, we have jumped quite a bit from 47% approval overall to between 69% ~ 70% in the last 30 days, coupled with me talking to people one on one about what they didn't like in particular. I feel that has given me a firm direction on what needs to be done to the game.

So what's new and what's happening in the land of Prospekt? Well the plan is over the course of… well... time... Work on every level in Prospekt giving them an extension to increase overall gameplay time and improving current content. There are also some things in the background that i'm going to keep a little secret until i’m in a position to reveal to you all.

There will be a closed beta coming out on either Monday or Tuesday if anyone would like to be a part of this you can go onto community discussion and let me know your interest there. On top of that there will be an update coming out soon after I have had some feedback on changes from players.

To give you a taste of the improvements that are in the works there is a good example below...

So now it’s time for me to continue working on the game and generating new and improved content for you all to play so once again ill say thank you all very much for your support and I will be back in touch with you all in the course of well... Time...
. Happy New Year!:
Hi everyone! Rich here, just wanted to drop in and say that its been a crazy year this year. Being allowed to forward the Half-Life universe has been an amazing experience. This idea was literally born in the back of a garage to try and get a job at Valve and to be sitting here with Prospekt now retailing on Steam is still to this day quite a mind blowing thought. It's still tough and by no means an easy path however I wouldn't change anything as you only learn from the areas where you don't do so well.

I hope in the new year I can continue to improve Prospekt for you all and advance the game into an even better place than it is now. As many of you have seen the images I put up late this year you'll know new things are coming, ive taught myself how to 3D model and now im learning C++ to try and improve my skills even more.

Thank you all for your support this year and I look forward to improving Prospekt and making more games in the new year! I hope you all have a good one too!

All the best.


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