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Pink Rage Otome Download Setup Compressed

Pink Rage Otome Download Setup Compressed

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About This Game

Pink Rage is a female-oriented dating sim, visual novel, which also includes some adventure elements.

This story tells us about underworld, where dead people go. But it’s not the end for them – all dead souls have a chance to start a new life if they’ll pass mysterious test called Great Trial. But who controls the underworld? Who decides people’s fate? Playing for the protagonist you’ll find answers to these questions.

She’s been in the underworld for a long time and finally she decided to participate in the Great Trial. However, under the rules of participation, she needs to find a partner, otherwise she’ll be disqualified. But she has a very bad temper - that’s why she’s not good at talking to people. Will she change or not? That’s up to you.

Play for the evil tsundere girl, try to discover the truth about her death, meet other participants of the trial... And trust no one!

Key features:

-5 completely different routes.
-10+ possible endings.
-25+ CGs.
-Game length 4-6 hours. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Pink Rage Otome
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 28 Jul, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB
  • Storage: 350 MB available space


I actually really enjoyed this game. I liked all the characters and music and found it really cute and sweet.

The achievements were rather annoying and I wish there was a CG gallery.. This is honestly one of the best pieces of entertainment I have ever seen. You play as Horror, an interesting spin on the tsundere archetype navigating through the world of Japan to complete the Trial -- a grueling gauntlet where spirits of the afterlife must compete against one another for a shot at redemption, similiar to Gantz. The unique riveting writing of this original cast of characters is very close to my heart and the distinct artstyle leaves me craving more after my 5th playthrough of each complex route and it's harrowing consequences. Without a doubt, this game is an absolute gem that deserves to be cherished by anyone looking for a diamond in the dollar bin. Forget Stein's Gate, or Katawa Shoujo; Pink Rage Otome blows them out of the water. Buy this game, NOW.. I won't play it again - I got the perfect, most feel-good romance ending I was looking for with a cute character.
But its pretty short - I like the bunny man best <3
It's a fun game - super short if you read fast like me but it's less than a $1 right now so I would say buy it.
It's really interesting and it's good for the price - even the art isn't as weird as some cheap games! <3. I was honestly conflicted on whether to reccomend this. I'm going to say no, despite the cheap price, because it is practically unplayable. The controls are fine, no glitches, and such. What I understood of the story wasn't half bad. That's pretty much all the positive I can give. There were gaping plot holes made worse by the fact that the translation is pretty horrendous. I've played a lot of badly translated games, and this was probably one of the worst. I constantly found myself skimming sections in hopes of being able to decipher from the next dialogue what it is that they are talking about, only to be even more lost. There really wasn't much funny, though I definitely saw where they tried and it was ruined by the poor translation. Would love to see this polished and remade in the future, since the premise is cute. For now, I really can't reccomend it :(. I'm trying to decide if this game is bad on purpose. I really wanted to like it because the premise sounded interesting, but the writing (or rather, the translations?) is just terrible. I got the sense that it's aiming for tween girls rather than women in general because the humor is juvenile and at times mean. The art is cute, but not enough to save this. I seriously cannot play this game any more, it's doing my head in.

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