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Rich with flavor the Miscela d'Oro ground coffees were originally developed  by Farmer Brothers, who worked tirelessly to ensure that each beans used in their blend was of the highest quality. This coffee that has become well loved for its delicious flavors since first arriving on the market moose munch coffee.

Miscela d'oro cremoso espresso pods the smoothness of this blendConveniently packaged into easily insertable pods - the Cremoso Espresso's velvety crema will warm your senses, and its mild yet aromatic notes in flavor will keep your thoughts inundated with elegance - superior coffee.

Buy from our range of espresso, roasted fresh every day, custom ground to suit your brewing equipment, packed in our biodegradable bags and shipped to you within 24 hours to ensure you only get great quality coffee beans consistently.

This is a absolutely smooth, delicate and delightful espresso. At Koffee Express experts are available via phone and email to provide you answers to your sales, service and technical questions. Our coffee have unique flavour characteristics. For more information, please visit our site https://koffee-express.com/

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