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Monster Crown Activation Key Generator

Monster Crown Activation Key Generator

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About This Game

Monster Crown - Dark Monster Catching Game with True Crossbreeds

Monster Crown is an in-development indie title for the die-hards, the monster catching completionists - the battle masters.

Featuring a brand new dynamic breeding system and a deep story in a world filled to the brim with optional content. Offer contracts to dangerous beasts and breed them to create new species. Travel across Crown Island with your Monsters as you work toward stopping an underground plan to revive the sadistic Philosopher Kings and return them to their thrones

  • 200+ Monsters to Collect
  • Countless Combinations to Breed
  • A Sprawling, Wild World
  • A Deep, Dark Story
  • Online Battling/Trading

Title: Monster Crown
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Studio Aurum
SOEDESCO Publishing
Release Date: When the game is ready for release


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Monster of the Week! Glacial:
Monster of the Week!

"As Glacial consumes more and more of the Glacier..."

Read more: http://crownsforum.bulletcpu.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=125

. Monster Crown Kickstarter Launches tomorrow - April 10th 2018:
Join us tomorrow for the launch of Monster Crown's Kickstarter!

. Monster of the Week! Roedra:

Type: Unstable
Height: 3ft 2in
Weight: 55lb
Life Expectancy: 22yr
Strength: Lightning Fast Movement

Roedra are electricity-based river serpents. Deceptively built like a towering sea serpent, this small fry whips through the streams and rivers of Crown Island while snapping down on fish and dazzling those that it misses with a barrage of sparks.

Roedra feed exclusively on fish, however, they find Humans, especially those they see as direct competition (for example, fishermen) as tremendous nuisances. It's not unusual to find these ankle-biters lunging at your feet or hissing from the rapids.

Feeding on fatty, red fish Roedra generally don't pose much of a threat, however, in times of high humidity and thunderstorms an amazing phenomena occurs. Roedra becomes able to swim freely in water and air alike, creating a rude surprise for those that live near their territory. Luckily Roedra has a glaring weak point - hammering the horn on its head will forever render it unable to use electrical powers or leave the waters ever again.

Will Roedra make your team?. Check out Monster Crown's Discord!:
Itching to chat Monster Crown with other aspiring Tamers?


Hope to see you there!. Private Beta Update:
Hello Tamers!

Tomorrow (Friday, March 8th) we'll be launching our Monster Crown Private Beta to the Monster Designer tier backers! The Beta covers the first two chapters of the game.

The game is being tested & polished extensively, but we're looking for some hands-on time from fans to confirm we're on the right track and the game feels and is as fun as it can be.

This is a big part of the reason there's no release date yet! Player feedback will be used to determine how close we are and if additional work must be done to make the game fun, fair and balanced.

We're starting with the Kickstarter Monster Designers and, based on the results and feedback determine if and how we'll extend this group to more Monster Tamers and possibly add additional chapters of the game to the Beta for your enjoyment.
. Monster Storytelling:
A few people asked me to explain what exactly I meant, or what had me so excited!

Well have you ever played and learned a new TCG game? I know I have, and at first, well, I have to pick up my opponent's every card and read it carefully. "Oh! wow, turns out I really am as screwed as he said! pls ban or I kick and scream.", etc....

Read More:

. Kickstarter Anniversary Livestream:

We had our Kickstarter Anniversary Livestream last night with guests, giveaways and new reveals!

Be sure to check it out below:


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