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Mad Sector Torrent Download [addons]

Mad Sector Torrent Download [addons]

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About This Game


Go back the early nineties with Mad-Sector, a retro shooter that pays homage to the golden era of FPS's! Stuck within an insane A.I's mind, you must carve your way through a twisting nest of heinous enemies, and hold yourself high above the corpses of your captors!

WEAPONS: Six main weapons to find and use against the enemy...

LEVELS: Twenty five levels of fast paced retro FPS action spanning two episodes ...

GRAPHICS: Go old-skool with retro 2-D sprites...

GORE: Bucket loads of comical blood and gore. Just like the old days...

ENEMIES: Enough baddies to keep your trigger finger well oiled...

MUSIC: Custom Midi tunes to bop to, while bopping baddies...(composed by Tanner Helland)

DIFFICULTY: This game is HARD, but possible... b4d347fde0

Title: Mad Sector
Genre: Action
Release Date: 14 Jul, 2017


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keeps crashing\/\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 sprites. i was curious and bought it for like a dollar. didnt load after the 2nd level. its ok i guess if you look at it from a programming perspective. otherwise. yeaaaa no unistall. This game took me on an existential journey like no game before it. It helped me understand who I am as a man, and what my purpose on this planet is. Pick up this game if you are looking for a transformative experience that will give you new insights into the inner workings of humanity. Truly a marvel.. cant fire my weapon and the enemies do no damage, totally broken game. cannot shoot guns. I saw this in my library, no idea how I came to owning it (as is the case with half of the games I own) but noticed it looked like a DOOM clone so gave it a shot.

With DOOM being so popular even today, it's had a plethora of source ports that aim to make it more friendly by todays standards, primarily the controls. So after playing 10 minutes, I quit to see if there was a source port for this, maybe it's running off id Tech and I can just play it through GZDoom. But no. This came out last year and somehow has worse controls than any FPS I've ever played.

DOOM's original controls, with no source port modifications, controlled just fine, even with just a keyboard. They were smooth and reliable. This isn't. Whether you use mouselook or not, it feels like the game is fighting against you in trying to control it, not something you want from a fast paced classic style FPS.

It feels like there is some sort of negative acceleration going on here. With a Logitech G502 at 800DPI, the turning feels unreliable, sometimes moving as you'd expect but other times jerking horribly, made worse by the contant stuttery feeling when you try to look while strafing. Turning down the DPI only exemplifies this. Moving slowly has the game move as normal but try to move at a "normal" speed and your turn by a smidge.

I'm okay with playing classic FPS's on just a keyboard however, using the arrow keys to aim. You only have 1 axis so left and right are perfectly acceptable...normally. The sensitivity on the keys are way too high, meaning minute movements aren't possible, and since the opening section requires sharp turns along corridors, prompted by a part where you have to enter several small doorways, the game is pracitically unplayable.

The theme looks cool and I generally enjoy most DOOM clones I play, but this controls so poorly I couldn't make it past 10 minutes.

And the maps inversed.. I played it just long enough to leave a negative review. An ironically bad game is still bad. In Mad Sector's case, this game is ironic dog\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665

Here is a list of things I'd rather do than play this game:

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