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Life Is Strange - Episode 1 Usb Download

Life Is Strange - Episode 1 Usb Download

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About This Game

Title: Life is Strange - Episode 1
Genre: Action, Adventure
DONTNOD Entertainment, Feral Interactive (Mac), Feral Interactive (Linux)
Square Enix, Feral intera


  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • English,French,Italian,German

    Let me start by apologizing for gushing like crazy as this came out only 4 years ago and soared to being in my top 3 favorite games ever made. This game is a masterclass in storytelling and character development, the gameplay and art style won't appeal to everyone but the RAW and powerful nature of the story and the interactions between characters is something rarely seen out of most forms of art. that's right this game, it's art. It follows the TellTale formula of a modern point & click with the butterfly effect decision based gameplay that affect certain outcomes throughout the story it also follows the episodic formula giving you a solid 2-3 hours of gameplay with every episode, the story twists and turns at every direction and makes this a very unique game to play. Lastly the ending will break your f*cking heart, it's one of the few times that I can say that a *game* has completely and utterly demolished my emotional barriers and broke me as a person. This is a HIGH reccommendation from me, it deals with mature topics (it does so maturely aswell) so be warned if you're not prepared for it or are emotionally fragile.. I know I'm horribly late to the hype train but the last game that made me cry this bad was Night in The Woods. Highly recommend, but also recommend preparing some tissue on standby especially if you're playing it for the first time. Hella fab.. One of the best story-based game that I ever played. Not that i played a lot of story-based game, but, i can really say that i fell in love so hard with max and chloe through this game. Without much action stuff, and such a slow-paced game,Life is Strange never cease to make my heart drums fast.. this is very goooooood .. The better LiS game. This game is beautiful, very deep and intense, you make decisions during the main campaign, the story is good. But definitely is not my kind of a game, i like more FPS, action, horror, 3rd game shooting, zombies, etc. So i will rate this game as positive because i didn't know exactly what Life is Strange was about, but if you are like and you only have patience to watch some movie that it takes the max of 2 hours of horror or pure shooting action, i don't recommend this game for you, because it's 5 episodes which one are 2 to 3 hours, basically Life is Strange is for me at least a huge marathon of some good series of Netflix like The Punisher but without Frank Castle, this kind of game is for people that want to spend their weekend "playing" instead of watching some good series such it was Breaking Bad, Hannibal, House MD, etc. If you are this kind of person that like games without guns, zombies or actions, this game is for you, but i will rate this as meh, many people most likely loved it, this game just wasn't made for me.. Love everything about it; the music, the story, the characters.. Best game I've ever played. Don't be afraid if after ending you won't be able to throw thoughts about this game away. Just do what you think is right and come back next year just to see the difference between you then and you now.. I am a 32 year old man, sitting in my room, crying. It was a wonderful journey.

    Patch 1.1 : Bug Fixes. Big winter is coming : The new update is coming soon. Patch 1.2 : Another set of bug fixes. Patch 3.2 : Crashing after first mission fixed.. Doggo Dig Down Grumpy Witch eSports Legend / Stonewall Penitentiary Sandmade Angel Light The Elven Truce My Pet Hotel 2 Last Resort Island VCB: Why City (Beta Version) About new VCB: Why City 4k and classic VCB: Why City : Some players don't understand why original version of the game ( VCB: Why City ) is no longer available to purchase. Also, there are players who are wondering why did we release VCB: Why City 4k instead of updating the original game. Unfortunately, Steam Administration decided that we broke their rules by releasing the Halloween update. As a result, our game was blocked and our emails were ignored. There weren't any links or explanations of the reason. There are players who added that game to wishlist, players who were waiting for new updates and who had every achievement in the game. And they suffered the most. We have been waiting for a long time thinking about what we can do. The only thing we could do (considering many messages where people were asking us to return the game to Steam) was to release the game again in a new version. So, if you didn't play the original game, you can buy VCB: Why City 4k . But if you've already played the original game, you can just support us by buying the new version of the game.. Upgrade #2. Adding advanced settings and bug fixes : Many people asked to add the adjusting of mouse sensitivity and detailed graphics settings. We carried out this request and did a full options menu that you can access in the main menu and during gameplay, when the game is paused. In addition, fixed a series of annoying blinkings of objects and bugs with the disappearance of the subtitles.. Upgrade #1. Adding traffic and refinement : While people were preparing to celebrate, decorating christmas tree and buying presents, we worked hard to renew our game. We fixed many things: expanded ranges of all points, finalized mini-map, improved mission with feedbacks and many other. But the most important thing what all players have waited - we revived the city. Now there are many cars moving on its roads, and it makes driving a car more interesting.. The ballad of drunk Khovansky : We have worked so hard and finally completed our big and totally free addition that continues the story of Yuri Khovansky. In new missions Vano needs to collect beer bottles to get money for shawarma, star in new YouTube video with Khovansky, drink while driving bus with friends and reveal the terrible secret of Khovansky. New tasks will be available for all who passed first two missions of the game.

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