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About This Game

Idol Hands is a strategy game where you gradually take over the world by guiding your people and defeating other gods.

You are a god in a time of many gods. Rather than having direct control over your people’s actions, your people will live their own lives; placing buildings, growing crops, and micro managing themselves.

Without you, your people are directionless!

Your powers will provide them with usable land, protect them from attack, and control nature to their benefit.

With your help they can grow and prosper; allowing them to increase the bounty of their harvests, and learn skills to eventually forming an immense fighting force that you can unleash upon your enemy’s population to wipe them out, leaving any other god powerless and defeated.

Key Features:

  • Play God with a nation of followers ready to respond to your command.
  • Shape a beautiful and fully-3D land as you see fit, carving out your perfect world.
  • Feel the power! Unleash massive natural disasters, striking your enemies down before you.
  • Play the game in the way that you want to. Multiple strategies mean that no two games will ever be the same.

Title: Idol Hands
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Pocket Games, Fluid Games, GodSpeed Games
Green Man Gaming Publishing
Release Date: 18 Feb, 2015


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 540 MB available space


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Do you remember the game "Godus".
Where you had to raise and lower the terrain for your minions to build.

This game has a similar mechanic but instead of limiting what you can do.
Afterwards you choose which people you recruit. It's a number balancing game.
Woodcutter -> Farms -> Blacksmith -> Soldier\/Priests

After you figure out that pattern with recruiting. There isn't much else to learn.. Well, after the Godus debacle, at least this is a god game and not a money grabbing scheme.

Let's put it this way: this game is where Godus whould have started. It's has interesting elements, at the cross between Populous and Settlers.

The BIG probleme is the interface and balancing. the interface is really clumsy (no zoom... seriously???) and not great to work on. On balancing, it takes ages to destroy the core of an enemy... I mean you can wait for 30 min just waiting for your guys that have no opposition to just try to destroy the core and not do anything else...

There is some potential but at this stage not enough.

GRanted it is better than Godus. Granted, what is not?. Will absolutely enjoy it ......................... when finished. Graphics & interaction good, just not enough to do.. This is a short game, but even so, the missions are very repetative. Even worse, the missions aren't challenging in the least. Since the troops are weak and the whole village thing has a cap for every building type, you just end up spamming your god powers until the AI is beaten into submission. With the limited amount of powers, it get very old very fast.. Well gave it a go, wish people would have waited for DEV's to update and when they did, update their review. I have been playing games for years and this one shocked me. After doing some research on the studio too, this is pretty awsome for a first game. I have the attention span of a merecat so to keep me going on a game for a while is usually a difficult task.

-Graphics look great and are limited to options which can be why it runs so stable.

-Tutorial is excelent and the map navigation can be done easily now.

-Voice acting is silly but the are tiny creatures, have you ever heard one in real life to compare :)

-Hearing the screams of the enemy is comical

-Very creative terrain modification. Love the Hand Of God effect!

Overall i must say, Home run for your first game and will be looking for further titles. I hope that people who reviewed the original version will update their review.. Short but fun godgame with intuitive controls and full tutorial built into your campaign. Could be something a lot better with more built onto their foundation. Management, worship and combat are all very basic however and you don't have direct control over where buildings are placed, though the ai does build with it's purpose as a priority.

+WASD camera controls
+UI built for purpose, everthing is conveniently displayed and accessible

-The slow pace of the advisor overlays can be an annoyance.
-Other than choosing which class to create and when, the village is autonomous

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