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Being present in your Heart Space is where YOU;

*Love and Know who you are, and who others are,
*Optimally think
*Optimally imagine what you desire to experience and create,
*Optimally decide to utilize your power,
*Optimally position and energize your vision,
*Optimally share your vision with others,
*Optimally Create agreements with others to help each other make your visions for living become reality,
*Enter The Zone and Get into Action with an Abundance of Energy and accurate perceptions within your game.

Your heart space is where your decision to allow yourself to create originates from, continues to energize your vision from, and is where you acknowledge and enjoy your successful outcomes from.
From Your heart space you allow the ability to create and perceive forms of energy, space and time for your desired experiences to manifest as your reality.
One of the most important things I know is that if you are reaching for your goals and dreams from your heart space, it is highly likely that you will achieve your goals and dreams. If you can shift your attention to your heart space and allow yourself to be in your higher states of energy then you are well on your way to achieving all you desire.
Naturally You are happy.....When You are consciously Present within the Heart Space, you are in conscious control of your mind and allowing your highest quality energy to flow through out your body and environment for your goals and dreams to manifest as your reality.

The Heart Space is always present, here, right now.

The Heart Space is the central point that all else aligns with to be energized, optimum and Whole. Just like the centre piece of the rubics cube, it has a centre or core, and each side has a colour in the centre, which is the starting point to align all of the other pieces on the sides to complete the puzzle. The key to happiness is to align with your core or central point “The Heart Space”. Your Heart Space is where you keep your most loved and cherished goals, dreams and relationships so they are energized by the central point of shared love from the heart space.

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