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Eximius: Seize The Frontline Torrent

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About This Game

Eximius is a Strategic Action Shooter (FPS/RTS Hybrid) that focuse 5d3b920ae0

Title: Eximius: Seize the Frontline
Genre: Action, Strategy, Early Access
Ammobox Studios
Ammobox Studios
Release Date: 27 Sep, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 (x64)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K CPU


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This game is really cool. Very reminiscent of C+C Renegade. I would recommend it to anyone thats into FPS or RTS. Personally, I think this game has a pretty polished feeling. Animations seem smooth, movements seem pretty natural, UI elements are crisp and look good. No major glitches that I noticed except sometimes units get stuck. Other than the small amount of content (guns, units, buildings, etc) the game hardly feels like an early access game. PROS: -Most importantly, this game seems fun. It seems like the type I could easily spend hours and hours on. -Very clean graphics, high quality UI, supports a ton of screen resolutions and borderless windowed -Controls felt natural and responsive. -Single player skirmeshes are available. (see note below) -Can have a mix of players and AI. In other words you don't need a full 10 players to play a multiplayer game, the gap can be filled with AI. -Devs seem involved. I have seen them active in Steam forums and Reddit. CONS: -The biggest con here is an extraordinarily small player base. I tried matchmaking about 10 times and only got into a PVP game once. The rest timed out after about 5 minutes. The "Players online" counter on the main menu fluctuated around 8-12 players. -A very small amount of content overall. 4 or 5 buildings maybe 10 guns (including pistol, launchers etc), 2 or 3 vehicles, 3 maps. -The RTS view has a VERY annoying filter on that makes it look like you are viewing the battlefield from a UAV. I get why its there but I wish there was an option to turn it off. -REALLY bad AI. AI commanders seem to have 1 script: attack the enemy base. Yes, they will charge headlong into a barrage of tank and turret fire all by themselves. They make no effort to capture resource points. Luckily, they can be manually tasked to do these things. It just takes a little more micromanagement from an RTS perspective. -The battlefield is really quiet. No background music or atmospheric sound effects. -Factions seem unbalanced OTHER (Neither pro nor con): -The combat in this game feels pretty arcady. It is NOT CounterStrike, or CoD, or Arma. Yes, enemies can take a lot of hits (depending on where you hit them and with which weapon), but personally, I dont mind. -Devs have something in mind. I saw a post of someone basically offering a ton of "It'd be really cool if."s and the dev very respectfully and politely said basically "Yeah, thatd be dope, but it wouldn't fit in the type of game we are aiming at. That feature will probably never be added". Personally, I found this level of candor, honesty, and vision refreshing. Some devs blindly promise any and every feature that would be "cool" knowing they have no intention of keeping that promise. As others have noted, the singleplayer skirmishes can be quite challanging, but not impossible. I think the factions are unbalanced because I lost all 3 when I played as the "good guys" but won my first one playing as the "bad guys". Again, hard but not impossible. Overall, this is definitely a game I will continue to play. I just hope the player base continues to expand so that it's easier to matchmake.. Very very fail game . Guys comon if u have the cash to actually create a game why the F do u make it so bad? Graphics very very poor like im playing COD there are 20 diffrent cod games and they are all exaktly the same spec with the graphics. play the first cod game and the last cod game thats released u wont see diffrence on graphics and that it very poor and shamefull ! we are in 20th centry ffs ! LOOK At Battlefield 1 graphics and how beutifully its made thats how u make a good FPS game ! its sad to see how ppl with money create such poor suckfull games .. I cannot stress the potential of this game. I have always wanted to see a game like this. RTS is my strong point and by micro tasking a lot more than FPSing I can win. I love the fact they have a droid faction. Id suggest a cheap infantry unit that is mega weak but can be used in large numbers. I also suggest a higher unit cap for them. But let me point out some problems. KEEP IN MIND: This game is still in the works so errors are to be expected. Number 1. It crashes so so much. 2. Bugs occur every second. 3. The AI needs huge reworks because sometimes they can be dumb. 4. Add the option to build cover that AI can use, like come on. So yes its a great game, but if you do buy it as of now its wicked buggy.. This game seems like a asset dump at first and yeah it is kinda a asset dump. first off the movement and shooting are the bad type of slugish. that ai is costs for stuff seem like it hasnt been play tested with the amount of resources you get. im pretty sure im seen most of the animations some where else and in genral its prettydoesnt even look desent.. good luck pve. Game is epic, it's got beautiful graphics and alot of fun. The game does have some bugs that really make it rough, my game randomly crashes pretty often, the officers get stuck in one spot and become unresponsive occasionally. Also it would be nice to be able to demolish your own structures. I built in the wrong spot and my vehicles couldn't exit the depot. Little things here and there but I wont beat a dead horse, i know you guys are on it! I cant wait to see what you guys do with this game, dont let us down devs, keep up the good work.

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