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About This Game

Endless Sky is a 2D space trading and combat game inspired by the classic Escape Velocity series. Work your way up from a relatively wimpy shuttle, cargo ship, or fighter, to a highly upgraded and customized flagship or to a massive fleet of warships or freighters. Earn money by carrying passengers or cargo, escorting convoys, bounty hunting, or plundering and capturing enemy ships. Take sides in a civil war, or ignore the story line and just enjoy exploring the galaxy and blasting pirates.

The main story line takes about 8-16 hours to play through. The galaxy contains hundreds of star systems and planets, and several alien species with their own unique technologies. You can choose between more than fifty ships and several hundred ship upgrades. A plugin system allows anyone with a text editor and a paint program to create new ships, weapons, or missions, and the galaxy editor can be used to add new star systems and planets.

Endless Sky is free, open source, and cross platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Over time, the game universe will expand as contributors add new missions, story lines, alien species, places to explore, sound effects, and artwork.

For more information, please visit the website or read the player's manual. b4d347fde0

Title: Endless Sky
Genre: Action, Adventure, Free to Play, RPG, Simulation
Michael Zahniser
Michael Zahniser
Release Date: 30 Oct, 2015


  • Memory: 350 MB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0
  • Storage: 65 MB available space


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Absolutely incredible. Some people see "2D" and leave. Not me. I love space, and I love this kind of game. The commerce is relaxing, and the combat is intense. This is what indie games should be. Better than NMS AND FREE! Would be 10\/10, but -1 for no music.. Great game.. This game is amazing, but the tutorial is horrible. I honestly love this game, but it took me an hour to figure out how to actually play it because the tutorial is practically non-existant. But once you figure out how to use everything, it is really fun.

Controls hint:

tab = shoot
arrow keys = move
L = land
M = map (click places on the map to choose where to hyperspace jump to)
J = hyperspace jump

Other tips:
*Land your ship on a planet to replenish hyperspace jumps
*Take jobs to earn money

Those are not all of the controls. They are just some of the controls that you will use more often.. For a free game, this is golden.

The controls take a bit of time time to get used to. Personally I have rebinded practically every key to make maneuvering easier since the original binds are all over the place. The tutorial is extremely basic so you'll need to do a lot of experiments to figure out the best way for you to play. You will not become a galactic emperor on your first try.

Other than that it's really fun to get into. Lots of ships with differing strengths. Lots of outfits to try out. Many many many jobs to take. There is<\/i> a storyline but it's mostly in the background and you're not even a main protagonist if anything just a little helper minion with selfish standards. A little tip, check the space port every time you land if you want to see what's on in the galactic affairs.

The developer seems to pump out updates every few months or so with new content in each one so even if you get bored you could check back later to see if it's worth it to jump in again.

8\/10 for now. The only game in which you can modify the stats of your tiny freighter to one-shot an alien battlecruiser.

10\/10 would cheat while laughing maniacally again.

Here's an example if you don't believe me:

Me: *Flying Star Barge around Men*

Pirate: "Hey, that's some purty booty you got there tiny little man, and I wants it!"

Me: "hmm... nah, i'm good thanks."

Pirate: "I don't think you understood me..." *fires a single sidewinder, halving my shield strength*

Me: "Are you absolutely sure that you want to try and rob me? You are really stupid."

Pirate: "Pfft, what's ur tiny little cargo container going to do? Fire a blaster turret at me? Go ahead half-pint, give me your best shot! I'll be laughing about this all day!"

Me: "Well, alright, if you insist." *A hidden compartment opens up revealing a Pug Gridfire Turret*

Pirate: "Hey, what the-" *dies in a fiery explosion*

Me: *Gets bounty payment for Pirate's bloated corpse* "Trololololololol!". This game is really interesting, although unfinished there's already a lot of content. It lacks music but there's a good guide with lots of good suggestions of hours long soundtracks if that's your cup of tea.

it's also very easily moddable in plain .txt format, so if you don't like something you can always mod it in\/out.

the game is great, but it has unfortunately long standing bugs that make some people crash randomly between 10 minutes of play up to 6 hours
they are some ways to mitigate the damage but they've been constantly ignored by the main creator Michael Zahniser, who even went so far as to close issues under false claims.

For this reason I'm changing my recommendation. This is the perfect example of how to not manage an open source project.. This game, where to start...

As of the Coalition's update (0.9.5 unstable beta) there's the depreciation of modules and ships to contend with. If you like the previous version, just go to the github and get a previous version.

1. Anyways: the map is big, still expanding, and has plenty as-is to offer. There's aliens, civil wars, and planets to conquer.
You can be a humble merchant, trading and hauling for steady pay. There's also passenger courier work which require the safe-keeping of those aboard to arrive at their destination. Escort duties involves distracting and attacking pirates then escaping before your objective gets destroyed. Bounty-hunting requires combat reputation, so getting a bigger, stronger ship and going pirate hunting will build up your rep to be given those high paying contracts. Or even do some of each just to make end's-met.

2. When starting out, even if you want to get a feel for the game on your own: TAKE THE TUTORIAL!!! It pays, it gets you going in a definative path, and you can buy some local maps (which it's highly recommended to just buy maps early on). Once you open up the sky with areas you have explored, do some jobs for a while within them. There are two time markers early in that you can use as reference points to gauge off of. If you manage to pay off your loan before Rememberance Day, you did awesome. If you pay it off before the Civil War, great. If you can't pay it off until after then, you may need to rethink your career choice.

3. Don't worry about goofing off and exploring or anything until AFTER you pay off your first debt (like I said before, buy some maps so you don't go stumbling about early on). If you are having problem with the Pirates, stick to the middle and 'north-west' part of the map and do trading. If you are in the mood for salvaging or capturing ships, aim for the 'south-west' area around Aldhibain (five jumps 'south south-west of Rutilicus\/home-planet) since there is both a strong merchant & local milita and Pirate raids. Also, the planet within the Aldhibain has both an Outfitter & Shipyard along with the trader, so you can not only sell the parts you get, you can sell any captured ships, equipt any modules you aquire or buy new ones when you get the money for them.

4. Lastly, once you upgrade your ship (anything over $million should do) go explore and visit each unexplored spot. Can't reach there? No worries, you will soon enough. If you prefer a more peaceful venture (aside from Pirates) visit the 'north north-east' area. Want to fight some tough enemies? Visist the 'east' area and say 'hello' to the new-comers (with several salvos of cannons). Once you unlock advanced flight, throw yourself to the far corners of the galaxy and discover all there is to this game.

5. ...then finally, once you do everything this game has to offer: quit it. Yes, quit... for a few months, go play something else, do real-life things.

6. Then come back and find new contents has updated... then you can start a new save and play through the whole thing in record time.

7. See 5, 6 & 7 for further instructions.

. I grew up on Escape Velocity, it was my first true gaming love when I was a dweeb in the early 90's with a "Power Mac" (oxy-moron back in the day aswell).

This game was my life, doing fly-bys with captain hector, doing medical-supply runs to Spica and space-bombing planets into submission... this game seems to live up to this and more.

Just started playing but I cannot stop, it is scratching that itch that no game was capable of doing.

Thank-you devs!. as a person that still reads books (the paper kind) and is avid fan of science fiction this is brilliant. the only reason i don't have that many hours in game is that i sometimes forget i have a playable book on my computer, along with the multitude of planets to explore and history of each planets i can't wait to see this game when it's done.

a small issue that i think turns off many is how it just drops you in, no hints on how to play nothin, i'm fine with as i think it adds to a game but some don't i think maybe highlighting the text that tells you which keys do what would making it more helpful but not change the start of the game as it works.

pros-great world building and atmosphere
-community driven
-some of teh best writing iv'e seen in a game
-lots of reading

cons-the Toturial is a little to well "hidden" (again highlighting the texts would work and not be annoying i think)
-might be to slow for some not a fast paced game
-lots of reading again i love that but others might not

recomended to play, enjoy, and experince. Plain, simple, deceptively difficult. A 2d overhead retro view of a game with a universe that holds more than you would think. This is one of those girls that may not do much in the sense of graphics, sounds or all that flashy stuff, but rather is one of those games that puts more computing power in the possibilities. And for a free game, this sure is good buy if you like puttering about and build your mighty fleet! While at the same time keeping your bank book in proper balance.

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