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Neon signs (neon light) first appeared in 1910, France show, at this time of the neon lights are bright and glowing, filled with thin neon or other electric glass tube or light bulb, is a kind of cold cathode discharge lamp.PVC LED Neon

The gas in the ionization tube glows as it is applied to the electrode at several thousand volts.The color of light depends on the gases in the tube, such as hydrogen (red), helium (yellow), carbon dioxide (white), and mercury vapor (blue).

Due to the complexity of traditional neon lamp technology, high production cost and inconvenient transportation and installation, the emergence of LED technology has completely changed the materials and production technology of neon lamp.

In 2003-2006 years or so, flexible neon lights with new structure and LED technology, by the special PVC shell package bright LED lights, using the unique optical technology and the special shell design, not only increase the light intensity and evenness, and the delivery process, improve the production efficiency.

Of flexible LED neon lights linear lighting is a professional decorative products, although look is not much difference with the ordinary neon but able to bend arbitrary, with crushing and waterproof function, both inside and outside the door all can use.

Around 2015, the waterproof lamp belt of silicone extrusion technology appeared on the market, providing a brand-new production technology for the manufacture of LED flexible silicone neon lamp.

Due to the fatal defects of PVC materials, such as irritating smell, anti-yellowing, easy to break, etc., the market appears to replace PVC with silica gel to produce LED flexible silicone neon lights.

Silicone has many advantages that PVC does not have: non-toxic environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV yellow resistance, soft and flexible, long life, good light transmittance

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