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Original Title: Deewaar

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller







































Trade unionist, Anand Verma, defeated and disgraced by the management of his firm using his family as bait decides to desert his family. Leaving two young sons, Vijay and Ravi Verma to be take care of by his wife, Sumintra Verma. Sumintra struggles day and night to bring up her two sons. Years later the family is still struggling, while Vijay works as a porter at a dockyard, all Ravi attempts at getting a job are all in vain but he romances Veera, the daughter of a senior police officer and finally gets a police job as a Sub-Inspector. One of his first assignments is to be apprehend and arrest some of Bombay's hardcore criminals and smugglers which includes his brother, Vijay - much to his shock, as he had never associated his very own brother of having any criminal background. Ravi must now decide to proceed on with apprehending Vijay, or quit from the police force.
Trade Union Leader sells out to save his family, then unable to face the social ostracism deserts wife and 2 kids. Mother watches them grow up to become a cop and a gold smuggler, and has to choose one to live with. Then, the inevitable brother vs. brother climax.
Deewar is my one of the favorite's, the main credit goes to the script writer (Salim- Javed) and of-course legendary Yash Chopra, who is such a fine craftsman. Deewar has no extra ordinary story, its the characters which make this movie as a cult classic.

For me deewar is one of those movies which was quite ahead of its time; dealing with the theme of good and evil Yash chopra has done complete justice with it.

The scene shot below the bridge is one of the best scene ever shot and again its the characters which should be credited for it and the punch line, Mere Paas Ma Hai.

In one of the scenes, Vijay (Amitabh) makes a deal with a builder, after deal is done, builder advises Vijay that he is not good in business as he has purchased at a much higher price. The way Vijay reverts is simply mind blowing, no words can ever express that intensity which vijay intents at that particular moment.

Another best part is the love angle between Amitabh and Praveen babhi is not given much of importance, unlike of our tradional cinema.

The last scene of the movie, where vijay prays for his Mom is again tremendous and full of energy, he has simply transformed the cliché dialog into one of the most memorable ones; "Aaj Kush to bahut honge tum" Although Vijay (Amitabh) portray's the gray shaded character and Ravi (Shashi Kapoor) plays the honest cop, its vijay which impacts and connects more then Ravi's character, thats why i said it was way ahead of its time.

The character of Vijay is based on the real character, Haji Mastan big time smuggler from Mumbai.

After watching movies like Deewar, Trishul and Kabhi Kabhi, i always baffles about the current choice of Chopra camp. God Bless them with some Sane ideas. One of the best movies of Indian Cinema. This is a must see for all Bollywood movies lover. What a performance from Amitabh Bachchan!! I don't have words for it. I doubt anybody could make such a movie in future or anybody could act like Amitabh, God of Indian Cinema.

Loosely based on Haji Mastan's life, this movie portrays the life of Vijay from a dockyard worker to an underworld don. Legend is Amitabh Bachchan met Haji Mastan in a race course in Bombay before the shooting of Deewar started. He saw the moist eyes of Haji Mastan and was quite impressed with them. In an interview he said he tried his best to make his eyes look moist to add life to the character. Amazing script by Salim Javed and direction by Yash Chopra.


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