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About This Game

CURSE is a point-and-click horror game that throws the player into the world of paranormal investigations. Explore the infamous Atherton Manor, site of several deaths and disappearances over the last 100 years. Your mission is to purge the Manor of its occupants and to get out in one piece.

Think you have what it takes to reveal the secrets hidden in the shadows of Atherton Manor?

Game Features:

  • Story-Driven gameplay: CURSE features a deep story filled with rich characters and more than a few twists and turns.

  • Icon Driven point and click gameplay within a 3D world: The Player navigates within the environment by clicking on interactive Icons. The player can also look around the environment in a fully 3D setting.

  • Ghost Chase: The denizens of Atherton Manor don't take kindly to intruders and will attack you if provoked. Players can choose to stand their ground or to run to other rooms. Use your flashlight to get the ghosts and to navigate for when the ghosts appear, the lights go out!

  • UV Flashlight: You are equipped with a high-tech flashlight capable of disintegrating entities that would do you harm - use your flashlight carefully though, as you only get a single battery!

What to Expect:

CURSE is a narrative-focused experience. Expect to read lots of notes and dialogue. This game is intended for those who enjoy a fun, spooky, tale that takes time to experience.

Linear Gameplay: CURSE is a linear experience with some light branching that gives players some determination of events. The game is linear at a high level though in order to tell a cohesive story.

Ghost Chase: The ghost chase feature is tense. It's supposed to be tense. The ghosts will arrive at random points within the Manor with the intention of killing you.

Point and Click Navigation: CURSE does NOT allow free movement. We wanted to create an experience more like a theme park ride where we control aspects of what you see and what you don't see. If you give in to this type of storytelling you should have a rollicking good time. If you prefer to actively move through the game space CURSE may not be for you.

Jump Scares: Although the game does not rely on jump scares in order to entertain the player, it does include more than a few.

Horror Elements: The horror of CURSE is geared towards a more PG-13 vibe than R or MA ratings. We strive for atmosphere over gore and graphic violence.

Sound Good?

If the above descriptions interest you then strap in and let's go for a ride!

CURSE provides 2-4 hours of gameplay in most cases. If you wish to collect all the achievements you will need to play it a few times in order to play through the branching elements and optional difficulty settings. 7ad7b8b382

Title: CURSE
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Stormlord Games
Stormlord Games
Release Date: 1 Sep, 2016


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7+ 64bit
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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This is another game that really proves Steam should add a "Neutral" recommendation option.

Its not bad, some of the encounters are handled very well, but the pacing needs a kick start. The game looks great, no complaints on graphics or art. It almost feel like the Devs wanted to make a modernized version of the old Point and Click Horror Games like "Scratches" and "Dracula: The Resurrection". If that is the case, then they succeeded, to a point. However, the "Return to the Start of the Room" mechanic every time you begin to investigate a room gets very old, very quick, and really pads the play time out with just scene after scene of your character walking to a shelf, then back to the entrance, walk to a bookcase, then back to the entrance etc etc.

Is it all bad? Not at all. Somethings are handled very well, the story is also kind of fun, and so far feels like it may be worth at least one solid play-threw. The detail used on the manor is very nice, makes me wish the game offered more freedom of movement, if for any other reason then to take in more of the little details. TBH I can think of worse Horror games to spend $7 on.


-The Story is Nice (Lots of Pop References, primarily Ghostbusters)
-Nice Visuals
-Good Sound Quality
-Unique use of Flashlight Mechanic (Though Not the First game to suggest Flashlights can harm entities)


-Very Little Control of Exploration
-Investigating takes a long Time due to always returning to the Start of the Room you Enter
-The Encounters seem kind of Luck Based
-Slow game play (Slow does Not = Tension). This isn't a game. It's barely interactive and progressing past the level "boss" is entirely based on luck.. Just in time for Halloween, it's Curse. A point and click adventure you should buy, but for the length, price, and rage inducing, I can't say yes. I feel like saying no isn't right either, but it's not a yes.

The sad thing is, Curse has a lot going for it. While the story is slightly cliched, it starts off strong and it's actually kind of pretty. It's going to remind you of a lot of nostalgic games you played as a kid. It's not too easy, it has a slow creepy and WOW THAT'S DISTURBING WHO CAME UP WITH THIS! factor, and an approach that I do actually like.

I really wish there was an "on the fence" feature because that's what I really am for this game. On the fence.

Really. I should be praising it. There's a minor combat system in a point and click game! But it's actually difficult even on easy mode and severely spanks you for not getting it right the first time, then forces you to replay that slow action that led up to the combat over and over again until you pick route one, two, or three and get lucky to shine the flashlight on the ghost. It's pure luck and if you guess wrong or lift your finger off the spacebar too slowly\/quickly, you're dead and it's START AGAIN FROM MUNDANE AND SLOW ACTION. This has led to at least four extra hours of playing time and no, that's not an angry exaggeration. I really wanted to enjoy that because combat, even if minor, in a point and click is pretty awesome and while it's not perfect, that's a pretty nice try. Just punishing me so severely for not getting it right feels like a kick to my stomach. When you get lucky enough to zap the ghost, they are disabled in a brilliant display of green fire and you feel pretty great about yourself.

Again, if you got lucky enough to zap them.

Then there's a bit of a disappointment that we have two "main baddies" to banish. There's a pretty interesting storyline and after you conquer the one in the first half, the one in the second half hardly matches up to the first one. Admittedly, a lot of video games suffer from this. The point is to hook you because you're probably going to stop playing after you get so far in the first half. It starts of amazingly strong and the storyline does keep you clicking around going "BUT WHAT NEXT? TELL ME. TELL ME!" It's not a let down at all that things aren't what they seem in the "Blood Manor". It's more that you're honestly wishing there was more to it and there just isn't as much there as you hoped. Especially since the regular price of the game (even if I got it on sale) makes me think I'm getting a little more. I was hoping for more than two (three-ish) ghosts. If this house is that haunted, I was hoping to make contact with more than just what I made contact with. There's a lot more hinted in story that happens and I was just hoping to see a little more.

Curse also has this ugly illusion of choice. Sometimes you get to investigate on your own...but only what the game illuminates for you to investigate. You get the option to not 'read' certain items and this will keep you from being attacked by the ghosts in the house, but that's not really a choice. Truthfully, the biggest choice I got to make in the game was left or right. And then everything else was YOU MUST CHECK EVERYTHING ONE BY ONE AND ONLY WHAT WE SAY YOU CAN LOOK AT. It felt very, very painful to do that. You can't even make your character go backwards to double check something. It's ridiculous.

There is the minor issue with the options. I can't mess with my mouse options, which is all over the place in this game. Listen, my mouse isn't this sensitive on my regular screen. How come I'm metaphorically sneezing here and it's going bonkers? You need to give me some more options here other than fullscreen\/windowed and to change the dimensions. You really need to do a little more here for me. I can't be the only one swearing when a game does this.

There's also an odd imbalance to the "jumpscares" from the first and second half of the game. Second half has some silly skeletons under a sheet that made me giggle and yell spoopy while the first half of the game made me feel very upset and emotionally attached to a ghost trying to rip my face off. The pacing just seems weird. It's almost like someone played half way, got offended, and then they decided to done it down with a silly crawling ghost and "spoopy scary skeletons" and "standard covenant with Satan". It's fine, it's just a horror trope and one many are tired of. While I don't care, it's something people are going to hone in on and start shredding to bits...

Let's look at some strong points here. Say we try to look at Curse as a haunted house simulator without too much key collecting. Mission accomplished if so. You've got a decent sized house to explore, get a few scares, have things peer at you from outside, and then move on to the next room. Not bad. We've got a virtual ouija board without the threat of inviting demons and great aunt Ethel to come haunt us. Awesome. We have pop culture references to classic Ghost Busters and even a slug at Five Nights at Freddy's. The game also seems to be self aware at general paranormal silliness. There's a lot to like here. The character design also is rather nice when it comes to Mary and Eve. You know...when they aren't dripping blood, throwing scissors, or punching you... Oh and the music is lovely. It matches the feelings of the investigation into the manor. From tense violins to sad music while investigating a child's toybox, you'll notice the music is really nice...

It's just all of those nice points are hard to remember when I'm dying and I have to replay parts over and over again while I'm watching a ghost punch me in the face and hearing the little gagging death noises. It really harshes my vibe. There goes my enjoyment just because of my stupid frustration. That wasn't all that got my goat, so to say...

There's also a few game crashing bugs present. If you try to switch your difficulty after dying to a ghost and restarting your game, that ghosts will not show up except for cutscenes. You cannot play the phonograph in the hall and you cannot progress. If you want to switch difficulties after dying, please exit your game. If you die to a ghost and want to fiddle with options in between, just don't do it and wait until you have a ghost-free moment to do that. You will seemingly bug out your game and need to restart everything. I encountered these bugs more than once.

As standard with my reviews, here's your health hazards. Flashing lightning and other bright lights are not appropriate to those suffering from seizures or those sensitive to quick changes of light. While I suffer from severe migraines and this did not trigger a migraine, this is certainly migraine territory gaming. Game with caution.

Listen, it's not a horrible game and I don't regret it, but I nearly threw my laptop and I'm very tired of doing that. Think about this game long and hard. This is certainly something to get if you really like point and click while feeding your nostalgia monkey on your back. The jumpscares really aren't gonna do it for you if you're a horror diehard. They're not that good and not that convincing. It's a middling game that I really can't find strong feelings for or against.. This game turned out to be an odd one for me. I've rarely played one that navigated quite like this, and it genuinely has it's creepy moments. Also, fairly intriguing story - someone did some very good writing on this. It's a bit clunky, but enjoyable! Well worth the price, and very good for what I'm sure is a first-ever game.. I'm going to write a long paragraph about this game. As much as I've played thus far, this Unity-based game is quite unique. You get to play the role of a ghost hunter sorta like the ones on tv, except you don't see with nightvision goggles and aren't searching for spirit orbs. You are blessed\/cursed with the ability of psychometry at your disposal and you also get to have (take a deep breath) .....a flashlight! You point and click where it allows you to; to nativigate around the haunted estate with a macabre history. You also point and click to investigate clues\/notes or to pick up keys or cursed items when allowed to. You have a basic inventory system that allows you to utilize those keys or items when you're prompted to do so. But (this is the downside), you don't get to do any free exploration and this I have to say, makes this game feel like it on rails. However, What makes this game FUN is that you'll feel that the manifestations or malevolent paranormal entities could try to appear and also try to kill you at ANY time. You never know what's going to happen next in terms of WHEN these haunting manifestations will occur as you are playing. Although this game has sequentialized jumpscares, you'll get to use that SPECIAL flashlight or yours to defend yourself whenever you are attacked, so you aren't completely helpless like most other indie games with jumpscares. I've encountered many (oH\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 Oh\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665) instances where I had to quickly turn my flashlight weapon on at a moments notice. The cool part is that if you get killed you have the option to pick-up right about where you were just before you became the ghost's 81tcH. Additionally, during the flight or fight encounters with these evil spirits, the paranormal entities do not attack from the same location twice so you're randomly being brutalized. The devs did a great job of creating a tense atmos-FEAR in regards to that. The music is creepy. The creeks of doors and drawers opening on their own, the random scatch noises, and the echoing whispers, voices, and giggling sounds of the spirits are astounding. The story is also fascinating in that you uncover in the beginning that a paranormal investigation team had been dispatched to the same estate in the recent past but their disappearance became an unsolved mystery. You're tasked at trying to solve the unsolve mystery of their disappearance while trying to excorcise the estate at the same time. That's just awesome right there. Try this game out when the free demo gets released. If you enjoy it like I do, then BUY the game.. The game itself is great visual quality, purchused during the winter sale and did not expect it to be a point and click game. Reasoning I didn't know: I don't watch the videos, I clearly want to play games based on their graphics so I go straight to the pictures. Altho I only played 12 minutes, I do admire the storyline. Thumbs up!. Ok. So I personally don't like the game but thats only because I don't like point and click games that much. With that said, it still scared the♥♥♥♥♥♥out of me. I will recommend the game because its bot a bad game, its just not for me.

Heres my LETS PLAY

https://youtu.be/xYbUJH9uJz0. This game turned out to be an odd one for me. I've rarely played one that navigated quite like this, and it genuinely has it's creepy moments. Also, fairly intriguing story - someone did some very good writing on this. It's a bit clunky, but enjoyable! Well worth the price, and very good for what I'm sure is a first-ever game.

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