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As the last remaining warrior left to fight, travel through the land as a brave crusader ready to take on the evil that has tormented his land.

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Title: Crusader Crash
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Obadiah D Luna
Obadiah D Luna
Release Date: 1 Aug, 2017


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retro platformer. pros: nes like graphics authentic nes chiptunes hard/challenging unlimited continues colorful 8 different stages/bosses cons: sometimes too oldschool (ninja gaidenish rage inducing knockback) IMHO transparency effects (nes didn't have alpha, breaks the authentic feel a bit) falling through the top of the ladders (lost few lives cause of that) unintuitive menu controls (select on the joypad/instead of dpad) 'enter' key doesnt work on the main screen, need to use the joypad 'start' to start a game no stage select or extras, would be nice to be able to revisit stages after clearing maybe with some challanges or collectibles.. Tough, but really good game. If you want to play it, prepare yourself for a challenge. Positive: + Unlimited continues (you will need them) + Challenging, hard but not impossible to beat + Many different enemies, which increase in difficulty + 8 Different locations + Every boss is different + Good Soundtrack and fine graphics + Controls are very accurate Negative: - Sometimes a little bit too unfair and frustrating - Loot is random (and you always get only treasure when you really need a potion) - Some bosses are easier to beat than the stages before him - No recovery time (on the last levels are traps which can cause a chain reaction because of that) - "Start new game" comes before "Continue", so watch out. :D - Ladders feel a little bit slipery Overall, it's a good, enjoyable game and for that price, you shouldn't think twice. But don't say i haven't warned you about the difficulty.. Alright. This game. AWESOME. The graphics are super retro, along with the music. A difficult, yet fun game. Pros: Retro Platformer, Smooth controls, Apealling graphics and music Cons: Fairly long respawn time, Difficult Overall, i love this game. I think that this game has alot of poetential. An online PvP mode would be cool and interesting, and could be amazing.. Crusader Crash is an old school platformer/hack and slash game inspired by the nes. The game has a very nice retro look and a good retro soundtrack and if you enjoy retro platformers this game is a definite must buy. The controls in this game are simple and very responsive. You have 3 buttons, attack, jump, and reflect. Attack and jump are exactly what you would expect, when you hit the reflect button your knight sounds out a wave in front of him. This wave does not damage enemies at all but will destroy any projectile on impact. Use of this mechanic is mandatory to fight certain enemies and get over tricky jumps which would otherwise be impossible due to streaming projectiles. It is implemented well and adds an extra layer of gameplay to the game. The game is split into 8 worlds. You are given 3 lives and unlimited continues, you can also stop at anytime and contine from the last level you left off at. Extra lives are awarded at 15000 and 35000 points(I never got any higher than that), and a typical playthrough of most levels will grant you at least 15000 points meaning you will usually have 4 lives to complete a level. Each level is divided into 2 sections than a boss battle, if you die you start from the last checkpoint, if you lose all your lives you start back from the beginning of the stage. The level design is great, has all the typical locales one would expect, and the game has a nice smooth difficulty curve. The first few levels are nice and easy as are the bosses but the difficulty ratchets up a few levels into the game. This is a challenging game, expect to die while you learn the levels, but it is not a frustratingly difficuly game. You could probably get through the early levels without continuing and in the later levels you may have to continue a few times but you won't be smashing any controllers cursing at the screen. Most of the challenges in the game are fair and when you die it is your fault, there are a very small handful of times where you get killed by something you had no way of knowing was there but these are so infrequent they are not worth worrying about. Overall crusader crash is an incredibly fun retro throwback that gets just about everything right. Solid retro graphics and music, fun and varied level design, tight controls, and a decent challenge, the game sells for $4 and for that price this game is a steal .

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