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Crimson Souls Activation Code Download

Crimson Souls Activation Code Download

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About This Game


The Crimson Souls genre is, to put it simply, an adventure tower defense.
The player has to explore without rest and move around constantly to be able to fight against something that will soon come after.

Also, he will not be able to stay in one place. It is because he needs to keep looking for Goblin to work for himself, go around the world, search for treasure boxes and energy mines, and then he has to build monsters and a line of defense to prepare for enemies in the future. Ah! But he will never have to miss out on important monsters just looking for resources.

The player have to start with Goblin, the lowest class, and then gradually challenge the higher-class monsters, and fantasy combination of each individual tower and monster is complete. So kill swarming guardians for the player character and defeat the heroes who come to rescue the kidnapped princess in various ways. But the heroes will never be easy.

There will also be situations where strategic measures ,such as identifying the geographic feature of each map to make the most of it, or attracting wild monsters to get them to fight each other are needed. Nevertheless when it's still tough, explore each map to solve maze and puzzles, or find stars on hidden paths. This star will help you win the battle more easily by giving you a lot of help before starting each map.

Now! Create your own corps now and enjoy the thrilling battle.


  • Heroes and guardians will attack the player every specific cycle.

  • You can dig energy mine with the goblins.

  • Create your friendly forces monsters with a soul obtained from killing a monster.

  • Open the box and obtain the item or supplement resources.

  • You can build a tower with Goblin.

  • Press the 'View Goal' shortcut key to confirm your goals and plan to complete them.

  • Open or destroy locked objects with keys or goblin.

  • You can buy special items to help you get started by collecting hidden stars all over the game.

  • You can reinforce your friendly forces monsters with the Run from the box.

Title: Crimson Souls
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 15 May, 2019

English,French,Italian,German,Greek,Dutch,Norwegian,Danish,Russian,Romanian,Bulgarian,Swedish,Arabic,Ukrainian,Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Czech,Thai,Turkish,Portuguese,Polish,Finn

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Crimson Souls early access - Available now!:
As of today, we are finally opening early access that we, unfortunately, had to delay many times.

We will move towards perfection gradually by reviewing feedbacks and bug analysis. Although we are still looking for a more effective way to manage our blog and social media, we will constantly monitor what Crimson Souls lacks via our discussion platform. There may not be some questions we might not be able to answer due to the language barrier, but we will try our best to answer as many of the questions we can. Along with our game development, we are currently studying English for better communication with our users.

As this project moves forward gradually, we will report updates and progress accordingly.

What we can say for sure at this moment is that we are a bit off from the initial planning direction to add a roguelike style on the level design for a more intensive and giddy expedition.

We will always focus to entertain you and we are ready to communicate with you.

Now, get ready to go on a bumpy journey together.

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