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ColorTool Activation Fix

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About This Software

ColorTool is a software for creating color palettes from scratch. You can use these palettes you created for your illustrations, pixel art or design work.

Import your own illustrations and enable remapping to see how they would look like with your newly created palette. See all changes in real-time and export the final result.

Get inspired and import reference images to guide your color picking process.


  • Create palettes by placing an intricate web of colors and their connections.
  • See directly how the palettes change the look of your illustrations. Make tweaks and see the results in real time!
  • Highly advanced remapping algorithm allowing you to change the colors of your artwork after the fact!
  • Export created palettes in 8 different palette formats to be used in a wide array of software including Aseprite, Krita, Photoshop and many more!
  • ... or export as PNG file in different arrangements, usable in almost all creative software.

Title: ColorTool
Genre: Design & Illustration, Early Access
Manuel Riecke
Manuel Riecke
Release Date: 6 Nov, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows XP or newer
  • Graphics: OpenGL 3 capable graphics card
  • Storage: 20 MB available space


As soon as I saw the development of this program over time on twitter, I was quite excited for it. The program is very quick and easy to understand. In just 30 minutes of use I was able to figure out the core features of the tool.

With that in mind, here's some features that I think will help the program out.

  • Being able to copy\/paste images in for the refs. If I'm working on spritework, or if I just want an image off of somewhere, being able to paste it will allow me to not have to save every image I want to use.
  • I don't know if this is a thing, but being able to generate a pallete from an image would be pretty cool. If this is already a thing, well call me the fool.
  • That's all I could think of really, I'm tired<\/li><\/ul>
    So yeah. If YOU <\/i> are a random reader, buy the program. Is cool and good.

    I'm gonna rate this program a solid Grandma's Cookies out of Greek Ambrosia and Necter

    . I did not spend too much time with this software because I didn't have to. It is fast and easy to use. The color palette I created with this was perfect for pixel art. This software sped up my pixel art workflow by quite a bit. However, I do find it a bit expensive for what it currently can do.

    Might be a great touch for developers if we could export palettes as HEX and ARGB values into a .txt file or something similar.. I have played with this tool and I honestly love it. Once you get started, it is so easy to create a color palette from images you have. PLus. it's nice to be able to export it as a png image for use in any program you use for painting.. Great service! Honestly ever since I got this thing it's my go-to for whenever i'm:
    -doing a draw
    -designing a thing
    -making a character
    and it genuinely has helped me out a lot with color and trying to make things pop and seeing how it connects and flows n' stuff. It doesn't even have to be pixel art, I haven't (so far) used it for that and it's worked really well for me.. UPDATE:
    The bugs I mentioned below have been fixed almost immediately. Really impressed with the quick response from the developer, and the software is fully functional. It still seems a little bit pricey for what you're currently getting, but I can't wait to see what's next for this software and I can fully recommend it.


    Only spent a short time with this program so far but I'm going to start with the good: The tool for palette generation is really intiutive. Its pretty simple to figure out, and I was able to generate several interesting and unique palettes very quickly. I think its going to be very useful for me to generate new colour ideas through experimentation, but I haven't been able to use the reference iamge tool yet because of how buggy that part of the program still is.

    The images I loaded only showed up after I checked the pixel art box, and the colours I tried to sample from it were not accurate: I'm not even sure how to describe that issue: The sampled colours were in grayscale, but darker? And sometimes it showed shades of brown? It was a bit weird, and then it crashed. Had another bug when exporting palettes: the first time I tried exporting a 3 color palette as an Adobe palette it replaced two of the colors with black, leaving me only with red. It worked fine the second time I tried it.

    In summary, I'm recommending it because of what I think this program's potential is. Once its been stabilized and the bugs mashed out, its going to be very useful. However, I would not recommend buying it at its current price the way it is right now; wait until its recieved a few updates.. Overall:
    A decent beta product with lots of potential. This is a tool that I wanted as soon as I saw it, a year or more ago.

    - Very nice drag\/drop\/draw connectors interface.
    - Gradients work beautifully.
    - I like how dragging a connector lets you move both end nodes at once.

    - Double-clicking on a connector to create a new node does not make the new node the color that you double-clicked on; sometimes it was also much darker than the average of the two end nodes (e.g., adding a node between bright orange and black gave a very, very dark brown instead of a medium-lightness brown)
    - Relatedly, there is no easy way to sample intermediate colors. To find the hex code of an intermediate color I had to take a screenshot, paste that into Photoshop, and sample with the eyedropper.
    - Sometimes I was unable to delete a selected object with the Delete key, and had to use the right-click menu.

    - It might be nice to show the grid when a node is being dragged--it was sometimes hard to tell where something would go until I released it
    - It would be lovely to have a hex grid option, but I *completely* understand if it would be too much work.

    Beta 1 Bugfix Release:
    16 Nov 2018

    • Fixed Batch Export functionality.

    12 Nov 2018
    • Fixed a bug which would cause changes to hotkeys not be saved properly.

    8 Nov 2018
    • Fixed a critical bug where multiple canvases stayed active even though their tab wasn't visible, causing unexpected behavior.
    • Fixed a bug where trying to Move, Rotate or Scale without a selection would result in a crash.
    • Fixed a bug where the dither strength would be reset to the default.
    • Fixed a bug where changing the color space of a ramp had no effect.
    • Fixed a bug where using the color picker didn't work properly in Pixel Art mode.
    • Fixed a bug where ColorTool failed to load a file if the extension contained uppercase characters.
    • Fixed a bug where document data stayed in memory after the associated tab was closed.
    • Adjusted some of the defaults to avoid confusion.
    . ColorTool Build 01:
    - New Feature: Ability to "Collapse" nodes by pressing Ctrl+Delete
    - New Feature: Custom Dither Patterns. ColorTool Build 02:
    - New Remapping Mode: Basic
    - Overhaul of the UI theme
    - Overhaul of the Reference Image UI
    - Minor UI tweaks
    - Internal: Effect System
    - Internal: Improvements to the file format that allows for better forward compatibility
    - Fixed: Typo that would save .pal as "JASK" files instead of "JASC"
    - Fixed: Bug that would unexpectedly change the color when changing the color space. ColorTool Build 03:
    - Experimental Mac Support
    - Support for older Linux versions (Ubuntu 14.04 and up)
    - Internal: Ported from Godot 3.0 to 3.1
    - New color space: HCY (Hue, Chromaticity, Luminosity)
    - Color picker can now be switched between using HSV and HCY
    - Hotkey for Dragging Connections between colors. (c)
    - Fixed: Splitting a ramp would sometimes use the wrong color.
    - Fixed: Linear HSV color space wasn't working as intended.

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