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Cludbugz's Twisted Magic Full Crack [Keygen]

Cludbugz's Twisted Magic Full Crack [Keygen]

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About This Game

The goblin tribes are no match for the kingdoms army and war is knocking on their door. The humans need room to expand and the goblins land is their new target. The goblins only hope lies in Cludbugz, the tribes legendary magician. Cludbugz will have to do what goblin do best be sneaky and kill their enemies when their unsuspecting. Cludbugz will have to use his magical powers to burn the key figures in the kingdoms ten strongholds to a crisp. If Cludbugz can defeat the kingdoms strongholds it will render their army headless and starving and save his people from certain doom. Control Cludbugz with an easy to move point and click combat system, find hundreds of magical items of varying rarities, gain new levels, and save Cludbugz people!

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Title: Cludbugz's Twisted Magic
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, RPG
Virtual Top
VT Publishing
VT Publishing Games
Release Date: 4 Aug, 2017


Let's put it this way, free wasn't a good enough price in the end.. I bought this game a year ago and despite I have ever neither downloaded nor launched it I hvae had got 5,000 achievements. The game itself is trash.. Buy this game and have the feeling of wasting your time in a bad way, only for 9 dollars.
0\/10 would not waste my time again.. The game was also uploaded under the name Morendar: Goblin Slayer, which is like 90% identical.

- the textures are low-res, models are horrible, effects are decent
- it's way too dark. I could barely see where I was moving sometimes
- sounds are so annoying that I muted it in Windows after a few minutes
- while it offers quite accurate pathfinding for this game type, my character often failed passing stairs or simply stopped moving, endlessly showing a run animation
- its insanely easy. At end of level 2 I had 5 of 6 inventory slots on flawless (purple) gear, a horribly cluttered inventory with no visible option to get rid of old gear, and only used one or two spells on the bosses
- no mob ever used a single ability on me, all just ran into melee
- the only quest type available are kill quests

Overall, its current price of 8,99\u20ac is an insulting rippoff. Got it with a 90% coupon and it was still barely worth it.. You get what you paid for, 5K achievements at minimum price. If you\u2019re an achievement hunter looking to increase the number of achievements on your profile showcase, then I highly recommend buying this. Else don\u2019t waste your money. This is not a game, it\u2019s just a way of distributing achievements.. I really liked the darker tone to the game, almost as if it was Baldurs Gate meets Diablo. Good game.. its ok but it needs alot of work ( like the ability to rremove all your unwanted gear or even save let alone click the menu button and it work. I can tell you this is a completely terrible game with no redeeming value in gameplay or design or anything really. But since it's 2018 and we're in an era after truth even mattering, you can ignore all that and just know there's no discernible mechanical differences between Cludbug'z Twisted Magic and Diablo 3. Basically the same game.

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