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Cat Vs. Corgis Full Crack [Xforce Keygen]

Cat Vs. Corgis Full Crack [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game


Cat vs. Corgis is a 3D On Rail Platformer inspired by classic platformers and a whole lot of corgis.

Stretch the cat wants to take this castle from corgis and collect their precious crests. Stretch will swing, smack and jump all over this castle to gain the riches these corgis are keeping for themselves.

On-Rail Platforming

The classic camera angles of old platformers are coming back but much more uniquely! Linear levels become much more diverse as many will offer a “branching path” to continue on. Making each level replayable and with different challenges!

Stretchy Tail

Stretch loves to do one thing with his tail, and that is stretching it. Our feline protagonist brings his own challenges to this platformer as there are many places to swing off around and bash enemies with. Swing from gap to gap or discover some interesting paths to traverse through in this crazy royal castle or smack around a corgi or two.

Crazy Power-ups

It would not be a wacky platformer without some kooky power-ups to compliment. Stretch can gather up Yarn Balls to prevent one hit KO’s and Catnip to go crazy plow through anything in his path! Make sure to fill up your power-up bar with all those delicious fish crackers in each level to maximize your power-ups!

Ferocious Bosses

Face up against 3 unique bosses that feature their own unique challenges and arenas! Whether it be under a waterfall or on a chessboard, Stretch will have his work cut out for him.

Classic Platformer Progression

Stretch has plenty of places to explore all the way from the Royal Gardens, Corgi Castle and spooky Castle Dungeons! Each area features 3 Levels alongside its own boss. Each level will features crests unlocking your paths and bringing you closer to the royal crown! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Cat vs. Corgis
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Team 7 Lives
Team 7 Lives
Release Date: 24 Aug, 2017


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Game is amazing. Very fun to play. Love the style of graphics. Really makes me feel like I'm back in time playing classic games, with great use of the classic camera. 10\/10

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