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Beware of AAFT GLOBAL That Blocked Investor’s Withdrawal!

Beware of AAFT GLOBAL That Blocked Investor’s Withdrawal!

Last month, WikiFX exposed illegal broker AAFT GLOBAL whose unauthorized manipulation of investor‘s account wiped out investor’s entire account balance. One month later, the broker is again in the spotlight for blocking investor‘s withdrawal, while its official website became inaccessible and customer service remained out of reach. Let’s see some more details of the event.To get more news about AAFT GLOBAL, you can visit wikifx news official website.
Event recap
  Similar to the previous exposure case, Mr. Shi also opened an account at AAFT GLOBAL through a so-called “financial adviser”, but his trading didnt go well and he soon lost some money due to high market volatility. In order to curb losses, Mr. Shi decided to withdraw the remaining balance, but the withdrawal turned out extremely difficult.
  When submitting the application, Mr. Shi frequently encountered problems such as website breakdown and application submission failure. After consulting the customer service, Mr. Shi tried again, but found that he could not even enter the amount of withdrawal. Again he tried to contact the customer service via the brokers website and from his mobile phone, but neither worked. Until now, Mr. Shi still cannot withdraw his account balance.
  WikiFX exposed AAFT GLOBAL in an article a month ago, but apparently some investors failed to take the warning. All the exposure articles of WikiFX are based on the real experiences of investors, most of which have suffered heavy losses on illegal platforms, so investors should definitely watch out for these exposed scam brokers.
  As we mentioned before, AAFT GLOBAL‘s official website is clearly flawed, and investors can notice the traps if they take a closer look. Both the Chinese and English versions of the introduction on AAFT GLOBAL's official website offered ambiguous descriptions about the company’s regulation, raising doubts among investors, while its advertisements were also suspected to be misleading.
  According to WikiFX App, AAFT GLOBAL is currently unregulated and has been in business for less than a year. The broker has a low rating of only 1.89 on WikiFX App and bears tremendous risks, so investors should definitely stay away from it.
  WikiFX have now exposed countless illegal brokers through the articles based on thousands of investor complaints, and investors can draw valuable lessons from these peer experiences. If the broker youre looking up has been exposed before, please be careful and mind the risks.

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