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Bandit King Of Texas Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

Bandit King Of Texas Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Bandit King Of Texas

Genge: Action,Western











































The territory around Elko is the domain of the outlaw-gang leader Dan McCabe. He lures prospective homesteaders to town with promises of selling them cheap land which, in fact, is U.S. government homestead property. The only person in town willing to oppose McCabe is "Nugget" Clark, the town jeweler. When the prospects near town, MacCabe's henchmen, Cal Barker and Gus, ride out and kill them and take their savings. Should any get through,they are issued deeds by McCabe's phony land office and later ambushed. Only a wagon trail arriving from Nevada are John Turner, a deputy U. S. Marshal assigned to police Elko; his son Tremm, and the son's bride Cynthia. When "Rocky" Lane comes to town to see his friend Tremm, he finds himself in jail falsely accused of shooting the Marshal. He, with the aid of "Nugget", break jail and sets out to put an end to the McCabe reign of terror.
The Jewel Land Company of Elko, Texas is selling Government land to settlers. Before any of the settlers can claim their land, they are being killed by McCabe's gang. When Rocky comes to Elko to find his friend Jim, he winds up in Jail on a charge of stealing money from the new Marshal. The only person in town that is on his side is Nugget, but there is little that he can do by himself. When Rocky escapes from the jail with another prisoner and the Marshal is shot, he has to find who is behind his problems and what has happened to Jim and Emily.
For one of the few times in Allan Lane's Republic westerns he is not some kind of official (US Marshal, railroad detective, postal inspector), working undercover. Instead he's just a friend looking to help a young married couple get settled in some new land they've bought in Texas. But what he doesn't know as he arrives in town is that his friends are dead and the victims of a murderous swindle.

What's happened is that they were among many victims of a phony land company which Jim Nolan owns and sells government land to people then kills them on their way to settle. A sharp eyed Eddy Waller playing a jeweler spots the brooch that Nolan brings in to his store and shows stranger Rocky Lane.

Lane may not be official, but that doesn't mean he's any less effective bringing the bad guys to justice. It's not uncommon for "B" Westerns to have titles that bear no relationship to the story. "Bandit King of Texas" at least nominally describes the film's bad guy, town boss Dan McCabe (Jim Nolan), but a king he's not. McCabe's gimmick is to sell government land to unsuspecting buyers, assign phony deeds, and then retrieve the deeds and eliminate the victims. When McCabe steals a brooch belonging to Emily Baldwin, he has shop keeper Nugget Clark (Eddy Waller) make it into a stick pin for himself. As Nugget studies the brooch, he sees an inscription with the names "Emily and Rocky", so when Rocky Lane arrives in the town of Elko, Nugget finds he may have an ally in ridding the town's bully bad boy.

"Bandit King" manages to find ways to rise above the standard "B" Western fare of the day, beginning with a fairly innovative early scene when a covered wagon flips over. We see a notice from the phony Jewel Land Company framed by the spokes of a spinning wagon wheel; it's quite creatively done. Later on,with Rocky Lane aboard Black Jack, horse and rider make a nice leap over another disabled wagon while a bad guy posse can only pull up short. Though the story winds up being fairly typical, the players pull it off with a decent semblance of credibility. Followers of these early films will recognize the likes of John Hamilton, Harry Lauter, I. Stanford Jolley and Lane Bradford.

There's one scene to keep an eye on as hero Rocky takes after McCabe on horseback. On an open trail, as Lane catches up to McCabe and takes him down, they wind up duking it out between two large boulders that weren't there a split second ago.

I also got a kick out of the movie's finale when Rocky Lane winds up clearing his name after being framed by the bad guys more than once. Remember the brooch from the beginning of the story? Well Rocky re-gifts it to the wife of Harry Lauter's character, her name was Cynthia. Won't she be surprised to see Emily's name inside!

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