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Can you guys help me in choosing a beginner-friendly class and help the manual is perhaps the best way for a complete beginner to spend . well wild mages are mages so this is as good class as it can be in baldur's gate. 10 Dec 2012 Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is a remake of the classic game from 14 years ago. At its core, BG:EE is a Dungeons and Dragons based RPG. BG:EE is all about the dice, as one would expect given it is a Dungeons and Dragon game. 21 Apr 2014 The current thread about the countdown in the BG website has got me thinking about Baldur's Gate, a game that I played for a while when it 13 Jan 2015 And Baldur's Gate has a max level of 7 (though you can import your char for BG2). . Baldur's Gate Beginners Guide (explanation of theI played the first chapter a while back, but I really didn't feel like I was roleplaying my magical characters during combat. In fact my strategy 30 Oct 2015 It has come to my attention that Baldur's Gate is a very confusing game to Beginners, you are welcome to use the guide in its current form. 6 Mar 2013 Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is there a good way for beginners to start questing. i am now in beregost and . There is a good guide here: 19 Jul 2016 First Time Player: What are the Top 5 classes for a beginner? I have been doing a lot of research before playing this game. The lack of What would be a good build for a beginner in this game. . Low level Wizards in Baldur's Gate are extremely weak and not fun to play since

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