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In a Massively Multiplayer World where you can fight, craft, explore and live, Arcfall offers a game style that captures o 5d3b920ae0

Title: Arcfall
Genre: Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early Access
Neojac Entertainment inc.
Neojac Entertainment Inc.
Release Date: 16 May, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.


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Supporting devs, hence I'm in during release. Not much content but the base is addictive. Warning: The game is in very early access. Not for the spoiled crowd that can't take the risk. Cheers.. If your looking for the "Next Big MMORPG" , look no further. With many skills, and quests, and things to do, Arcfall is all you need. (Note Early Access, game qualities subject to change). It reminds one of RuneScape (RS3) With that nostalgic feeling of the original World of Warcaft. Great Community right from the get go!. Oh yes, and it is Free to play, just register and make your character. (Currently only Humans, but subject to Change).. Game is heavily in alpha but it's fun and playable.. Love the old style gameplay. Graphics are great! Need much more interactions, npcs, more balanced mobs and many things. but i know this is really early. Spent almost 12hours, most of it just trying to find out how the heck we play this thing! Game says nothing to you! Nothing about battle. Nothing about craft. Nothing about mobs.. Very early days and joining this as the game went free to play Graphics I really like the graphics style, reminds me of old school U.O of course. The starter area could be Skara Brae, but the graphics are certainly a step up from the original U.O graphics. Gameplay Since Arcfall is very much a sandbox style game, with a limited number of quests at this stage it is free for the player to decide how they wish to spend time in game. Most players at this stage are busy building up their various fighting and crafting skills. Offensive skills include swordfightiing, archery, magery etc as well as a comprehensive suite of crafting skills. Even at this stage, there are a lot of crafting paths to choose from but you will get the best value from combining certain crafting with offensive skills - such as blacksmithing, tailoring and leatherworking with a swordsman. Mechanics Most of the mechanics seem to be functional and looking at the skill trees there is vast room to grow and improve your character. How skills improve or degrade is very much in line with the U.O skill system. Certainly there maybe be some balancing to do and some rethinking on recipe levels. For instance to make basic bandages, you need 20 healing skill, but one of the mats for making those bandages requires tailoring at 90. There are a wealth to skills and abilities to choose from and a large range of recipes. Hard skill cap is 7000, maximum 1000 for each skill. You can spread your points over a dozen skills or more if like. Up to you. Performance Ok its very laggy right now and we just have the North American server but with increased patronage it will grow. They definately need to work on optimizing the performance of the game, its the biggest area of contention and overwhelming responsible for negative comments so far. The basics of Arcfall are great. I really like the style of the game.. I bought this game the other day, and as you can see I've already put 10 hours into it, which is more than I've put in to other games. I prefer this style of game because I just don't like twitchy games, and most mmos lately have gone that route. That being said, This game is in ALPHA. don't buy it unless you want to support development, and don't expect it to change over night. The main reason I bought it was to support development. I was digging for something to play and ran across this. The dev (I hope he's not the only one) appears to be keeping things updated, and this game has so much potential. I've already got my money's worth. I've bought triple A games that were shorter than ten hours. If they keep the ball rolling they will have a hit on their hands. The game is pretty bare bones at the moment, which is to be expected in a alpha (pre-alpha?) state. So far well worth the $20 I paid. Looking forward to seeing more from this. I'll keep this review updated as things move forward.. Even though game servers are crashing quite often and content still to be added -> find it strongly addictive ;). Good game if you like grinding games and rpg . Still in dev but promising .

Release Pre-Alpha V1.8 : Did some work on Skills and added more mobs. **Bugs Fixed:** - Fixed Rabbits as they had wrong skinning levels, all set to level 90 now. - Fixed the selling of potions directly as it should rather be the recipes that's being sold. - Stone House from store now allows chests to be activated when placed inside the house. - Bug where the horses from the Founders Packs where not in the mail has now been fixed. If you purchase a founders Pack you should now receive the horse. - Restored most mobs to old speed, and some lowered to better suit the game. **New:** - Added following recipes: Silk String, Iron Cord, Knowledge Extractor, Infused Extractor, - Added 6 New Bows. - Bow Making skill tree is now complete with new abilities. - Added 25 new particle effects to abilities as a better indicator when they are used. - Added 3 new mobs and loot. **Balancing:** - Adjusted pricing on some recipes to better reflect its worth. - Set lockpicking distance to one meter which should help with people stealing from chests from outside a house.. Release Pre-Alpha V1.1 : As we continue working on the next big update we are planning we released a smaller update just to add a few new things into the mix. Unfortunately the new maps and more quests did not make it into this release but they are very close to be added in. We also wanted to say thank you to all the people who continue to support Arcfall. **Bugs Fixed:** - Marsh Trees can now be harvested in the swamp Biom. - Swamp Crocodiles can now be attacked and killed for loot. - Tab Targeting works again **New:** - New merchants added to Mudlock Swamp town. - New head items like Miners Hat which added extra stats and light has been added as drops from mobs( Rock Elemental drops Miners Hat recipe - Rare drop) - New Mana, Health and Strength potions added with different qualities. **Balancing:** - Changed made to Rock Elemental to drop better loot and coin. - Changes made to the Forest Giant drops and coin drop.. Release Pre-Alpha V1.7 : This has not as much stuff in as we wanted but mostly it is because we decided to update to a newer version of Unity for our client which is needed to get the client more stable. We did add in rings which is a whole new item type. **Bugs Fixed:** - Fixed Mail, added more slots. - Fixed Conjured Pickaxe LvL 4, was not working. - Fixed Character leveling, players can now level past 51. - Fix In-Game store, players can now purchase coin properly with Steam Wallet and also purchase in-game Founders packs. **New:** - Added in around 40 Rings that's will increase stats for players. These are very low drop rate so rare find. - Added in a few more Items into the game. **Balancing:** - Most mobs has had their damage and speed changed for better balancing.. Next Patch moving from Pre-Alpha to Alpha : We have been working on the back end of Arcfall while doing small releases in the past few months. We can now announce what we will be releasing on December 21 2018. We will be doing a major update and will be moving from Pre-Alpha to Alpha. With this we will be adding in all features we will be releasing on Full Release of Arcfall. As this is a major release and we are finalizing most features that will be in the full release we are going to have to do a full character wipe unfortunately. We have been trying to incorporate backdating on character stats with current characters but unfortunately we could not get it to work with current characters so will not be able to return your current characters stats. One of the major items we are adding is backdating of Items so after this release we do not intend to do any more wipes of characters or items. As we are moving from Pre-Alpha to Alpha you will be able to fully play Arcfall with out loosing anything on wipes after December 21. Here is a list of all the things that will be in the release: Features: Auction House: This will allow players to place items up for sale on Auction for others to purchase, Auction houses will be spread around the world but will all be linked. Socketing System: Players will be able to add socket crystals to weapons and armor and improve stats on said weapons or armor. Enchanting System: Weapons can be enchanted to higher levels ranging from level 1 to 100 improving certain stats. Armor Sets: We will be adding in Armor set bonuses if you wear a full set. Item Backdating: Before any changes we did to a item only got applied to a new item, now with this all items players have will be updated with any changes. Housing: Players will now have plots for sale to purchase with in-game currency and have different tiers of housing to build. Stealing and Karma fully integrated so PvP aspect is properly introduced. Adding in all Skills Active Abilities that players currently have which is aroudn 26 Skills each with around 29 Abilities. Adding Archery as a new combat style. Introduction to Taming system which will allow players to tame pets and create mounts from certain pets. Mounts crafting, allowing players to create mounts. Two new Islands to explore which will bring the current content up to Lvl 30. Additional 50 Quests to help guide players. Additional 14 new Mob types. Female Player Character so you can choose between play as a male or female character. Along with all this we will be implementing many fixed and improvements on both game play and game interface. We look forward to doing this release and appreciate all the support we have received thus far from the amazing community of Arcfall.. Pre-Alpha Version 2.51 : We did more bug fixes and did some work on Quality Of Life for this patch. The best one was adding in the selling price for items to merchants in the tool-tip. This should help you know what a item is worth. New: - Added selling price to tool-tips for items so you know what you could sell item for to a vendor. - Added message in tool-tip to tel you if you have already learned a blueprint. - Added 19 new blueprints to craft Skill XP gaining scrolls. You will get rare Experience Shards drop from mobs which then can be crafted into Experience Scrolls. - When a player is given permissions or a permission is changed they receive a message in the event tab - Players that are now added to a claim permission list can pay for taxes as well. Fix: - Fixed Spider sound when clicking on Ground Crawlers. - When clicking on a claim sign it should now bring up the right info - When making changes to a claim, changing permissions / deleting or selling / adding taxes it should now update the UI. - Green Plater Frog now will have loot drops. Balancing: - Added durability to all bags.. Founders Packs Weekend Sale : All founders packs that help support the game is this weekend on sale with 30% discounted. If you enjoy the game and want to support us further please take a look at these packs that have some cosmetic items that are only available to founders.

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