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About This Game

Design Any Number of Units & Buildings with Precision

Title: Adapt or Perish
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Phr00t's Software
Phr00t's Software
Release Date: 11 Feb, 2019


  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Quad Core+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:


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    This Game is really fun! But it needs a healing unit! Edit: There is a healing unit, im just blind(Thx for the hint)! Really love the game so far. As a lover of strategy games and games from Phr00t's Software, I'm happy with this game. The systems took me a while to get a rudimentary grasp of and I'm surprised by how well put together it is. Coming into the game with a certain mindset and having the overlord taunt me as the resistance level goes from medium to extreme, destroying outposts I once thought to be robust provides a nice challenge. The feeling of going from being destroyed to being able to handle a overseer resistance level of extreme (sort of, at least) is very rewarding and the feeling is something I don't see in games too often. I absolutely recommend this game if you like to experiment and be awarded for thinking outside the box, while reaping the satisfaction that comes from both.. Overall an excellent game, and the central features of "no unit cap", "endless world" and "totally customizable factions" are exactly as promised and having them all working together at once -- running fast, with a huge active area -- is very impressive from a technical perspective. Lots of hours of fun to be had learning to balance the unit creation system, which allows for you recreate the functionality of most of the unit types of the iconic RTSes. Eventually dominant strategies will become fairly apparent and you'll be leading the overseers by the nose, but like phr00t's other awesome titles the real fun lies in experimenting with the game's dynamic systems and finding new way to poke at the procedural world.. Excellent concept and a very high potential in the long run. Developer is heavily involved. If you need help with units check the discussions, one user has posted a wonderful starter pack.. Play this game.. Interesting thought provoking game. It really demands creativity before any level of success can be had. Definitely pushing the rts genre in a new direction. Will write more once I have more hours into it.. Fantastic game with continued updates that target Quality of life, content/variety of units, AI updates for more dynamic and unique games. This is an amazing game as is. You can quite literally play the same game infinitely or choose to try and speedrun a new game (Niche playstyle) to kill an overseer as fast as possible =P In general, this game rewards you for expansion by giving you more resources. You can choose to tech up your units (which, if focused on, can literally let you 1v5 per unit) or focus more on the macro of the game. Being cost efficient and setting up sacrifices. Just to let the community know, I made a super unit that took nearly 10 minutes to build that was a covert ops kinda sniping/kiting monster with stealth and a shield. Lol. Killed an overseer with that single unit albiet it was a close fight. Play this amazing game your way. Buy today, support a great indie dev that puts procedural generation into most if not all of their games, and join your friends on the leaderboards whilst exploring your unique seed and adapting to survive in this incredibly addictive RTS.. Adapt or Perish is not quite like any other RTS I've played. If I had to put a label to it, I'd call it a mix of Warzone 2100 and AI War; Fleet Command, but that does not come near to describing how the game plays I decided to make a highly mobile, nomadic army, comprised of armed builders and miners, weak but fast units for harassment and landmines for area denial. I had elite units designed to salvage dead enemies for resources, which I used to opportunistically raid the enemy and to bait them into traps. It worked great, until they realised where I was. Soon, their units had adapted to better fight mine (more health, range, and speed), and by the time I had decided I needed to get out to a safer area, I realized I was completely encircled. After a fight which destroyed my entire base and almost all of my army, my static defences destroyed enough of the southeastern side of the encirclement for me to get 8 units through, and I had to travel for quite some time before I found a place which was less aggressively patrolled by the AI, where I could silently rebuild. As of writing this, I have not experienced this in any other game. Adapt or Perish's gameplay is unique, its style is distinct, and it is probably the best game Phr00t has made yet.

    Adapt or Perish: Out of beta! Content Creators Wanted : Are you a Twitch streamer? Make "Let's Play" videos? Want some fresh content? Let me know via any of the following methods: Joining Discord: Posting on Reddit: More information on the Steam page:. v1.22.3: Build List Bugfix : Implemented a workaround that hopefully addresses the occasional bug that makes the Build List unresponsive to mouse clicks. Seems to be related to an internal Unity 5.6 bug! Fixed a backend "WasDeathAt" exception issue (which probably didn't cause any symptoms, but was inefficient). v1.16: VR & Fast Scroll Updates : Added a new "Fast Scroll" option, which will speed up keyboard scrolling VR: SteamVR keyboard is now used to edit unit names (if you don't like the autogenerated names) VR: Added a "Toggle UI" button to show & hide the UI as desired Steam Leaderboards are not lost! If you are running v1.16 and want to see old scores, select v1.15 in the Leaderboards dialog.. Big Adapt or Perish Update : Huge updates are rolling in for this upcoming open world, fully customizable & procedural real-time strategy game! The latest v0.100b changelog can be seen, along with other updates here: Join the Discord Aiming for an early 2019 release!. Major Build System Update : Adapt or Perish is out of beta and reached v1.3 -- getting ready for release early this year (hopefully within about a month). A recent update, thanks to feedback from testers, greatly streamlines how units you define get built. I removed the tutorial video, since not only was it getting graphically outdated, it was going through some confusing mechanics that no longer exist. The in-game tutorial & Game Guide has been redesigned, reducing the need for an external video tutorial.. v1.15 Hotfix: Unit Identifiers & Deleted Units : If you deleted a unit definition for something already out in the field, then tried to turn on Unit Identifiers -- it would cause units to visually disappear due to a background crash. v1.15 should fix this! Your saved games should be fine too.

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