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99 Levels To Hell Download]

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About This Game

99 Levels to Hell is a platform shooter with lots of guns, upgrades, magic, traps and monsters to kill.

Title: 99 Levels To Hell
Genre: Action, Indie
Zaxis Games, B-evil
Zaxis Games
Release Date: 19 Feb, 2014


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This game couldn't possibly keep me interested enough to reach the 99 levels with the lack of quality involved. Feels and plays like a flash game than anything. It lacks life and that's really the theme of this game as you somehow progress on. That's actually what the developer might've expected from the player, is to go through 99 whole levels of nothing but a shallow attempt at a game. Pass.. It's a okay game, but nothing more than that. It barely gets a "thumbs up" for me. I squeezed some fun out of it, for about 1 2 hour(s) or so, and I have to mention that the music is pretty badass. But the levels are too repetitive and dark. The controls feels "floaty" as hell, and the game begs for a better randomization. Give it a try and see if you personally like it.. This game is seriously just horrible. You wonder "hey a rogue-like dungeon crawler side-scroller based on hell, that sounds awesome!" Let me tell you this game is not what it seems like. They shouldn't even be allowed to advertise this as a rogue-like game. This game is like Spelunky's mentally challenged cousin. Lets go through the pros and cons. PROS: - Its only 5 dollars. Alright moving on to the cons. CONS: - Lack of music. Through out the levels all you get is "eerie" ambience sounds. No real music. When you're running out of time or fighting bosses, you get really cool metal music. But that's the only time you get cool music. - Enemies. They look like they were done in MS paint by a 5 year old. - Lack of variety. This is NOT a rogue-like game. You'll notice you're in the same exact rooms over and over again. Even in later levels, its the same exact room just looks different. You'd swear there's only like 10 unique rooms, and out of 100 total rooms? That's just sad. - Not many items. Seriously, I've only collected maybe like 5 items total from all the time I've spent playing. All you come across in abundance is gold, but you'll be lucky to even afford something as small as a heart from the shops. You get barely around 10 to 20 pieces of gold per room, but all the items in the shop are like 500 and 600. You're only hope is to gamble it and try to get more gold from it. There are simply not enough items in this game to make it seem fun and refreshing with each play through, let alone on your first play through. - Bosses are a joke. Seriously, usually the bosses just move from side to side summoning enemies. They literally don't attack half the time. I'm stuck on the level 60 boss right now. Why? All the boss does is fly from left to right but it summons so many enemies you can't even hit the boss. There's like 30 flying little robots on the room and still spawning, it becomes impossible to hit the boss let alone survive. - Only 2 types of enemies every 10 levels. Yeah, and they're usually just reskins of older enemies. Just like the level layouts. They don't do sh*t either, they usually just fly around in random patterns and, well, thats it. - Hit boxes are garbage. You get hit whenever your character feels like getting hit. - Developers seem to have abandoned this game. Same goes for the community. Nobody is really playing this nor talking about it in the discussions anymore. I can't imagine the developers are still polishing this up anyways. Seriously, save yourself 5 dollars and go get some food or something. This game sucks.. I picked this game up because it was cheap and I thought I could fly through the achievements. I wanted something to play that I could pick up and put down easily. Within the first 10 minutes of gameplay the game bugged out and unlocked every dungeon. To think anyone would actually spend 100 hours on this game is insane. Tonight I decided to work on that last acheivement(Spend 100 hours in the dungeon). No umbrellas and no elevators, just a solid run through all 99 levels to hell. I finished the game with about 4.9 million points and I went to leave through the exit and the game bugged out at the closing animation and didn't save my progress. Even at $0.99 during the summer sale, don't waste your money.. This game is just terrible, a bad impulse buy based on the "roguelike" tag. Where to start? The way it feels like a half-baked mobile port? The way the graphics are horribly scaled and blurry to the extent of being a meaningless blob at full resolution? The poor controls, unskippable narration, pretty much everything else that would make the game a solid experience on PC being absent? Not ready for prime time. Maybe with a serious patch I might be able to understand what the developer intended to be fun about this, and short of that maybe some elective eye surgery specifically for the purpose of playing this game.

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