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Are any of you feeling the pressure to have to know how to do hair along with your makeup application?
I personally am not interested in wanting to know how to do hair, I do do light styling but would rather leave that up to the expert hairstylist just like I would like to concentrate on the makeup aspect.
Am I being closed minded ?

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Actually no you arent. I personally started doing hair first then I graduated into everything else. I think form the client's persepctive it makes you more marketable just in case thier stylist doesn't show if you're on a shoot or something like that. But I will say like my pastor tell us all the time "Stay in your Lane!!". If hair is not what you want to get into, then dont. It's always good to have some skills in other things in your field but you have to do what you do to the best of your ability. So dont let anyone pressure you into do it if that's not truly your passion. I hope this helps!!!!
Ok...I appreciate that. I do understand the need of being marketable and I work around enough hairstylists to know how to use a flat iron and hairpins but going to cosmetology school........not what I want to do. I am aware of single courses I can take for other things like lash extensions, threading,etc but I am not interested in applying perms and cutting,or coloring.....
Thanks Evelyn....


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