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There are some things that can cause contact dermatitis, and the most common ones are perfumes, makeup, latex dye, hair dye, and home cleaners. Some people do not even realize they are in contact with some of these organs, and it is very difficult to determine what allergies are. Collagen Refresh Lemonade Latex, for example, is a material used in many things, not just gloves and condoms. You will be surprised to find natural rubber latex – nylon and spandex, coupons, magazines, carpet support, chewing gum. This list is short compared to the comprehensive list. If you suspect you have a latex allergy, do additional research to get a full list of latex ingredients, and don’t forget to tell any doctor or dentist that you have allergies. Now, some common skin allergy medicines like oak poison and ivy toxins. Of course, most people will contact one of these plants at some point in their life to develop painful skin irritation and itching. There is another form of contact dermatitis, which can actually be caused by another type of allergies, Collagen Refresh Lemonade Review internal or external, i.e. cells.


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