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Where to find YouTube bloggers for advertising?
Of course, there is no need to look for popular bloggers - they are already in plain sight. But placement with them is expensive, and the result will obviously not affect your sales, it is more fashionable.

Therefore, the best option for you would be placement with so-called “microinfluencers” - those bloggers who have a subscriber base of 10,000 to 300,000.

If you compare by prices, then instead of one advertisement from a large blogger from a micro-influencer, you can order from 5 to 10 placements, and even get more traffic.

Now how to find the right microinfluencer. Everything is clear about large bloggers, but with smaller ones it is easy to miss, since no one is immune from boosting views and likes. That is why you need to look for them through special exchanges and catalogs.

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Advertising from bloggers on YouTube will become an effective promotion tool if:
1.Your product is interesting to an audience of 25-34 years old. This age group, according to video hosting research, is its most active users.
2. Your product has a website or pages on social networks. The user can immediately follow the link from the video, subscribe or place an order.
3. You want to reach a new audience, therefore, your product is widely available. If targeted and contextual advertising is limited by territory, interests, requests, then residents of all regions of Russia and other countries subscribe to YouTube channels.
4. Your goal is not only to sell, but also to build trust. Native appearance in the information field increases customer loyalty.
5. You understand that the product / service will arouse the interest of the opinion leader.

t series vs pewdiepie

I absolutely agree that with the help of advertising from bloggers, success will be much higher. however, in my opinion, the better the blogger and the more subscribers he has, the more people will learn about the advertised product. here is only me interestingly on what a resource can be take advantage of service bloggers.

The advertiser should understand what kind of content the blogger is releasing and try not to overwhelm it. Most bloggers record videos without leaving one room. Check out the blogger's work to understand whether it is worth offering native solutions. Going beyond the format can affect the reputation of the author and advertiser.

I don't understand much about advertising on YouTube, but I see that not all videos have ads. This means that YouTube places ads only on those channels that have a high rating and a huge number of views, otherwise it makes no sense to place ads on a video that is watched by five people a month. It seems to me that with such a question you need to contact YouTube.

Yes, yes, advertising is expensive, especially on the Internet, but it works like this. You pay for the display of your advertising on the YouTube resource, how is it done, you need to contact the YouTube support service and order what you need, and the YouTube service itself is already looking for bloggers on whose videos they will advertise. Everything is provided by the YouTube service itself. Your only business is to pay and that's it.


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