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The Family Self Defence eBook exposes the fundamental and the best natural movements that you need for a combat, this will help you especially when someone just comes kicking at your door or shattering your bedroom window or even trying to kidnap or attack any of your family member. All these natural movements are what you can just easily learn and use in just a couple of hours. Moreover the eBook exposes the vulnerable parts of everyone you might have ever came across, big, tough, muscular or professional, they all have a very vulnerable part, even the serial killers, once you understand you can take any man down unexpectedly, then you have the confidence that you can protect yourself and family against any assault or attack.


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When we talk about self-defense, we most often mean special means. However, I often refer to as chicago crimes scanner registers excess self-defense in such cases. This is the main reason for the high crime rate in Chicago. It seems to me that this has not happened before. Did you notice this when you looked at the news?

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