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Radiant Swift Keto It leads to an increase in glucose uptake by cells, activates lipolysis and contributes to the acceleration of the metabolic rate. In addition, the consumption of water before or during a meal reduces the feeling of hunger and increases the feeling of satiety. Numerous studies have shown that dietary interventions involving the use of reduction diets with increased water intake give better results in the form of weight loss than just using caloric restrictions. So the answer to the question of whether drinking water helps you lose weight sounds like that. Many people ask themselves whether the water diet is healthy ? When assessing its principles, it should be emphasized that it promotes an important recommendation regarding proper hydration of the body. This is an important element not only in the context of the proper functioning of the system, but also in relation to the results of weight reduction. Adequate water consumption reduces appetite, has a beneficial effect on the metabolic rate and thus on fat burning.


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